House Address Plaques

House address plaques that are presented below, have been bought by a lot of people. If you would also like to see whether they would fit into your household well, feel free to browse through these photos and pick the most appropriate model. In the end, which one will it be?

Vertical address plaques for house

A classy and elegant, vertical address plaques that you can attach to your house or mailbox. They are made of metal with beautifully curved numerals. They can feature either a golden or silver finish. They are resistant to sun rays or water.

Wood address plaque

Wooden address signs

A simple but aesthetic modern wall-mounted house number plaque. It has a square wooden mount finished in matte black. Large three-D stylised letters are manufactured of chromed metal and well visible.

House numbers address plaque copper on

House Numbers Address Plaque Copper On
Vertical address plaques are becoming more and more, therefore encouraging to create ingenuine masterpieces. This combination of copper letters on mahogany background create the sense of style and prestige.

Modern house numbers offset 1

Modern House Numbers Offset
The Monroe address plaque is a modern and stylish addition on your home. It is handmade of the 3/16" thick steel with black and gray colors. It have to be mounted with the standoff bolts.

Oval house number engraved plaque number

Oval House Number Engraved Plaque Number
The oval engraved number of home. Made on the dark painted plate of wood. The carved numbers show the lighter color of wood. Such a great accessory for a house fasade. Very useful especially on the long streets ;)

House address plaques

This DIY, handmade project features number plaques made from paint stir sticks. Its modern design will distinguish your house from the neighborhood. Combination of chrome and wood stands for elegance and style.

Wood address signs

House numbers in classic form. Includes screw holes for easy assembly. Dedicated to freestanding houses.

Vertical address plaque

House numbers designed for mounting on the wall. It is made of metal and is mounted on wooden strip. Classic form and modern design.

Boardwalk 40"Reflective Address Sign - Completely Assemble - Includes 44-4" Super Reflective Numbers

Wooden house number plaque

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Wooden address plaque

Dragonfly craftsman house numbers

Dragonfly Craftsman House Numbers
A great alternative to traditional house plaques - this vertical set made of oil rubbed bronze provides a sustainable construction that will distinguish your house for years. 19"x 6 1/2" for 1 to 3 numbers 25" x 6 1/2" for 4 to 5 numbers.

House address plaques 12

Pallet art wood house number plaque

Pallet Art Wood House Number Plaque
You do not need to explain to anyone how important a home number plate is. It has a rustic, homely character and is set vertically. It consists of several solid recycled wooden boards and single digits - in white

House address plaques 4

Vertical address plaques for house 3

This vertical address plaque for house will help you distinguish your parcel from the neighbourhood. It features antique brass numbers on a stylish navy blue background.

16 vertical cast bronze address plaque

Classy plaques

Solar address numbers

A very useful item that provides aesthetics and readability of house numbers. This solar light includes solar batteries that charge it even under cloudy conditions and at night. This lamp automaticly turns on at night and turns off at day.

Here s a quick way to makeover a house address

Handcrafted single digit ceramic house

Handcrafted Single Digit Ceramic House
Uncluttered in shape - address plate, with your house number.It is finished in ceramic and its base is a sturdy stoneware. Use a beautiful color palette of beige, turquoise, greenery. And next to your number, there will also be floristic decorations.

House address plaques 1

Mosaic for your house number would look great posted next

Succulent hanging planter metal address

Succulent Hanging Planter Metal Address
Succulent vertical hanging planter and metal address plaque - with it's quite large 20" x 12" size. It has satin nickel address numbers placed on rusty brown board where you can keep your lovely flowers as decoration.

NACH AZ-CLASSIC-3 Marble House Address/Number Tile, Beige

Mosaic address plaques

Verona Rectangle Address Plaque

Verona Rectangle Address Plaque

House address plaques 11

The Hillman Group 843267 Distinctions Address Plaque, Brushed Nickel Number

Barn wood sign house number sign rustic house number wood

Antique french copperbrass stencil

Antique French Copperbrass Stencil
Antique copper with brass elements address plaques with your house number - they roam with us directly from the French brocante. Beautiful patina, stand out against a black background. Presented numbers - are just an example.

Oval Standard Address Plaque

Oval Standard Address Plaque
This address plaque will let you showcase your address in style with the oval construction made from recycled aluminum that ensures the highest quality with the sand mold to make the plaque durable and stylish.

Cool house number signs

House address plaques 3

Princeton Column Address Plaque

Princeton Column Address Plaque

Floral motif range

Unique address plaque copper coated with verde patina

Easy way to do house numbers or you could spell

House address plaques 1

A plaque with a house address adds some character to a property. You can easily do it on your own. Basicaly you just need a wooden plank, some paint, and numerals, which will be clearly visible from the street.

American craftsman address plaque bungalow mission by atlassigns 209 00

Outdoor wall plaques

A charming arrangement of a house facade. It features a plaque with a house number. It's in a black color, but with bronze numerals and decorative, curved edges. Underneath the plaque there is a wall pocket filled with flowers.

Personalized wooden address plaque with by thelittlesweetthings 26 00

Betty nugent tisdale how about this for a house number

American craftsman arts and crafts font

American Craftsman Arts And Crafts Font
Funky design for a house number plaque, perfect to bring in a new, refreshing addition to the front of your house. This one is made with a matte iron base with a black coat of paint and golden numbers which give it an elegant vibe.

Address and house number plaques click on any house plaque

Spanish revival hand painted flourishes in yellow and blue give

Solar address signs

Vertical house number signs

To leave no doubt what is the number of your house - choose vertical address plaque for your house. That's creative idea for dysplaying it. With a wooden in warm shades base - huge, red numbers are perfectly visibile.