Indoor Cat Cages Enclosures

An indoor cat cage enclosure is a great idea if you need to keep the pet locked for some reason. The size ensures that the cat has enough space for frolics, sleep and scratch its claws. Check the designs below.

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Indoor cat cages enclosures

If your cat likes doing a mess in your home, why don't equip yourself with this functional outdoor cage? The cage has a convenient entry, a place for your cat to sleep, and enough space not to bore your 4-legged friend out of its mind.

Cat cages

This interior pet closure is suitable for cats, rabbits and other small animals. It features platforms, ramps and carpeted floors for maximum comfort and safety for animals. Metal black walls of this enclosure are durable.

Indoor cat cages enclosures
Stone Caroline

I did a lot of searching for cat cages before I bought this one. It can be used at indoor and outdoor area and is very high. It features enough space for many cats.

Indoor cat cages enclosures 1
Renee Thom

We was searching for the cat play space, so we decide to choose this indoor cat cage. It has enough space for more than one cats! It's solid, durable, strong, safe and nicely finished.

Cage cat
Julie Fos

If you have little rodents (especially hamster or guinea pig), this indoor, spacious cage enclosure will be very useful for you! It is made of wood and wire. It is place, where your pets can sleep, eat and just have fun!

Cat cages indoor
Cintia Brook

This indoor cat enclosure features a solid metal construction with a durable wire mesh. It provides a quite large platform for cats and assures plenty of space for animals that will be relaxed and safe inside.

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CAT ENCLOSURE (PLAYPEN) | Pet Products | Gumtree Australia Geelong ...

Cat cage
Cynthia Smit

This indoor cat cage includes some platforms and areas for having fun, taking a rest, etc. Its wooden and metal construction is very safe for cats and protects indoors from damage caused by these animals.

Betta pet systems cat enclosures
Ashley Russell

Betta Pet Systems Cat Enclosures

Large cat cages
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This outdoor steel enclosure cat enclosure or run is the perfect solution for our pets. Simple construction can be done by yourself, and our pet will undoubtedly be grateful for it. The whole also looks very aesthetically.

Indoor cat room ideas
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Durable outdoor cat house made of solid metal. This construction provides good fun and safe rest for animals. It also provides protection from outdoor factors and keeps animals away from different forms of danger.

Cages for cats

This construction is an indoor cage for different pets. It features a fence and entrance. The whole space is quite large, so it provides good living conditions for animals. Its wooden frame is very solid.

Suncatcher cat enclosure

The simple way to add some nice cat play space with this indoor cat cage enclosures makes them happy and safe. Numerous fun gadgets and robust wood and wire construction are extremely practical.

Large cat cage

This indoor cat cage provides limited space where cats can play, scratch, etc. This solid wooden and metal construction protects the rest of the house from damage and provides comfort and safety for cats.

Rabbit cage indoor big bunny cat condo deluxe hutch pet
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Rabbit cage Indoor BIG BUNNY & CAT Condo deluxe hutch pet pen w ...

Portals for cat cages o back to back or side
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Portals for cat cages • Back to back or side to side openings ...

Cat cages for sale
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An attractive cat cage for an outdoor use. It protects gardens from cats and it also provides safety for these animals. Wooden and metal elements of this cage are very solid and resistant to mechanical damage or wear caused by weather.

Cat enclosures indoor
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The functional and well made safe outdoor space for your cats. The small cat terrace is made next to the window and it's perfect if you don't need a porch or own yard.

Outdoor cat cages outdoor cat enclosure

Outdoor Cat Cages | outdoor cat enclosure

Large indoor cat cages for pets

Large Indoor Cat Cages For Pets

Cheap cat cages for sale

If you’re afraid that your cat might hurt local livestock when let out to roam around, take a look at this handy outdoor cat enclosure with a plenty of steps and place for the cat to play without letting him free.

