Hide A Bar Liquor Cabinet

In this collection you will get to know new solutions for your liquor cabinets. The photos below present a variety of arrangements for such cabinets, all of which have their unique style, elegance and charm. They also differ as far as design and size are concerned – thanks to this, you can freely choose the one for you.

Abbey Lambert Interior Design Expert
Hidden bar furniture
Alexander Alison

Stylish bar cabinet in elegant form. It is made of wood with antique finish. It consists of 3 drawers and a lot of shelves in various sizes for storing glass, bottles and others needed items.

Liquor storage
Russell Amanda

Make a grand impression with this bar cabinet. It features the curved, segment panels of wood veneer and spinning coin design. A wonderful original piece to hang in my home.

Hide a bar liquor cabinet

Spacious cabinets is a great way to store, and this cabinet is a curious combination of functionality and attractive design. The whole finished in the wood will bring home made beverages, wine and accessories to help them serve.

Home bar with refrigerator space
Thompson Alyssa

If you think that nothing can be done with an old armoire, than check this fantastic bar area transformation. After opening the large doors, you will find a capacious rack for bottles of wine, many open shelves for storing your alcoholic beverages, a rack for glassware, and 2 drawers for smaller appliances.

Hide a bar
Julie Jac

A veryinteresting product that will update the decor and improve the functionality of a home bar or dining area. This standing bar features a very large storage space for the storage of wine and other drinks and glasses.

Hide a bar liquor cabinet

A really cool idea for bachelor pads that are lacking a functional mini bar area. With this storage cabinet in shape of a large wine barrel, you are getting a vintage place to keep your glassware and liquor, which also has a built-in lighting system.

Hidden liquor cabinet
Craven Rachel

Stylish wine rack that’s able to hold 7 bottles and four glasses. It’s dark, shiny colour, as well as its interesting shape, make it appropriate for modern and contemporary houses, or even restaurants.

Hide a bar liquor cabinet
Wright Stacy

A peak of modern elegance, this hide-a-bar liquor cabinet is characterized by a striking appearance, in and outside. All is hidden behind large doors that reveal a gold interrior with 1 mini bar, 4 glassware racks, and a lot of space for storing your liquor.

Hidden drinks cabinet
Mackenzie Poly

A gorgeous and functional decoration that offers a perfect mix of wood craftsmanship and a practical liquor cabinet. The globe rests on 3 shapely legs with a round shelf at the bottom. And its North hemisphere flips up to reveal a compartment for holding bottles and glasses.

Old liquor cabinet
Lindsay Gre

Subtle, minimalistic liquor cabinet, that looks like just an ordinary storage cabinet. It’s not very capacious, but we don’t always have to store entire bars in such cabinets. A couple of glasses and one or two bottles is all you need.

Drink cabinet bar
Mendes Natasha

A marvelous decoration for contemporary homes, that is going to bring wildlife accents into your home decor. This hippopotamus sculpture is made of bronze, and has many movable parts that reveal organized storage compartments for your liquors and glasses.

Hidden bar cabinet
Weber Lily

A retro bar cabinet of brown-finished wood. It features a split flip-out top. The top is marble-like laminated. A cabinet has legs, wheels, 2 doors with glass holders, a barware rack and a bottle rack inside. Holders and racks are of white plastic.

Hidden liquor storage
Laetitia Anderson

Luxurious liquor cabinet. Shelves and drawers can be hidden, when you don’t want them to be out in the open. Then, all you have to do is open it when the time comes, and in addition to the impression your liquors will make on your guests, there will also be the element of surprise!

Hidden home bar ideas

This living room solution combines style and practicality. A liquor cabinet, cleverly concealed in an old, unused piano. A good way to distinguish your living room from the others.

Hide a bar cabinet
Foster Angela

Make your living room more functional without losing too much of free space. Those portable mini bars have everything you need to store and serve wine and liquor. Include wine racks, shelves, and drawers, all hidden in a hardwood frame.

Free standing liquor cabinet

Why not go for a design that will both allow you to keep your liquor organized and in one safe spot and at the same time will allow you to save up as much space as possible by going for this cabinet, hidden in the wall.

Victoria John

Secret liquor cabinet
Coupe Andrea

Bar cabinet consisting of 6 illuminated shelves arranged vertically. Designed for mounting on the wall. Great for storing bottles, glass and more. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Mid century hide a way dry bar liquor cabinet image
Megan Hen

Mid Century Hide-A-Way Dry Bar / Liquor Cabinet image 2

Armoire bar cabinet
Danielle Gra

If you want a nice and original way of hiding your bar cabinet from plain view then this amazing piece of furniture is the perfect way to go, since on the outside it looks like a piano and will even add a dash of elegance to your home.

Lauren Walker

Unique, minimalistic cabinet which can be used as a liquor cabinet connected with mini bar. It has solid kickstand made of dark wood. This cabinet's doors are covered with so many different types of wood, for example oak, cherry and mahogany.

