Hepplewhite Chair

Hepplewhite is said to have been one of the most distinguished English furniture makers of the 18th century. His timeless designs, characterized by lightness, slender lines and elegance, will remain forever a much sought-after addition to both the modern and the traditional home. A Hepplewhite chair is a piece of history that will grace every interior with its sleek silhouette.

Natasha Mendes Interior Design Expert
Set 6 New Hepplewhite Dining Side Chair Spiderweb Pierced Back Upholstered
Wesson Jessica

Add style and comfort to your dining room with this amazing 6-piece set with Hepplewhite dining side chairs. They have got a spiderweb pierced backs and upholstered seats for enhanced comfort of use.

Six Shield Back Dining Chairs in Mahogany
Weber Lily

This elegant Set of 6 Shield Back Dining Chairs in Mahogany Finish is as aesthetic as it is durable. Each chair includes a beautifully designed frame reinforced at the bottom with wooden bars. The seat is upholstered in quality fabric and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Hepplewhite chair
Carmen Kowalski


New Dining Arm Chair Hepplewhite Santa Fe Finish Hardwood Solid Wood Oval
Anderson Marisa

This beautifully-carved dining chair features a solid hardwood frame covered in a walnut finish, including an oval back, curved arms, flared rear legs, and tapered front legs. The seat is padded, and upholstered in a fashionable fabric.

Hepplewhite chair 6
Christine Tay

Hepplewhite chair

Hepplewhite chairs

Chair mounted on wooden base and finished with openwork pattern on the back. Seat is upholstered with soft fabric. Perfect as dining chair or extra seating in all kinds of interiors.

Hepplewhite chair 12
Colleen Flores

Hepplewhite Occasional Chairs - My dining room chairs! They look great with non-traditional fabric... create a nice contrast.

Hepplewhite chair 16
Bryant Veronica

American armchair, 1785–1800, mahogany, oak rails, 37 7/8 by 23¼ by 20½ inches. Promised gift of George M. and Linda H. Kaufman

Hepplewhite chairs 1
Patterson Gracie

A beautiful pair of vintage-looking chairs, perfect for enhancing dining rooms, kitchens, guest rooms, and bedrooms. Each chair is crafted of mahogany-finished hardwood, bringing a shield-style back, tapered legs with stretchers, and a padded seat upholstered in a quality fabric with exquisite pattern.

Hepplewhite chair 5
Peyton Marthy

Beautiful chairs made of sturdy wooden construction with lovely striped covers delight, bringing to the dining room a unique mood. The enchanting details of the backrest together with the seat cover make the interior admirable.

Hepplewhite shield back chair 2

Bring some vintage flavor to your contemporary home by using those fine dining chairs that drown in a beautiful turquoise finish. Crafted of wood, each chair also offers a shield back, a padded seat upholstered in a stylish fabric, and tapered flared legs with stretchers.

Heart shaped chair
Lauren Kin

Richly decorated chair in elegant style. It is mounted on wooden frame and finished with openwork pattern on the back. Seat is covered with fabric. Perfect as dining chair or extra seating in all kinds of interiors.

Hepplewhite Arm Chair
Cintia Kowalski

Hepplewhite Arm Chair
Wonderful contemporary wooden chair with a matte brown finish. It has spade-like front legs, sloped fronts of straight arms. Both a semi-oval seat and an arched shield-back are upholstered in white fabric with a floral pattern in beige and browns.

Maitland Smith 4131-184 Dining Chair
Torres Alison

It is a Maitland Smith dining chair that has got an elegant design, solid wood construction and cushioned seat, which provides an excellent seating comfort. It fits perfectly to classic style and decor.

Mahogany Wheat Sheath Chair Set
Krystal Phi

A very solid and attractive chair that can be used in dining rooms and other indoors. It has got a frame made of solid and stylish mahogany wood. The chair measures 21 x 21 x 37.5 inches and it is able to hold an adult user.

Hepplewhite chair 23
Allison Gree

Ceiling would be much lower, the room smaller...but I love the wall color and the fireplace mantle and the Hepplewhite chairs.

Chairs hepplewhite style carved chairs with antique black finish anf
Alexis Hallify

chairs - Hepplewhite style carved chairs with antique black finish anf ...

Hepplewhite chair 10

English Sheraton/Hepplewhite seating chair/set mahogany

Hepplewhite chair 6
Lily Cravenable

Richly decorated chair with floral theme on the back. It is upholstered with fabric and finished with geometric pattern. Frame is made of wood. Stylish addition to the living room, dining room and more.

Decorative Crafts 6795/2 Chair
Natalie Bry

A decent, antique chair that consists of four legs, padded seat, two armrests with small cushions and a backrest to provide more comfort. The whole construction is built to last long years. The backrest is carved of wood and well-shaped.