Cat kennel cages

Your cat would love this large cat tree. It is a safe way for providing a friendly environment for your pet even inside your house. The great solution created for those who cannot afford a big house with the garden or live in a block of flats.

Cheap cat cages
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If you want to lock your cat inside of a cozy and fun structure, you may want to check this functional cat enclosure for outdoor areas. Its frame is wooden with lattice wire, and several platforms placed inside, so your cat could have some fun, jumping from one to another.


Indoor cat kennel

This impressive design is the perfect solution for extra space for domestic cats. The net protects the cats from escaping, and many attractions inside make the cats have a particularly interesting time to spend.

Cat crates for home
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Feast your eyes on the Modular Cat Climbing Wall, the ultimate dream come true for cats. Click the link to see more of the Cat wall:

Cheap cat runs
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Sea Bird Aviary at Cologne, 07/09/10

Dog and cat cages

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Large cat enclosures
Shannon Moore

Indoor kennel!! Could put under the stairs in the storage place!!!

Indoor cat enclosure
Lauren Martinezify

Our cats will have it. I would sort of prefer to just have it all done in plexiglass, because it's so cold in Wisconsin that they wouldn't be able to go out into an open-air enclosure in the winter.

Cat kennels cages

An outdoor rabbit run... attached to the hutch! Great idea! Only time we would use this is when we would take her outside.

Indoor cat cages
Zernike Laetitia

This unusual solution connecting the house to its outer part in the form of a longitudinal tube that the cat can go out is a perfect solution for our pets. Simple design is perfect and safe for pets and home users. Robust construction.

Buying a indoor large cat cage
Tara Coll

Buying a Indoor Large Cat Cage

Indoor outdoor cat enclosures
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$300 DIY I know for a fact that those exact cable ties get hard, crack and break when they are left out in the elements. But I'm sure I could figure something else out. :)

Large indoor cat
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Cat Enclosures - Outdoor Cat Runs - Many Cat Enclosure Pictures

Two story cat cage

Purr-fect Cat House - Pet-Friendly Backyards: Stylish Outdoor Structures for Animals on HGTV

Diy cat cage
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These outdoor circus cages. | 22 Totally Ludicrous Products For Cat Owners

Homemade cat enclosures
Jillian Wrig

indoor cat cages enclosure

Indoor cat cage
Leah Campbell

This enclosure for cats is going to put a big smile on your cat's face. The structure is fully secured, with a wooden frame, lattice panels, and plenty of space inside for your cat to not be bored to death.

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Cage for cats

An outdoor cat enclosure that allows walking outdoors and protects from different kinds of danger associated with outside areas. Metal and wood are materials that are protective and harmless for animals.

Appropriate indoor or outdoor cage for your cat photographic guide

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Pat cages animal cages animal enclosures
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Pat cages, animal cages, animal enclosures

Indoor rabbit cage and play pen

Indoor rabbit cage and play pen

Appropriate indoor or outdoor cage for your cat photographic guide
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... Appropriate Indoor or Outdoor Cage for Your Cat (Photographic Guide

Indoor cat house ideas
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Cuckoo for my cats! |Cuckoo 4 Design ~~~~~ Tutorial to make an outdoor escape for your feline friends, including which window pet door she purchased. This cute idea also has a catwalk along the fence using wood and chicken fencing. Could totally make thi

Finding the appropriate indoor or outdoor cage for your cat
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3-Tier Wire Cat Cage
Yulia Thompson

3-Tier Wire Cat Cage

The Ferris Wheel™ Outdoor Pet Enclosure
April Powell

The Ferris Wheel™ Outdoor Pet Enclosure
It is a pet enclosure that is great for outdoor space. It has got a wheel, handy carry bag and is made of water resistant fabric and metal. Your cats will be impressed how amazing this pet enclosure is.

IRIS 3-Tier Plastic Cat Cage - Colors Available
Caitlin Ward

IRIS 3-Tier Plastic Cat Cage - Colors Available