Liquor armoire

This portable mini bar is a good option for everyone, who deals with small spaces. Wheel-based, it offers full mobility, being ready to move whenever you need it. Cleverly organized, it features lots of different shelves, drawers and nooks.

Hide a bar liquor cabinet

What about a little upgrade to your old, grandfather's clock? Combining mission style design with modern ingeniousness. What a surprise waits for you inside! The self-contained, fully sustainable liquor bar will help you host fabulous parties.

Prohibition liquor cabinet
Lisa Cox

When you close this home hide a bar liquor cabinet- no one will even think or notice how much treasure there is inside. However, when you open it, it will spread your storage options. Mahogany drawers, sliding tops, alcohol shelves and wine racks.

Booze cabinet

Made of such noble species of hardwood and finish in cherry veneer with shines and visible shadows - they had to make this versatile hide a bar liquor cabinet succeed. Antique door, pull-out drawers, and brass elements.

Large liquor cabinet
Joanna Hug

Why not simply hide your bar equipment in this amazing liquor cabinet that sports a traditional look just packed with utmost charm and pure elegance. It sports the warm tone of the finish with the strong, wooden structure to match it.

California Fold-A-Way Bar Cabinet

California Fold-A-Way Bar Cabinet

Hide a bar liquor cabinet 1
Alyssa Wilsonify

SAVE Howard Miller Sonoma Hide A Bar Liquor Cabinet

Mid century hide a way dry bar liquor cabinet image
Bush Eliza

Mid Century Hide-A-Way Dry Bar / Liquor Cabinet image 4

Hide a bar liquor cabinet
Alyssa Wilsonify

Folding Wine Liquor Storage Cabinet Beer Home Fold Hide Away Mini Bar ...

Howard Miller Cognac Hide-A-Bar

With this liquor cabinet your home decor is going to be as chic as never before. It is a Howard Millet cognac hide-a-bar which has got the cherry wood construction, door and two deep drawers.

Hide a bar liquor cabinet
Monica And

Black Steamer Wine Bar Cabinet

Hide a bar liquor cabinet 2
Colleen Griffin

St. Helena hide-a-bar dark cherry finish with racking for wine bottles, shelves for liquor, glass racks, drawers for bar and cocktail tools, and a touch-light.

Mid century walnut formica hide a way dry bar liquor

Mid Century Walnut & Formica Hide-A-Way Dry Bar / Liquor Cabinet

Hide a bar liquor cabinet

Beautiful wet bar via 47 Park Avenue. This is similar to what I want to put in my dining room nook.

Best liquor cabinet

I would love to have this in my house. What a great idea to hide all those small appliances. Favorite Things @Hawthorne and Main

Hide a bar liquor cabinet 6
Robinson Layla

Howard Miller Seneca Falls Hide-A-Bar

Bar cabinet 530 07 the spectacular stanford modern wine cabinet

... bar cabinet $ 530 07 the spectacular stanford modern wine cabinet s

Hide a bar liquor cabinet 3

Wrapped with a majestic replica 16th century nautical map, this globe bar features an Italian style. With an integrated wooden stand and casters, this globe bar is mobile enough to follow you around the

Hidden bar furniture 1

Vintage Hand Painted Oriental Hide A Bar Liquor Wine Cabinet Bar | eBay

Hidden home bar
Amanda Wal

Photo of Howard Miller 695-101 Peninsula Hide-A-Bar Wine & Spirits Cabinet

Hide a bars liquor cabinet home bar furniture 2
Michelle Long

Hide-A-Bars, Liquor Cabinet Home Bar Furniture

Liquor cabinet it is right in my entry and was

Liquor Cabinet. It is right in my entry and was just a catch and hide ...

Vietti Bar Cabinet

Vietti Bar Cabinet
Become inspired by this stunning bar cabinet. It is ideal for mixing your favorite cocktail and the elegant metal handles with brushed nickel finish add classy and elegant look to it, while the spacious compartments allows you to store everything neatly.

Howard miller arden hide a bar liquor cabinet
Jenna Delicata

Howard Miller Arden Hide A Bar Liquor Cabinet

New liquor cabinet bar w mini fridge milford ma for
Leah Adams

NEW Liquor Cabinet Bar w/ Mini Fridge - (Milford, MA for sale in ...

Howard miller shiraz hide a bar tm cabinet r7980
Bianca Noorda

Howard Miller Shiraz Hide-A-Bar™ Cabinet (R7980)

Dimensions 80 875 h x 51 w x 27 d
Laura Mitchell

DIMENSIONS: 80.875" H x 51" W x 27" D - 476lbs

Howard miller clock hide a bar sonoma wine cabinet

Howard Miller Clock Hide-A-Bar Sonoma Wine Cabinet

Secret liquor cabinet 1

The wine bar with two cabinets hidden behind antique shutters. One holds a found vessel sink and shelves on a stone counter, the other – a wine chiller. Maria Tracy & Tracy Design Studio (via Cote de Texas)