Heavy Duty Patio Umbrellas

A patio umbrella is what you need to provide perfect shade for the patio or pool zone. As it's constantly exposed to weather extremities make sure it's a heavy-duty one made of durable materials and has a solid construction. Don't forget about the design! A bright or patterned umbrella is a nice splash of colour amidst the green.

Aloma Garcia Interior Design Expert
Heavy duty patio umbrellas

Patio umbrella mounted on aluminum base with tilt adjustment function. It is covered with durable polyester. Received positive recommendations from clients for high quality and modern design.

Waterproof cantilever umbrella
Bianca Noorda

A durable construction is the most important aspect of a spacious heavy duty patio umbrella. The traditional, very spread, slightly kańciaty umbrella is based on a metal frame in a light shade. It is made of a light material - protecting from both sun and rain.

8.5' Square Cantilever Umbrella with Removable Walls - Taupe Sand
Powell Emily

This spacious and very functional garden umbrella with removable walls is an excellent way to create a tight angle in the backyard or on the terrace. The whole, based on a solid underlay, was finished in an attractive sand color.

11' Deluxe Offset Patio Umbrella
April Collins

11' Deluxe Offset Patio Umbrella
Big patio umbrella. Like, very big. It will cast a relieving shade on anyone sitting by the outdoor table, and it shields everyone from UV rays and other nature's elements. Its angle and height are adjustable.

California Umbrella 9-Feet Olefin Fabric Aluminum Crank Lift Collar Tilt Market Umbrella with Bronze Pole
Julie Perez

This type of element is an umbrella designed for outdoor use. It is designed to protect from sun, UV and other negative weather conditions. It has got attractive fabric and a very durable aluminum construction.

Heavy duty outdoor umbrella
Cook Alexandra

Having 11.5' square, this aluminium cantilever patio umbrella constitutes a solid proposition for one's outdoor. It is available in 12 vivid Sunbrella fabric colours and features a hassle-free crank opening with full 360 degree rotation.

Heavy duty umbrellas
Veronica Lop

Opt for a nice patio umbrella that will actually serve its purpose with this piece that sports the heavy duty structure to avoid any hassle due to bad weather and at the same time is stylish and simple enough to blend well with the decor.

CorLiving PPU-200-U Patio Umbrella, Black
Tara Zucker

Patio umbrella mounted on adjustable pole and covered with polyester. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Suitable for residential use commercial use. Received a lot of positive recommendations from customers.

An 11 market umbrella available in commercial grade a 8oz
Patterson Gracie
Square heavy duty aluminum cantilever patio umbrella
Sarah Coll
Waterproof market umbrella

If the first thing you're going for is the durability and functional side to your patio umbrella then this one will leave you utterly content, since it is made from heavy duty materials that will withstand all weather conditions.

13 heavy duty aluminum offset patio umbrella
Allen Jasmine
Cantilevers are the ultimate option for those who want the
Kristina Dia
Outdoor beach umbrella stand- Great sand anchor, best wind resistant option for anyone searching for shade. Our portable base fits large and small poles such as Flag, Market, Off-set, Tiki torches and Bird feeders. Light weight heavy duty metal

A very interesting piece of equipment created for people who use outdoor umbrellas. It is an umbrella stand that assures stability and support. It is made of metal that is resistant to heavy-duty conditions.

Deluxe Natural 10' Offset Patio Umbrella Off Set Outdoor Market Umbrella
Sarah Ashleyist

This type of product is an umbrella designed for use in a patio. It protects from the sun and assures more comfortable and relaxing rest outdoors. Its upper area is made of waterproof polyester material.

Heavy duty patio umbrella
Robinson Layla

The aluminium heavy duty patio is a perfect choice for commercial use, because it is really longlasting. The flexible fiberglass rib arms are light but strong, so will keep the umbrella material in order.

Red Patio Umbrella Offset 10' Hanging Umbrella Outdoor Market Umbrella D10
Jillian Bake

This kind of product is a high quality outdoor umbrella that protects from rain and sun. It assures the best conditions for people who love outdoor relaxation in a patio or garden. This product features a solid and stable aluminum pole.

