Japanese Hanging Lamps

Japanese hanging lamps are an essence of Asian style décor, so if you are planning to recreate the ambiance of the Far East, consider adding consistent lighting. This gallery features a number of décor inspirations as well as links to product offers. Whether you need a lamp to blend with neutral décor or to add a vibrant pop of color, a Japanese style lamp will always provide a desirable accent.

Yulia Thompson Interior Design Expert
Japanese hanging lamps

Delightful floral form and gorgeous colors make this Japanese hanging lamp a real treat for lovers of the original lighting. The whole made with attention to detail is unique. Ideal for bedroom, living room or hallway.

Japanese hanging lamps 14
Julie Car

A Daichi rice paper Japanese hanging lantern lamps with light kit white is a proposition by Haiku Designs Gallery. The set embodies the typical Japanese spirit and belief in simplistic design.

Japanese hanging lamps 1
Alexis Milani

Designed by Japanese artisans, this hanging lamp sparkles with antique 19th century craftsmanship. The lantern boasts of lattice design and hardwood construction, reinforced with metal hardware and topped with a metal ring.

Japanese pendant lights
Long Renee

Bringing in a bit of the beautiful, oriental style into your gardens or backyards, this Japanese lantern enchants with its gorgeous, iron construction. It will create a romantic corner, ideal to relax outdoors.

Japanese lights 1
Robinson Layla

Japanese hanging lamps never go out of fashion! This timeless addition will easily enrich any interior with oriental, dramatic energy. They come in two colours, black and gold, but why not take both?

Japanese hanging lamps 15
Vanessa Thom

Japanese hanging lamps everywhere will bring a touch of Asian charm and wrap the interior with warm light. The natural design of the rice paper forms a spherical cocoon, as the hanging lamps in a bright subdued shade.

Japanese lamps

Japanese lamps give a unique character wherever they can be installed. This japanese hanging lamp - has a form of big bubble,with simple patterns of Asian flowers have been broken down. The finish of the lamp and its structure - all have warm beige color.

Japanese style lamp
Lindsay Bryant

Modernize your living room by choosing these static Japanese bubbles hanging lamps. Different sizes create the unique and extraordinary look in any apartment.

Lamp japanese
Katie Long

This pair of Japanese hanging lamps will add a designer, contemporary appeal to any modern interiors. Inspired by mid-century design, it will work out well in cafes, bistros or private lofts.

Oriental Furniture Harajuku Hanging Lantern, Natural

Japanese style hanging traditional electric lantern. Made of lightweight white paper on the wood frame. Plugs into standard electrical outlet. Approvided with American wring, light socket and wheel switch.

Japanese hanging lamps 10
Liliana Gadjus

Opt for this nice and stylish hanging lantern, offering its beautifully detailed and well-structured Japanese design. It will work wonders for any interior and with its 19th century look it is a great way of inviting an antiqued feel to your home.

Japanese pendant light
Jackson Melissa

Deisgned by talented Japanese artisans, this hanging lamp oozes with oriental accents and a touch of old-fashioned elegance. The lamp operates on batteries, and it can be used as a round cherry blossom centerpiece

Japanese hanging lamps 6
Katherine Rog

Vintage style hanging lamp. Have you already heard of moooi lamps (answering the yet-unstated question: yes, the spelling is ok)? Moooi lamp is a type of pendant lighting of Japanese origin and design. It usually has clear glass shade.

Japanese hanging lamps 20
Monica Sanders

Being a popular home decor item for almost 2,000 years, the characteristic Japanese lantern lamps are delicate construction, in most cases made from rice or silk paper over a bamboo or wire frame.

Japanese hanging lantern

Hanging lamp in oriental style. Lampshade is made of paper. Sophisticated accessory for each room according to taste and need.

Japanese hanging lamps 3
Michele Tayl

With its elegant, origami-like folding, this Himiko hanging lamp reflects obvious Japanese art and Zen inspirations. Designed by Hiroshi Tsunoda, it is easy to assemble, being ready to use in 10 to 15 minutes.

Japanese hanging lamps 2
Bush Eliza

Hanging lamp in oriental style. Glass lamp shade is finished with openwork pattern. Perfect as main or additional source of light in any interior as needed.

Japanese wooden lanterns
Anderson Marisa

These the most traditional and characteristic elements of Japans interiors are called in Japan a tōrō. Are black Japanese hanging lamps with a distinctive grid pattern. Traditional lanterns are made of metal and rice paper.

Japanese lamp design
Wright Stacy

Designed from recycling décor items, this set of 2 hanging lamps emanates with oriental accents and eye-catching appearance. Each lamp is made of Venetian blind slats and sturdy Bamboo sticks - all suspended from a strong chain.

Japanese style light fixtures

Inspired by Japanese style, this beautiful hanging lamp oozes with oriental accents, filling your bedroom with warmth and coziness. The lamp comes with a wire frame wrapped with a durable yellow material.

