Japanese Lantern Table Lamp

What do you think about such table lamps? We can assure you that you are not the first person who wanted to see all the photos presented below. That is why we invite you to have a careful look and pick the most suitable Japanese lantern table lamp out of this compilation.

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Japanese lantern table lamp 2
Lauren Rog

A fine piece of Japanese craftsmanship, this table lantern will illuminate your room with romantic ambiance and warm light. Its flawless silhouette is made of natural-finished wood, perfect for intimate gatherings.

Japanese lamp
Julia Lambertify

Take advantage of fine simplicity of this Orient inspired electric lantern table lamp, crafted from kiln dried spruce wood and topped off with honey finish to match all Japanese themed interior spaces.

Japanese lamp paper
Wilson Gabrielle

This Japanese lantern can be a magnificent table lamp. Its oriental design shall appeal to all, who love Asian art. Simple, yet solid proposition, made from high-quality wood.

Japanese lantern table lamp
Peyton Donaldson

The Japanese style of these captivating table lamps gives the interior an exceptionally pleasant design. Beautiful wood construction with subtle and delicate rice paper inserts delights and brings to the room a unique ambiance.

Japanese bedside lamps

Embodying the classic oriental style, this wooden lamp in a pagoda shape will be a perfect gift for all Asian art lovers. Placed on the table, this lantern will create a romantic illumination.

Japanese lantern table lamp 3
Chloe Hughesful

Domestic Japanese lantern table lamps have a light construction made of wood. Initially, models from the Land of the Rising Sun had walls made of strong and light-reflecting rice paper. This is also here in the form of a rectangular prism.

Japanese lamps
Courtney Phil

The Asian style of this beautiful Japanese table lamp makes the interior a touch of oriental taste. Beautiful design captivates with its stylish design and craftsmanship, which makes the interiors a delight.

Lantern bedside lamp
Vanessa Hen

This lamp is like an invitation to a traditional Korean home. When the light is on, we can see four plants, maehwa (spring), orchid (summer), chrysanthemum (autumn) and bamboo (winter) that symbolize the four seasons. A greate lantern in oriental style.

Japaneese lanterns
Hilton Emily

For those fishing for Japanese style accessories, this lantern table lamp hits the mark. The shade is of course made of paper. Such a lamp may successfully decorate a casual nightstand or dining table.

Japanese lantern table lamp 3
Krystal Ross

An eye-catching traditional Japanese electric table lamp having a rectilinear black frame. It has an open bottom part with straight legs and simple stretchers. A lampshade of white reinforced rice paper features black painted bamboo motifs.

Japanese table lamp
Kathleen Rodriguez

Opt for something a bit more original with this amazing Japanese table lamp that sports the perfect shape for distributing light evenly around your space, while the yellow tone to it will make the room feel warmer.

Table lamp led asian handmade wood oriental lighting lantern decor
Sara Garcia

A beautiful example of modern and traditional influences interfusing with each other. This Japanese lantern table lamp embodies the traditional oriental style, while being equipped with a LED lighting.

Japanese lantern table lamp 1
Denise Wils

Initially, models from the Land of the Rising Sun had walls made of strong and light-reflecting rice paper - today, on the example of this bright rectangular japanese lantern table lamp - walls are made of frosted glass, accompanied by a light beige frame.

Diy japanese table

Table lamp in oriental style. It is mounted on wooden frame and covered with paper. Gives warm tone of light in all kinds of interior.

Japanese lamps and lanterns
Krystal Murp

Representing the characteristic Japanese style, this original table lamp with square shade is a 17" high masterpiece. Made using spruce wood and rice paper, this lamp and square shade bears an Ido theme with its criss-cross pattern and rice paper backing.

How to make a japanese table

These beautiful Japanese traditional lanterns can be a key element of your interior design that would define its character. Made of light materials and decorated with beautiful paintings are perfect for anyone who likes the oriental atmosphere.

Classic edo era japanese shoji lantern hand crafted in a
Diana Rami
Japanese lantern lights
Zernike Laetitia

Bring oriental accents to your home by choosing this lovely table / floor lamp made by Japanese artisans. It features a fine bamboo frame with a rice paper shade, creating full of warmth and coziness ambiance.

