Iron Bird Cages

Iron bird cages are awesome pieces of decoration. They look great with candles or plants inside and add loads of romantic charm into the interior. Check my collection below and get enchanted with their nostalgic chic.

Mia Jones Interior Design Expert
Iron bird cages
Monica Ben

A magnificent bird cage for modern interiors, that rests on 6 legs with small locking casters for easy mobility. The cage is made of wrought iron, has a hexagonal shape, a bunch of small doors, and a bell-like roof with stylish ball finial and eye-catchy scrollwork.

Victorian bird cages for sale

Made from wrought iron, this lovely birdcage embodies well the Victorian style. Dense lattice and intricate curves and volutes, all painted in snowy white, create a glamorous shabby chic accent in any room.

Iron bird cages
Catherine Russ
Beautiful bird cages

Magnificent craftsmanship and durable iron construction makes this old-fashioned bird cage a true rustic work of art. The cage comes with an evenly gorgeous and sturdy, wall-mount fastening.

Antique bird cages
Robinson Layla

I saw this English Victorian bird cage on website, and I decide to purchase it! It features the bronze and copper finish, with octagonal shape and monumental size. Looks amazing in my living room.

Antique wrought iron bird cage

If you own exotic birds, you probably love them as your family, so they should be worthy a good place to stay there. This iron bird cages has a lot of space. Is an antique, made of wrought iron. Makes the impression of braided.Very high and safe for birds.

Antique metal bird cages

Extra large metal cage for birds. The bird house is crafted out of heavy duty wrought iron, it has tall doors and practical drawers on bottom. It's, matter-of-factly, a good stard for a personal aviary.

Decorative wrought iron bird cages
Mackenzie Milani

Beautiful old world style triple bird cage dripping with a bounty of romantic swirly motifs. The design must have been inspired by a church or a monaster... The cage is iron, light painted. A unique interior decoration.

Old bird cage
Caitlin Coleman

An absolutely stunning iron bird cage, which delights with its ornamental crafting. Wrought iron construction enabled to create intricate curves and volutes. The bottom of the cage represents a highly adorned antique brass.

Vintage bird cage
Mendes Natasha

Elegant bird cage in Victorian style. Frame is made of iron and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Designed for medium sized birds.

Old birdcages

This lovely metal cast wire birdcage is a durable wrought iron construction, embodying well the Victorian style. Recommended to all, who love the antique or retro designs.

Wrought iron bird cage
Mary Pow

Iron bird cage, but not an ordinary one. It’s a very luxurious, rich bird cage that will surely mesmerise all of your guests and make your bird present itself just gorgeous while inside. Iron makes it feel expensive and high-standard.

Iron bird cages 1
Brown Jamie

Iron bird cage in vintage design is a great treat for lovers of this kind of decor. Beautiful decor and solid construction create a unique whole that makes the interior a new dimension. The whole is big and impressive.

Victorian bird cage

An exquisite bird cage for indoor areas, designed in Victorain style and sparkling with lovely scrollwork. Made of durable, powder-coated metal, the bird cage stands on 3 slender legs with a rung stretcher, and has a strong hook on top for easy hanging.

Decorative wrought iron bird cage 1
Samantha Ale

A decorative and functional bird cage with antique stylization. The frame is based on wrought iron elements with some decorative accents. The cage is spacious and provides safety and comfort for birds.

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Vintage bird cage for sale
Carmen Kowalski

Bird cages as decorative elements of an apartment? It is not a fanciful fad, but an increasingly popular arrangement trend, which in this case reaches the Victorian style. The iron bird cage is made of black iron supported on a tripod basis.

Beautiful bird cages for sale
Jenna Edward

Old iron bird cage with traditional top finial, serving as patio decoration. Provides home for some artificial birds - island canaries and an owl. Stands on hourglass shaped base that furtherly boosts its uniqueness.

Vintage bird cages
Tara Gosselin

Victorian style in the house. This iron bird cage features a durable blue painted frame with quite spacious and comfortable area for small birds. This construction includes an iron scroll base and perforated roof.