Nara table lamp
Stacy Washington

Nara Table Lamp

Japanese hanging lanterns
Tara Gosselin

The tasteful Japanese hanging lamp shade is a stylish way to decor the interior as well as the terrace, the garden or the patio. The lively and very neon colors delight, and the attached butterflies are captivating to create a very cheerful composition.

Japanese style lighting
Tiffany Mil

A stunning traditional Japanese hanging lamp featuring a wonderful umbrella-like lampshade crafted of quality fabric with charming floral patterns in creamy, pink and purple tones. It has a frame of metal wires.

Chinese carved wooden dragon reverse painted hanging lamp lantern
Jacqueline Riv

... Chinese Carved Wooden Dragon Reverse Painted Hanging Lamp Lantern

Japanese hanging lights
Jillian Moor

Charming Japanese hanging lamps are a great combination of functionality and interesting details. The whole has a solid clamping strap and beautiful and subtlety decorated lampshades. The perfect solution for stylish interiors.

Japanese hanging lamps 7

Japanese hanging lamp - I was always into Orient inspired décor styles, and while a 'full Asia mode' is perhaps too much, slight accents like lamps are always welcome. This lamp features a classic wooden double-cross design in deep red. Perfection!

Japanese hanging lamps 1
Vanessa Jenkins

Wall lamps] bamboo and cotton wall hanging Japanese Asian lamps

Japanese style lamps
Lambert Abbey

Japanese paper is exceptionally resistant to tearing and bending - that's why this japanese hanging lamp - made of paper is a fantastic mix of Asian culture and functional lighting. It consists of large, spatial hanging on the line squares.

Hanging ceiling lamps 12 5 japanese window pane hanging lantern
Jessica Turn

Hanging Ceiling Lamps :: 12.5" Japanese Window Pane Hanging Lantern

Japanese style ceiling lights
Sarah Ashleyist

Watashi Japanese Hanging Lantern - - I think this is the dining room lamp.

Japanese hanging lamps 4
Robinson Layla

Elegant alternative to the "string light" craft. Imagine these decorating a wedding as Japanese lanterns. Très élégant.

Clover Hanging 1 Light Mini Pendant

Clover Hanging 1 Light Mini Pendant
This 1 Light Mini Pendant is characterized by an impeccable clover-like design. Manufactured of plywood/cardboard material, the pendant features a 15-inch cord set with integral plug while also generating beautiful, ambient light.

Japanese hanging lamps 13

Yuriko Takagi – Photographer at her Studio in Tokyo « the selby

Japanese wooden lantern
Diaz Mary

Red Sakura (Cherry) Flowers White Color Chinese/Japanese Paper Lantern/Lamp 16" Diameter - Just Artifacts Brand by Just Artifacts. $1.50. Great for party and home decoration. Check Just Artifacts products for more available patterns

Achados de decoracao blog de decoracao luminarias japonesas para decoracao
Cintia Kowalski

Achados de Decoração, blog de decoração, luminarias japonesas para decoração.

Japanese hanging lamp 1

japanese hanging lamp

Hanging lamp nikko 2
Wilson Gabrielle

Hanging lamp Nikko 2

7 5 boku japanese hanging lantern
Courtney Thom

7.5" Boku Japanese Hanging Lantern

Update your home decor with a handmade ceiling lantern in
Mackenzie Poly

Update your home decor with a handmade ceiling lantern in a Japanese style. This Kata Japanese hanging lantern is a simple, and convenient way to shine warm indirect light in any

Japanese hanging lamps 11
Wilson Jaclyn

Colored string lights hang in Nanashi in Paris -

Green design eco design sustainable design icff daydream lamp paper

green design, eco design, sustainable design, ICFF, Daydream Lamp, paper lamp, Tomomi Sayuda

Gifu lantern japanese paper lantern tradition item hanging light 16
Amber Gar

... Gifu lantern"Japanese paper lantern, Tradition item, hanging light,16

Details about japanese lantern lamp lighting hanging light
Michele Tayl


Japanese hanging lamps 17

wood texture modern lamp bedroom art Japanese Trash masculine design inspiration

Interior design contemporary japanese zen house interior design by william

Interior Design: Contemporary Japanese Zen House interior Design by William Hefner

Sometimes more is better japanese lanterns love it
Roberts Isabelle

sometimes MORE is better. Japanese lanterns... LOVE IT.

Wonderful illumination with the hikari hanging pendant lamp
Emily Mart

Wonderful Illumination with the Hikari Hanging Pendant Lamp

Hanging lamps 9
Carmen Milani

Hanging Lamps

Flower pendant lamps by lighting artist sachie muramatsu the lanterns
Washington Lisa

Flower pendant lamps by lighting artist Sachie Muramatsu. The lanterns use layers of traditional Japanese paper (‘washi’) made from naturally grown mulberry trees, arranged and dyed to mimic enormous hanging flowers. #bohemian #rose

Hanging ceiling lamps watashi japanese hanging lantern
Peyton Marthy

Hanging Ceiling Lamps :: Watashi Japanese Hanging Lantern