Iron Wall Art Decor

This is something artistic, isn’t it? All the solutions for iron wall art décor that are shown on this site, have different shapes, sizes, colours and details. Many of them are quite innovative and it shouldn’t be surprising to find out that they have been a favourite of numerous customers.

Cast iron wall art

Elegant wall art. It is made of cast iron. This decoration well-made, unique decoration is intended to make empty space between your rooms more beautiful, but it will be good also as garden adornment.

Faux wrought iron wall decor

It may sound incredible, but you can make a faux iron gate from paper tubes. What's more, you can also make it look rusty and old. Just collect as many paper tubes as you can. You will also need glue, brown paint, and scrap cardboard.

Faux wrought iron decor

This iron construction constitutes a magnificent wall decoration. What's most fascinating about it, is that it's a fully DIY project, made of used toilet paper rolls. This mosaic can be hung both in your bedroom as well as living or dining room.

Cast iron wall decor

Wall art consisting of decoratively curved wires. It is completely made of iron. Sophisticated decoration for each room according to taste.

Iron wall art decor 17

Toilet paper tube wall art

Simple wall decorations to decorate your walls. Made from iron with a lot of ornaments are a smart wall decorations to put in your house. Eye-catching but not overwhelming will look perfectly in modern apartments.

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Wall decor with toilet paper rolls

Toilet paper wall art

These wall decorations constitute another successful example of the use of iron. Wrought iron brings whole new character to the decorated bathroom, indicating that we are dealing with someone who has some ingenuine aesthetic sense.

Fake wrought iron decor

Iron wall art decor 1

Faux wrought iron wall art

Iron wall art decor 1

Iron wall art decor 1

Attractive design based on a metal base makes this wall art look fabulous. Based on an iron pipe, pictures attached to the chain bring an exciting atmosphere to the decor. The whole works perfectly with the interior design.

Tissue roll wall art

A beautiful wall decoration in the art deco style. It consists of four metal units that feature decorative, flowery patterns. They all look similar to one another, but actually each of them is one of a kind.

Wall art with toilet paper rolls

The 'Iron Climbing Man' decoration sculptures hanged on spikes are great for a contemporary artistic home. Cool idea for your new wall decoration. Could be used as flower holders or clothes hangers as well. Incredibly innovative and extraordinary.

Iron wall art decor

With such a lovely decoration, your home will be oozing with old-fashioned appearance and durable craftsmanship. This vintage decorative panel is wall-mounted, shaped like an arched front gate, and crafted of rustic iron with lovely scrollwork.

Iron wall art decor 12

Decorative iron panel tool plyer design

Decorative Iron Panel Tool Plyer Design
Pliers - this is a tool for manual work, right? Imagine a combination of pliers of different sizes arranged in the sunbeam, surrounded by a solid frame - as a piece of iron wall art that decorates your interior or the outside of your home.

Nina Wall Decor

Nina Wall Decor
This beautiful wall decor in a blue and brown finish is crafted from durable metal, with stained-glass accents and a captivating, sunburst silhouette. Easy to hang, and easy to clean - wipe with a damp cloth.

Toilet paper roll wall art patterns

Iron wall art decor 3

Faux metal wall art

This modern wall art decor with a monogram will be unique entry decoration. Mounted to the wall will be eye-catching and stylish. It's colors makes it match to every color of the wall. Universal and simple.

Wall art made from toilet paper rolls

Iron wall art decor 8

Faux iron wall decor

An attention-grabbing traditional wall art decor crafted entirely of iron with a light blue finish. It has a rectangular frame with a groove along. This frame contains an oval frame inside and is filled with intricate openwork scrolls and swirls.

Wall art toilet paper rolls

Iron wall art decor 2

Iron wall art decor 9

Iron wall art decor

An amazing wall art for indoor use, designed in shape of a cross that is assembled of 14 smaller crosses. Each cross is made of durable iron with attention to details and covered in a different type of finish.

Toilet paper wall decor

A beautiful arrangement whose highlight is a unique wall decoration. A wooden frame is filled with an inriguing metal sculpture. Together with a black, distressed cabinet and fancy decorations the image features elegant and slightly mystical look.

Trenton Wall Décor

Trenton Wall Décor
Eye-catching, artistic wall decor with modern appeal. Made from solid iron it showcases an abstract design and elegant, versatile brown finish. It is designed to jazz up the style of your space, wherever you put it.

Iron wall art decor 5

Mirrored Wall Decor

Mirrored Wall Decor

Carrington Wall Decor

Carrington Wall Decor

Iron wall art decor 14

Hand forged wrought iron leaves medallion wall art

Iron wall art decor 15

Quilling the art of turning paper strips into

Iron wall art 3

Iron wall art decor 16

Exterior ironart arched wall nook jpg

Lana Wall Decor

Lana Wall Decor

Faux wrought iron wall art for under 5 1

40 racona grey round iron wall decor

Desert Floor Wall Decor

Desert Floor Wall Decor
This beautiful wall decor in a multicolor finish is crafted from durable metal, and decorated with faux succulents and an eye-catchy, floral design. Easy to hang, the wall decor can greatly spice up your contemporary home.

Exterior wall art wall decor indoor outdoor cottage style fleur

Mumford Wall Decor (Set of 2)

Mumford Wall Decor (Set of 2)

25" Iron Antique Style Bicycle Wall Art Bike Wall Decor NEW Worn Red Color

Silver Buffalo MC5336 Marvel Comics Iron Man Wood Wall Decor, 13 in. x 19 in