Wrought iron bird cage with stand
Cintia Brook

Select bird cage with a cagetop playstand on a castered stand, equipped with removable drawers & bottom grille, closable with heavy-duty push button lock. Constructed of wrought iron. Includes 4 stainless steel cups and 2 wood perchases.

Large hanging bird cage

The black iron bird cage is an indispensable object for parrot and canary owners, but decorative cages can also act as a flower bed - especially when they take on much larger sizes and are suitable for garden use.

Signature Series Royalty Large Bird Cage
Elizabeth Wood

Signature Series Royalty Large Bird Cage
If you took the reponsibility of having a bird then you are surely looking for a comfortable and stylish way of housing it to provide it both safety and plenty of space to move around and exercise - and this iron cage will do the trick with its wheeled structure.

Victorian style bird cage
Nicole Parker

A stunning wrought iron bird cage that sports the amazing and truly beautiful decorative accents with its various moldings, ensuring a significant boost of style and charm for your interior and plenty of space for your bird.

Old birdcage
Meghan Ramirez

Is your bird a talking parrot or a simple yellow canary - each of them will need a safety iron bird cage with a great deal of freedom to spread the wings. This has an opening top and door, made of wrought iron with a non-toxic powder coated finish.

Nice bird cages

The more space the bird has to stretch its wings, the better. The width and length of the iron bird cage are the most important. This high, French style stylized wrought iron and metal cage - also has great decorative qualities.

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Vintage bird cages for sale
Thompson Alyssa

Tasteful and very impressive iron bird cage is an interesting element of interior design. The raw construction with wrought iron and beautiful details bring a vintage breeze into the living room or other rooms.

Benzara Victorian Style Bird Cage with Wrought Iron
Jillian Hayes
Antique looking bird cages
Standing bird cage
Peyton Donaldson

The effect and fascinating Victorian style iron bird cage is a perfect combination of attractive form and beautiful appearance. The whole finished in roses bewitches the details. An excellent way to get an impressive living room decor.

Vintage white iron bird cage
Charming french antique chateau painted iron birdcage 1900
Barnes Stacy
30 s wrought iron bird cage 382 50 450 00
Jessica Zernike
Wrought iron bird cages
Tiffany Jones
Old bird cage for sale
Bush Eliza
Vintage wire bird cages
Buy vintage bird cage
Martinez Marisa
Old bird cages
Tara Zucker

Adds beauty, style and fab look into the home with this adorable birdcage. It features the pink crystal prism and rose decoration, white simple construction and romantic style.

Pet products wrought iron select bird cage w stand for
Decorative bird cage with stand
Coupe Andrea
Large vintage iron bird cage in chandler arizona for sale
Samantha Ale
Vintage wrought iron decorative bird cage by vintagebitsandpieces
Enormous Dome Top Bird Cage
Heather Robi

Enormous Dome Top Bird Cage

Bird Cage
Brooks Sara

Bird Cage
Aesthetic large standing cage with wheels for moving. It is made of wrought iron wires painted in white. This rectangular cage includes 2 perches, 2 bowls, a removable plastic tray and grate. It has a hinged door and a lower shelf.

NEW Large Double Ladders Open Play Top Bird Wrought Iron Cage With Stand and Wheels *Black Hammertone*
Vanessa Jac
Pagoda Small Bird Cage with Stand

Pagoda Small Bird Cage with Stand

Large Double Flight Bird Wrought Iron Double Cage w/ Slide Out Divider 3 Levels Bird Parrot Cage Cockatiel Conure Bird Cage 63"Length x 19"Depth x 64"Height W/Stand on Wheels *Black Vein*
Laetitia Kloss
Decorative wrought iron bird cages
Roberts Isabelle
Victorian rose temple dont you just feel the need to
Giant Dome Top Bird Cage
Abigail Wrightful

Giant Dome Top Bird Cage