Hubley Door Stops

If you are an enthusiast of old vintage style, you'll take to Hubley door stops at once. Little figurines, animals and flowers introduce lots of retro charm. Check the lovely selection below.

Paige Walker Interior Design Expert
Antique cast iron door stops
Sarah Col

The Hubley Boston Terrier door stop is looks fabulous in drawing room, office space or bedroom. It has the durable and strong cast iron construction and beautiful hand made details.

Hubley cast iron door stop
Carmen Kowalski

A practical and beautiful decoration for any type of interior decor. This cute kitty is entirely made of cast iron, and plays a role of a door stop. It's quite heavy, so you can be sure that your door is going to stay wide open.

Cast Iron Charleston Dancing Couple Doorstop New Marked Fish Retro Hubley
Wright Stacy

Cute figural doorstop with dancing couple (inspired by 'Charleston Dancers' designed by English cartoonist, Anne Frank, in 20s). Crafted of cast iron and handpainted. Tops off a vintage styled interior.

Cast Iron Scottie Scottish Terrier Dog Door Stop
Veronica Cox
Hubley door stops 2

A splendid decoration or a door stop to enhance your den, office, or living room. This antique cat is created from cast iron, with attention to every detail. It's easy to clean, easy to use, and heavy enough to keep the door from closing.

Hubley door stops value
Mendes Natasha

This door stop is a solid construction that provides protection of doors and walls against impact damage. It features a German shepherd stylization that looks very natural and decorates indoors in different indoors.

Cast iron dog door stops

It is the proof, that also many years ago the home animals played a great role at people's homes. The iron effigy of a cat probably was a door stopper or a book end, but it shows the cat's role as a home pet, not only the mice catcher.

Hubley cast iron dog
Bianca Noorda

Durable and very practical door stop made of cast iron in neutral colors. This dog styled element provides protection for doors and walls. It is also able to decorate indoors thanks to its natural look.

Hubley door stops 3
Lindsey Coo

A door stop that features both decorative and functional roles. This cast iron element looks very nice and protects walls and doors from impact damage. Its solid construction is also resistant to impact damage.

Hubley boston terrier doorstop

Funky and cute design for an antique-looking doorstop made in a shape of a French bulldog dog. The door stop statue is made out of cast iron with a cover of stained ceramic, giving it a glossy, colorful finish.

Cast iron flower basket door stop 1
Jamie Lew

Everyone will cheer up pet hubley doorstop. Similar to the models resembling bags, they are filled with sand but they have the shape of cheerful animals - such as in this case a gilt vintage dog. In this case, you do not need to hang a plate "dangerous dog".

Antique bulldog doorstop
Peyton Marthy

Door stop in the shape of floral arrangement. It is completely made of cast iron and finished with pastel colors. Received many very good recommendations from customers for high quality and elegant design.

Flower Basket Cast Iron Door Stop New Marked Hubley

Charming door stop made of heavy cast iron, recreating the look of a wicker basket with a bunch of colourful flowers. Romantic in design, it matches vintage decors in particular. The piece is handpainted.

Hubley cast iron door stops
Alexis Gri

Unique and unusual design for a decorative, ornate doorstop. The doorstop is made out of ceramic with painted parts and a large base and is made to resemble a couple of ducks, providing a traditional, antique touch.

Vintage door stops 3
Laetitia Kloss

This rare antique pair of Hubley door stops will constitute a charming, lovely accent in any decor. Made of cast iron, they enchant with their lovely, handmade constructions.

Antique hubley cast iron german shepherd police dog door stop
Antique door stops 1

If you are a fan of Gone with the Wind, you need to have this Mammy door stop! It is made of cast iron, so it's durable for any interior. Trust me, everyone will be impressed how cool this product is.

Cast iron dog statue
Wesson Jessica

Charming door stop in the shape of dog. It is completely made of cast iron. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed. Handy gadget for each home.