Japanese lantern table lamp 4

Today, modern Japanese lantern table lamp is more often made of wood and frosted glass. Once, glass replaced rice paper. This lamp has enriched its frosted glass with a colorful butterfly that admires beautifully painted flowers.

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Green Stacey
Japanese lantern light
Carter Katherine

This 17" Kobiyashi Japanese Bamboo Lantern will add a smooth oriental atmosphere to any interior. It will enchant with its handcrafted kiln dried dark stain bamboo that branches around washi paper shade.

Chinese table lanterns
Mega Leahbrown

Minimalistic table lamp inspired of East Asian lantern. Modern materials give this traditional Japanese lantern a new life. The shade has pressed flowers while the natural reed handle supports the rust colored metal frame.

Japanese lantern lamp
Erin Martin

With this modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese lantern your interior will surely gain on visual appeal, while you can simply sit back and enjoy the perfect way of illuminating it with style and ease.

Oriental furniture unique inexpensive comtemporary lighting 19 inch koru japanese
Oriental lantern lights
Kelly Stew

Japanese paper lantern in creamy white, with peach red blossom flowers scattered all over its surface. Recommended particularly for weddings, baby showers and other parties - when tied together, the lamps create Chinese style lighting garland.

Japanese candle lanterns

Enchanting with its original mushroom shape, this antique Japanese lantern can be a delightful table lamp, adding refinement to almost every decor. It features hand wrought cutwork rusted metal and updated electrical fittings, hardware and cord.

Japanese table lamp 1
Wesson Jessica

This table lamp features a very attractive Japanese lantern stylization. Its black old-styled finish provides aesthetics to many indoor and outdoor areas. The whole lamp is resistant to different forms of wear and damage.

Quinn 12" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
Leah Bai

Quinn 12" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
This rather unique table lamp in a walnut finish combines a solid wood frame with a beige drum shade designed of polyester/cotton. The lamp is equipped with pull-chain switch controls, and accommodates 90W incandescent or equivalent CFL bulbs.

Japanese lantern lamps
Courtney Rodr
Japanese Kanji Lantern Shoji 13.25" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
James Cynthia

Japanese Kanji Lantern Shoji 13.25" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
IF you like Asian decorations you need to buy this table lamp with drum shade. It is perfect for your living room and bedroom. You will be impressed how amazing this lamp is. It is a great choice.

George nakashima
Margaret Jac
Japanese style table lamps
Great diy project for the home would be really pretty
Zernike Laetitia
Japanese lantern table lamp 4
Jenna Edward
Oriental furniture eclectic unusual simple 19 inch hokkaido end table
Dominique Lewis
Japanese lantern table lamp
Kobiyashi Japanese Bamboo 17.75" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
Cynthia Smit

Kobiyashi Japanese Bamboo 17.75" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
Enhance your home decor with this unique 17.75-Inch Height Table Lamp with Drum Shade. The piece is lightweight, designed of Japanese Bamboo, lacquered for good protection, generating warm, soothing light.

Kotori hiyoshiya traditional japanese umbrella based wagashi lamps
Mega Leahbrown
Oriental furniture excellent quality simple floor lamp 27 inch tall
Thai Wood Lamp Handmade Oriental Japanese Red Sakura Cherry Blossom Tree Branch Bedside Table Lights or Floor Home Decor Bedroom Decoration Modern Design
The lantern hanging in this traditional japanese tearoom may help
Japanese lantern table lamp fire farm lighting
Japanese red double cross indirect light wood paper tatami shoji
Jenna Daviesful
Asian lantern lamp
Parker 20" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade
Coupe Andrea

Parker 20" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

Akari noguchi model 20n table lamp designed by noguchi beginning
Japanese end tables
Mulberry rice paper ball handmade three flower bud design art
Kathryn Nel
Thai Vintage Handmade ASIAN Oriental Handcraft Japanese Sunset Bamboo Tree Art Bedside Table Light or Floor Wood Lamp Home Bedroom Decor Modern Design from Thailand
Kristina Lon
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