Iron Floor Candle Holders

If your interior lacks an accent feature that would stand out in the living space, choose iron floor candle holders. They come in different designs, from minimalist to very elaborate, so finding one that complements the interior should not be an issue. Just look around and find a proper place for it!

Tara Gosselin Interior Design Expert
Iron floor candle holders

Stylish candlesticks made of iron construction are an essential and industrial design element that captivates and brings an interesting mood to the interior. Beautiful glass candle holders on top add all the lightness.

Floor candle stand
Julia Lambertify

Transform your living room into a gothic state of art, thanks to this captivating, standing candelabra. Made of black-finished iron, the candelabra boasts of fine scrollwork, resting on a slender rod with three legs for stability.

Iron floor candle holders 1
Bianca Noorda

A fantastic decoration for indoor use, made of 9 durable metal candle holders. It features a square flat base for stability, with attached to it 9 slender poles - each with a small bowl to firmly hold a pillar candle.

Floor standing pillar candle holders
Zernike Laetitia

If you like candles, you know that they are the ideal solution for turning up the heat at home and outdoors. To expose them you can use a handcrafted iron floor candelabra. This candle holders is high, so even the little candle will be enough exposed.

Large floor candelabra

Tall floor candle holders crafted from wrought iron conflate gracefully with Tuscan style. Such accessories make mi think of cloisters somehow, but such an elaborate history-inspired accent is at home in many today's interiors.

Iron floor candle holders 4
Catherine Bry

Reflecting the characteristic 19th century style, this Spanish floor candle stick with a cross base and scroll work delights wrought iron construction. Solid and intricate at the same time.

Floor standing candlestick
Theresa San

I've been fishing for a medieval design inspired floor candle holder and I probably won't find anything more stylish than this one. This black freestanding pillar candelabrum is cast from wrought iron.

Iron floor candle holders 2
Julie Perez

A glamorous antique style candle holder with a sleek iron frame of black-finished iron. It has 4 curved legs with rolled ends, a tall stem with delicate scroll accents and a round tray-like holder supported by 4 showy rolled arms with scrollwork.

Iron floor candle holders
Bianca Weberable

This iron pillar candle holder constitutes a solid, modern lighting fixture. Made from wrought iron, the torchiere will serve its role for years, providing a smooth, industrial glow.

Floor candle holders wrought iron

Made from solid and formable wrought iron, this beautiful candle holder enchants with its intricate finish, visible in i.e. ornately designed, curved legs. It is a quite tall object, measuring 56 inches high.

Floor standing candle holders
Lopez Ashley

Bring some gothic accents into your home decor, with this awesome holder that accommodates up to 5 candles. It's characterized by a black-finished metal frame with gorgeous scrollwork, and 3 legs for stability.

Tall floor candle holders
Jessica Pet

A fantastic set of two candle holders made of iron is an attractive decorative solution for antique style in the interior. Curiously decorated bases and candle holders form a beautiful whole, which is beautifully presented in the living room.

Floor standing candles
Krystle Mart

A lovely pair of candle holders for indoors, that will quickly create romantic ambiance inside your cozy living room. Boasting of antique appearance, each holder includes an iron base with curved legs, and a clear glass hurricane.

Iron floor candle holders 1
Cintia Kowalski

Such an interesting project of tall, iron floor candle holders was discovered in a stately Belgian estate.And here is the reproduction, inspired by art deco. They are made of hand-wrought iron and finished with a black patina, with interesting high, neat base.

Iron floor candle holders 5
Elizabeth Coupe

Can deliver both industrial and...medieval accent to the interior style. Heavy duty wrought iron candle holders, floor standing, bring fancy torture chambers to mind - perhaps this might be the exact finishing touch you need sometimes...

Candle holder from kody lighting 610 687 420 530 w
Emily Rivera
Round cage floor standing wrought iron candle holder
Patterson Gracie
Floor stand candle holders
Jennifer Nels

Play it simple with budget-friendly yet striking wrought iron candle holders. These floor standing home decoration accessories present a no-fuss design that hints at nature - the iron bars resemble sprigs or wooden sticks.

Unity candle floor stand
Laetitia Anderson

Iron floor candle holders- these candlesticks are reminiscent of their old, brass counterparts dominate. They are distinguished by a characteristic, "rubbed" texture in this case in the form of tall standing towers in shades of brown.

Iron floor candle holders 11
Peyton Marthy

A stunning floor hurricane that is just the perfect option of illuminating your interior and for lending a stylish hand to it thanks to the vintage design and an authentic structure for a more sophisticated look.

Tall unity candle stand
Coupe Andrea

The yellow sofa must first of all be characterized by convenience. The yellow color in the interiors requires a large sense and arrangement of flavor, in combination with cedar wood and a French form - it finds itself excellently.

Iron floor candle holders
Richardson Krystle

The oldest and most popular type of candlesticks are traditional candlesticks and multi-armed iron floor candle holders with beautifully carved bases - rich geometric and floristic ornaments have been forged in iron.

Candle holder stands floor

The traditional hammered iron candle holder prepared for three candles. Each of them is covered with the glass cloche. You can change the candles colors and the small decorations to reach totally different effect.

Floor standing candle holder products on houzz floor standing candle
Patterson Gracie
Iron floor candelabra

The iron one-candle holder mounted on the wall. It looks like taken from the medieval ages. I'd rather prefer more modern candleholder. This one looks too raw and sad for me. Maybe I should repaint it in white?

Dessau Bronze Iron Floor Candleholder With Hamm Jar Globe
Rogers Nicole
Rushes floor candelabra
Adriana Andersson
Iron floor candle holders 7
Nicole Hill
SouvNear 11 Inches Wooden Hand-Crafted Pillar Candle Stand - Gold Antique Look
Alexis Millerism
Home Source 500-29193 Table Top 5-Candle Holder, 25 by 3 by 7-Inch, Peach/Black
Iron and glass floor vases candleholders set of 2
Minuteman International X304115 Black Candelabra
Jenna Edward
Large floor standing candle holders
Michele Turn
Modern floor candle holders
Campbell Tara
Iron floor candle holders 9
Standing candle holders floor

Simple, but solid, functional and attractive candle holders with durable cast iron frames. They include some decorative patterns under candles and they provide small, round bases for more stability. They are stylish and long-lasting products.

Medieval candelabra
Heather Lee
Black wrought iron floor standing candle holders
Katie Par
Embossed Metal Floor Candle Holder

Embossed Metal Floor Candle Holder
It is a fantastic embossed metal floor candle holder that has got a vintage style and beautiful tapestry design. It is a stylish and elegant addition to any living room, bedroom or bathroom.

Iron floor candle holders 3
Tara Zucker

Making use of 1920s Deco-era minimalism, these hand-hammered forged iron floor candle holders look lighter than air. Their slender pillar silhouettes with stable outspread bases inject industrial vibe to their space.

IMAX Wall Sconce
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Amanda Torres
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Floor candle holders 2
Spanish colonial
Jessica Zernike
Wrought iron pillar candle 78 00 each
Wrought iron candle stands
Abbey Kowalski

Candle stand with a durable wrought iron construction. This stand features three solid legs and a thick post with some decorative accents. Black color of this element of design is neutral, so it looks great in any indoors.

Iron golden rose floor standing candle holder candlestick by foxbat
Michele Stewart
Arthur umanoff iron and rattan floor candelabra
Vanessa Diaz
Glass floor candle holders
Jacqueline Kelly

This large gray color cast iron floor standing ashtray looks massive and attracts a lot of attention. It can be used in order to finish your interior design and give an extraordinary character to it.