Inflatables For The Lake

Headed for the lake? Check my collection of inflatables for the lake. Huge water toys which add plenty of fun to your leisure time. You can use them to lie and relax or just the opposite! The possibilities are endless.

Yulia Thompson Interior Design Expert
Blue lagoon floating island

It's a truly designer inflatable destinied for adults. It's a huge, white construction, which can easily seat around four people. Perfect to sunbathe in the middle of the lake and if it's too hot, you can cool youself in a small water container.

Inflatable lake slide
Crystal Joh

Do you happen to be looking for an inflatable water park? this one is excellent for kids and adults and it have a lot of attractions, like the slide, and the stairs for climbing. The navy and white colors reminds of the nautical theme.

Inflatable pool couch

A must-have for hot, summer days spent in a swimming pool or lake. It's a great inflatable lounge that features large space that will easily seat two people. It is made of a high quality, durable material.

Inflatables for the lake 1
Stacy Jackson

An inflatable mattress is a perfect solution for relaxing by the pool or lake. The whole made of excellent quality materials is durable, and the interesting color scheme adds all the attractive style.

Heavy duty pool floats

Amazing inflatable set of furniture to your garden. You didn't organize a big garden party everyday so you don't need to have a big set of classic furniture. This one could be prepared in a few minutes using an air pump, so it is a great alternative.

Beach inflatables for adults
Michele Bail

This inflatable float island provides you relax and comfort with your friends by the lake or sea. It's designed for eight people with to them their own personal space. It has also cup holders for everyone's drinks.

Inflatables for the lake 3
Hayes Andrea

Lovely Inflatable Water Toys Baby Boat PVC For Pool Beach Lake

Inflatables for the lake
Laetitia Anderson

New Giant 6 Person Inflatable Lake Raft Pool Float Ocean Floating ...

Inflatables for the lake 14
Jasmine Russ

This looks like a fun lake toy.

Inflatables for the lake
Wesson Jessica

A very large structure for lakes, which is inflatable, spiced up with live colors, and equipped with a whole bunch of attractions. Thanks to this fantastic masterpiece, your children can jump, swim, slide, and sunbathe.

Floating inflatable water slides
Latoya Alex

We usually go to the sea with a traditional mattress for one, up to two people. Here is an inflatable, unexplored footbridge - it will keep the whole family standing. Made of reinforced fabric combined with PVC layers, with a special coating against UV rays.

Inflatable pool manufacture are specializing make these inflatable
Weber Lily

... inflatable pool manufacture are specializing make these inflatable

Huge raft
Torres Alison

Do you like outdoor party on swimming pool, lake or beach? So, you need a giant party float raft. It has enough seats for 10 people, room for baby, cup holders and four countered loungers.

Inflatables for the lake 17
Campbell Veronica

If only I had this as a kid! I would be on there more than the kids to this day!!! Trampoline slide for the lake.

Party raft
Emily Ross

Crafted for little and big explorers, this inflatable floating iceberg is really gigantic - it provides climbing challenge both for kids and adults. Apart from climbing wall, it has water slide. Cool!

Party float
Lindsay Bryant

Not really sure this counts as a viable mode of transportation... but we couldn't resist. We dare you to tell us this doesn't make you ridiculously happy.

Inflatables for the lake 19
Bush Eliza

Island Hopper Turtle Jump Water Trampoline for the house in Maine

Inflatables for the lake 20

I'm pretty sure I can find a better use for $50,000, but if you have this kind of cash burning a hole in your pocket and really love grilling and boating, there's now this cool new Barbecue Dining Boat. This unique 10 person boat lets you barbeque, dine,

Inflatables for the lake 7
Erika Young

Spanish designer Pablo Crespo Pita's creation for The Cool Hunter inflatable competition.

The floating private island hammacher schlemmer
Mitchell Allison

The Floating Private Island - Hammacher Schlemmer

Inflatables for the lake 2
Laetitia Zernike

This ingenuine set is a project of an Italian constructor - Paolino Napolitano. It is a great solution for all yacht owners, who like to jump off for a dip in the ocean during their cruising. It prevents from all potential dangers and undesired effects.

Pool couch

These $ 99 inflatable bumper boats have a tiny safe quiet motor underneath and an easy to use steering wheel. They can hold up to 200 lbs, fold up compactly and run on 6 D batteries. How much fun do these look like they’d be?! Definitely a must have for

Sports stuff noodler 2 lounge i need this for the

Sports stuff Noodler 2 Lounge---I need this for the pool this summer.

Dock water slide

A dock slide created especially for children. It is a product that provides fun in the summer. This slade is made of commercial grade reinforced PVC. It measures 120 inches long x 35 inches wide x 68 inches high.