Hepplewhite chair 7
Chloe Hughesful

I totally want to go and alter furniture for my dinette. These wooden chairs have the very elegant design, dark walnut finish and padded seats with creamy cushions. I want to purchase eight and add them around my long dining table.

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Monica Jame

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Hepplewhite chair 2

13 Elements of the Hepplewhite Style

Hepplewhite chair 9
Alyssa Wilsonify

new hepplewhite chairs?

Hepplewhite chair 27
Adams Amy

Hand-painted arm chair with turned front legs and an oval splat back. Product: ChairConstruction Material: Ra...

George hepplewhite display chair
Isabella Martinable

George Hepplewhite Display Chair

Hepplewhite chairs for sale

The English style of this impressive and very stylish mahogany chair captivates. The beautiful wooden base combined with the interesting texture and decor of the seat fits perfectly in any decor.

Hepplewhite chair 24
Jenna Daviesful

The most stunning dinning chairs! Hepplewhite Chairs.

Hepplewhite chair 1
Alexis Millerism

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Maitland Smith 4031-184 Dining Chair

This lovely carved dining chair features a solid wood frame covered in a polished mahogany finish, including a shield back, flared rear legs, and tapered front legs. The seat is padded, and upholstered in a fashionable fabric.

Decorative Crafts 6746/2 Chair
Melanie San

An antique-looking, expensive chair that is based on four legs. It also has two armrests on both sides, padded and soft seat and a backrest to provide more comfort. It matches antique interiors only.

Hepplewhite chairs 2
Jenna Delicata

A unique decoration for indoors that will enhance your dining room with old-fashioned charm. The chair has a beautifully sculpted frame using hardwood and distressed finish, offering a nifty back with a double oval design, fluted legs with floral accents, and a padded seat with off-white fabirc upholstery.

Decorative Crafts 6746/1 Chair
Kimberly Pat

This elegant chair in a walnut finish is carved from beechwood, representing a gorgeous, Louis XVI style. The chair is upholstered in a stylish fabric, and covered with antiqued goldleaf trim. Also includes a shield-shaped back, flared rear legs, and fluted front legs.

Decorative Crafts 6782/2 Chair
Jamie Whi

This elegant chair is carved from beechwood, and covered in a walnut finish. The seat is upholstered in an off-white fabric. Includes a decorative back, padded arms, fluted front legs, and flared rear legs.

Hepplewhite dining room furniture
Carmen Kowalski

The beautiful and dignified design of this phenomenal chair makes the whole look perfect. The beautiful seat upholstery and solid wood form help you to bring a unique style to the interior design of the living room.

Decorative Crafts 6782/1 Chair
Lauren Thompson

Hepplewhite style carved chair with antiqued walnut finish and antiqued gold leaf trim. Complements interiors when put amongst other antique-looking furniture. It also has a backrest to provide more convenience.

Set of eight period george iii hepplewhite dining chairs
Anderson Marisa

Set of EIGHT Period George III Hepplewhite Dining Chairs

Decorative Crafts 6795/1 Chair
Roberts Isabelle

An antique chair, white finish, includes four legs (two curved, two straight) and is constructed of wood that provides high-quality and durability. It has a soft seat for more convenience. Perfectly complements antique interiors.

Hepplewhite furniture of most enduring interest in the guide are
Crystal Ramirez

Hepplewhite furniture -Of most enduring interest in the "Guide" are designs for the famous shield back Hepplewhite chairs, settees or Hepplewhite sofas, and upholstered stools.

Auctioneers a set of eight hepplewhite style mahogany dining chairs
Bianca Noorda

... Auctioneers: A Set of Eight Hepplewhite Style Mahogany Dining Chairs

English hepplewhite style chairs
Peyton Donaldson

English Hepplewhite-style Chairs

Photo of set 10 hepplewhite english mahogany dining chairs chair

Photo of Set 10 Hepplewhite English Mahogany Dining Chairs Chair

Hepplewhite chair 5
Adriana Andersson

Hepplewhite Chair

Please note that finish colors may vary on different computer
Monica Mill

Please note that finish colors may vary on different computer monitors

Hepplewhite chair 25

Classic cabinet flanked by Hepplewhite inspired chairs - Phoebe Howard Interior Design

Hepplewhite chair 22
Caitlin Tor

Schumacher wallpaper with painted Hepplewhite chairs

Eight hepplewhite style chairs 2

Eight Hepplewhite style chairs.

Hepplewhite chair 26
Bush Eliza

Armchair ~ this classic eighteenth century Hepplewhite chair an updated attitude with it's intricate heart-shaped back.

Laetitia Zernike

Hepplewhite chairs 3
Aloma Garcia

Hepplewhite chairs