Hubley door stops 1
Stacy Rus

Antique door stop shaped as boston terrier - an indoor decor idea for anyone who's got a penchant for dogs. This heavy and sturdy door stop has been crafted from cast iron and then realistically painted.

German shepherd door stop
Patterson Gracie

An adorable authentic antique doorstop in the form of a very realistic lying white cat. It's made of cast iron with an aged white finish. It features pinkish ears, bluish eyes and a textured surface looking like fur.

Cast iron door stops
Abbey Kowalski

A fantastic door stop to use not only in your kid's room, but also around the whole house. The door stop is crafted of cast iron, and it's shaped like a little weathered terrier, but it's still very cute, nonetheless.

Cast iron boston terrier
Kathleen Tay

When choosing a door stopper it is worth paying attention to whether its appearance matches the rest of the arrangement. Everyone will cheer up with the hubley door stoppers - pets. And already our ancestor for sure! The brown monkey is filled with sand.

Vintage hubley reproduction cast iron boston terrier door stop 60
Susan Mur
Cast iron doorstop
Nicole Lee

Thanks to hubley door stop, the doors will not automatically open or stop in the right place, which will prevent the walls from bumping. It took the form of a wicker basket with ceramic flowers. The rural character can be expressed by such a small element.

Antique cast iron dog door stops
Christine Harris

A proposition, which shall absolutely enchant all cats fans. This antique Hubley cat door stop is made from cast iron. Originally painted, it will delight with its distressed character, reflecting the antique design.

Antique cast iron boston terrier door stop
Sanders Patricia

Are you looking for a door stop but would at the same time want a piece that has a bit of personality and charm of its own? Look no further with this amazing antiqued hubley piece that sports a distressed structure and is sure to become a topic of conversation for your friends.

Antique door stop
Antique hubley door stop 32 cottage with fence cast iron
Susan Turn
Antique metal door stops
Julia Lambertify
Hubley german shepherd cast iron door stop investment from 7thheavenantiques
Thomson Marisa
Hubley dog
Antique Twin Cat Cast Iron Door Stop

This door stop is a functional product that also decorates indoors. It includes a twin cat design that looks nice in different indoors. It is made of solid cast iron, so it is perfect for heavy-duty applications.

Cast iron door stop
Isabella Martinable

This pretty door stop is made in shape of a Fox Terrier that brings vintage accents to your decor, mostly, because of its weathered looks. It's easy to clean, and heavy enough to block any door in your home.

Cast iron dog door stop 2
Bianca Weberable

I am a big fan of old vintage or antique items, just like this dog statue! It is a doorstop, which is made of cast iron metal. It brings the style and solidity to any room in your apartment.

Cast iron door stop hubley 189 lilies of the valley
Rare antique hubley boston terrier door stop puppy facing left
Zernike Laetitia
Boston terrier door stop
Rebecca Ros
Cast Iron Pig Antique White Doorstop
Cast iron door stopper
Cassandra All
Hubley doorstop
Patterson Gracie
Hubley cast iron toys doorstops and other collectibles
Hubley cast iron scotty door stop
Cast Iron Flower Basket Door Wedge Doorstop
Valerie Roberts

This kind of element is a decorative and functional product. It is a door stop that features a flower basket stylization. It is made of durable, impact resistant materials and it is designed for an outdoor use.

Vintage cast iron hubley rabbit doorstop
Fido antique cast iron dog door stop from sydowsantiques on
Alison Simm
Vintage hubley doorstops 1
Isabella Martinable
Hubley cast iron boston terrier door stop collectable
Peyton Donaldson
Hubley cast iron doorstop sitting persian cat c1900 antique hubley
Wilson Gabrielle
Vintage hubley cast iron little girl door stop
Cast Iron Bathing Beauties Doorstop New Marked Fish Retro Hubley
Brittany Gree

Doorstep featuring very original design resembling two women with an umbrella. Additionally, the item features handpainted finish and construction made of cast iron. It's vintage look adds a lot of originality.