Pool inflatables for adults

Cool comfy inflatable sofas perfect for using on land and water. Their S-shaped bodies are of durable lightweight waterproof and airtight colourful materials with soft and nice to the touch upper surfaces. A sofa is equipped with a cup holder.

Inflatable couch for pool
Michele Mitc

If you are a water fan and love to spend time on the lake or in the sea, then inflatables shall attract you. Huge water toys which add plenty of fun to your leisure time. Sit comfortably and just let the water drift you.

Two person float with cooler

The inflatable pool float is a perfect combination of stylish looks and a perfect place to relax over the water. The large space on the mattress allows for blissful relaxation of several people at the pool, lake, etc.

Inflatables for the lake 13
Jacqueline Cart

Pool Party Games: For the Thrill Seekers #Pool #Games

Dock slides

A splendid choice for kids to be more active while having a tone of crazy fun with this fantastic inflatable slide. It's very easy to set, and equipped with protective straps and two convenient bolster arms on both sides.

Lay-Z-River 2 Person Lake Air Mattress Pool Float

Lay-Z-River 2 Person Lake Air Mattress Pool Float
Chill out at a poolside with this floating air mattress in rich lime green. Its construction promises outstanding sturdiness, as the piece is made of heavy gauge vinyl. When deflated, the piece is easy to store.

Wibits waterpark1 537x346 jpg


Inflatable Lake Water Lounge Chair
Ramirez Melissa

Inflatable Lake Water Lounge Chair
It is a water lounge chair that is perfect for one person. It has got a mesh seat, one cup holder and red with white finish. You will be impressed how comfortable this product is.

Whether on land or sea a true party should never

Whether on land or sea, a true party should never be without a beer pong table. For those aquatic themed parties at the pool, lake, or beach, this full size vinyl inflatable beer pong table will allow you to keep the drinking games going in full effect.

Inflatable pool poker table makes strip poker waaaay too easy
Bush Eliza

INFLATABLE pool poker table : Makes strip poker waaaay too easy

Inflatables for the lake 11
Cassandra Reed

Coachella 2012. I want that raft.

Inflatables for the lake 5

Looking for amazing fun on the water? Then a hot dog tube may be just the type of boat towable tube you need so that everyone has a great time....

Handy for places where a normal jack wont work uses
Lauren Martinezify

Handy for places where a normal jack won't work... Uses your exahust to inflate the jack.

The inflatable water trampolines can be used in the lake
Bush Eliza

The inflatable water trampolines can be used in the lake, water park ...

Omg this is even better than our party island o

OMG! This is even better than our Party Island!!! :o need this for the springs!

Inflatable jungle jim we need this at the lake this
Lindsey Bail

Inflatable Jungle Jim. We need this at the lake this summer!!

Cool pool floats for adults
Monica And

Cool contemporary inflatable pool floats crafted of durable lightweight colourful water resistant vinyl. They are modelled on cabriolets characteristic for the 1960s and 1970s. They are easy to inflation and deflation.

Inflatables for the lake 15
Lambert Abbey

giant inflatable swan pool toy..perfect for floating in the Ozarks!

427 90 click image twice for updated pricing and info
Evans Liliana

$427.90 (CLICK IMAGE TWICE FOR UPDATED PRICING AND INFO) Advanced Elements AdvancedFrame Inflatable Kayak.See More Inflatable Kayaks at

Inflatables for the lake 16
Natasha Her

Arcade Shooter Inflatable Pool Toy 40-50 walmart

Friday harbor adventure s1 inflatable kayak is easy to bring
Carmen Kowalski

Friday Harbor Adventure S1 Inflatable Kayak is easy to bring along and store! Weighs under 16 lbs.

On the lake inflatable spa
Denise Brya

On the lake inflatable Spa

Giant Party Float Raft. Enjoy the Water At River, Havasu, Pool, Lake, Beach. Lounge in the Sun on Your New Inflatable Private Floating Island Between Swimming. Tubes are out. You Have 4 Lounger, 2 Cooler, 5 Chair. Seats 10 Person, Room for Baby. River Run

Very large float raft for swimming pools, lakes, rivers and other areas. It includes 4 countoured loungers and it provides comfortable space for 10 people. It also features a built in boarding platform.

For those of us who burn on the water this
Carmen Milani

For those of us who burn on the water, this is PERFECT!!! Beach Lake Cabana Inflatable Raft Island Party Seat Water Tubing Tubes Floats

China party blow up large inflatable slides sports for children
Stone Caroline

China Party Blow Up Large Inflatable Slides Sports For Children Lake ...

Learn to appreciate the finer things in life by relaxing
Carmen Milani

Learn to appreciate the finer things in life by relaxing on the inflatable floating island. This floating slice of heaven provides multiple spots to lay out