Iron Umbrella Stand

In case you would like to have one of these umbrella stands at home, there couldn’t have been a better opportunity to pick something than this collection. As you can see, it includes a very impressive variety of designs and offers that a lot of people liked. What will you do?

Alyssa Cole Interior Design Expert
Iron umbrella stand 6

Outdoor decorative and functional umbrella stand. Its cast iron construction is resistant to wear and provides support to large amounts of umbrellas. This stand is finished in black color that is neutral and fashionable.

Iron umbrella stand 5

An extraordinary stand for umbrellas which will be a pretty decoration of your entry hall. The stand looks like a large umbrella and is made of iron in a black color with gold elements and a gold finish.

Cast iron umbrella stand 2
Antique umbrella holder
Umbrella stands antique
Iron umbrella stand 7

This antique decor's element is very useful, but above all it is very beautiful. It is made of carved iron. It will plays its role perfectly as a rack intended to storage umbrellas. Insert it in your corridor!

Wrought iron umbrella stands

Who would’ve thought! An umbrella holder… in a shape of an umbrella! Such a simple yet clever solution makes for a great detail to put up in your entryway for your guest to store their umbrellas in.

Cast_iron_umbrella_stand jpg
Antique umbrella stand

An elegant stand for umbrellas that will be a pretty accent of your entry hall. It's a soild piece made of cast iron with decorative elements at the top and at the bottom. It will easily accommodate three umbrellas.

Iron umbrella stand 7
Ornate victorian cast iron umbrella stand original green paint c
19th century english cast iron umbrella stand image 2
Iron umbrella stand 5
Iron umbrella stand 6
Old fashioned umbrella stand
Cast iron umbrella stand 5
Victorian umbrella stand
Victorian cast iron umbrella stand 2
Iron umbrella stand

It seems to be an indelible part of the interior - an umbrella stand, but you can turn it into the most important point of the hallway. This wrought iron umbrella stand has a beautiful dark color and matt finish.

Iron umbrella stand 9
Iron umbrella stand 13
Iron umbrella stand 2
Cast iron umbrella stand ci 140
Cast iron umbrella and cane stand c1875 victorian cast iron
Bronze umbrella stand

Square bronze umbrella stand - is the artwork of the functional types of furniture. A bunch of umbrellas present on it will not let him confuse it with anything else. It is wonderful that it can also be a decorative element thanks to the iron structure.

Coat and umbrella stand 1

An antique stand which will be a real highlight of your entry hall. It's a solid, wooden construction made of top quality walnut wood. The bottom part features a decorative, iron rack for umbrellas while the upper part features hooks for jackets.

Vintage umbrella holder
Cast iron umbrella stand antique
Unique fireplace screen
Wrought iron umbrella stand
Iron umbrella stand 11
Wrought iron umbrella stand 1
Iron umbrella stand 10
Iron umbrella stand 3
Iron umbrella stand 4
Iron umbrella stand 14
30 fun novelty double take iron umbrella stand
Iron umbrella stand 1
Iron umbrella stand 3
Heavy cast iron umbrella stand umbrella holder by oakiesclaptrap 24
Iron umbrella stand 12
Cast iron umbrella stand with dolphins hd2 ebay
IMAX 47098 Umbrella Stand
Tuscan italian wrought iron umbrella stand
Vintage cast iron umbrella stand
Cast iron umbrella stand 1
Outdoor beach umbrella stand- Great sand anchor, best wind resistant option for anyone searching for shade. Our portable base fits large and small poles such as Flag, Market, Off-set, Tiki torches and Bird feeders. Light weight heavy duty metal

A very interesting piece of equipment created for people who use outdoor umbrellas. It is an umbrella stand that assures stability and support. It is made of metal that is resistant to heavy-duty conditions.

New Outdoor Patio Garden Cast Iron Umbrella Base / Stand with Wheels
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Great little table for the garden