California Umbrella 9-Feet Sunbrella Fabric Aluminum Push Button Tilt Market Umbrella with Black Pole, Jockey Red
Carter Julia

A very solid and functional sunbrella. Its top is made of durable fabric that is resistant to UV and rain. It has got a solid pole and frame made of aluminum, so it is solid, but not very heavy, so the transportation is problem-free.

Garden parasols waterproof
Caitlin Coleman

Made with Flexible Fiberglass rib arms and Aluminum Pole, This 9' Sunbrella Heavy Duty Patio Umbrella is a perfect choice for commercial use. Ideal companion for the relax at the pool.

Water resistant patio umbrella

This creamy white umbrella is a stylish proposition for your garden or pool. 7.5ft heavy duty crank umbrella with valance will provide solidness, protecting you from the sun and rain.

Waterproof outdoor umbrella
Adriana Andersson

Protects against sun, rain, let you breathe in the shade. A huge stable heavy-duty patio umbrella, on a long mounted black metal leg with a blue fabric at the top. It features a replaceable canopy, made of dark-blue polyester.

New Deluxe Burgundy 10' Offset Patio Umbrella Off Set Outdoor Market Umbrella

This type of product is a patio umbrella that assures protection from the sun. It is also made of materials that are resistant to water and other outdoor factors. Its frame is very solid, stable and supportive.

Cantilever Large Garden Umbrella

Very large garden umbrella on arched post (the shape allows to suspend the umbrella over chairs), with tan colored canvas stretched on eight aluminium ribs (the base is steel), with a user-friendly construction featuring full-motion tilting option.

10' Offset Patio Umbrella
Lisa Ward

10' Offset Patio Umbrella
Pretty contemporary umbrella with a frame of dark grey-coated steel. It has a cross-shaped foot, a round pole with adjustable height and a cantilever with regulated tilt. An octagonal canopy is of resistant vivid green polyester.

Edengarden heavy duty patio umbrellas furniture accessories 1
Alexis Millerism
Umbrella Mount
Bryant Veronica

This piece of equipment is a high quality product created for use as an umbrella mount. This element features a very durable, heavy-duty construction with a neutral black finish. This steel product is not very heavy.

Classic Accessories Terrazzo 58902-EC Patio Umbrella Cover
Griffin Lauren

This umbrella cover is designed of Tough Rain Tite fabric that makes your umbrella resistant to rain, snow, sun, dirt and crack. The cover fits up most types of 10-feet in diameter umbrellas, and is destined for outdoor use.

This green aluminum market umbrella is both functional and stylish
Gina Miller
Heininger 1312 DestinationGear Italian Black 6' Acrylic Striped Beach Pole Umbrella
Rebecca Pet
California Umbrella 9-Feet Sunbrella Fabric Aluminum Auto Tilt Market Umbrella with Champagne Pole, Black

This type of product is a high quality umbrella that protects from the sun, so it is a very functional outdoor product that assures relaxation in a shade. This outdoor umbrella features a very durable post.

Cassandra All

This simple garden umbrella is a functional and very practical element for the backyard, on the terrace or patio. Made of heavy duty, it is stable and durable. Market style with beer theme adds a whole attractive style.

California Umbrella 9-Feet Olefin Fabric Aluminum Push Button Tilt Market Umbrella with Bronze Pole, Red
Peyton Donaldson

California Umbrella 9-Feet Olefin Fabric Aluminum Push Button Tilt Market Umbrella with Bronze Pole, Red

High quality outdoor umbrellas
9' Tilting Patio Umbrella

9' Tilting Patio Umbrella
Turquoise patio umbrella with tilting option to provide optimal protection from sun and wind, no matter what time of the day it currently is. Rich canvas hue effortlessly adds a holiday mood to outdoor ambiance.

Offset umbrella base stand weight works also for market umbrella
Thomson Marisa
Ft commercial aluminum market hexagon with pulley and no tilt
Heavy duty umbrella
Abba Patio® 11 Ft Aluminum Offset Cantilever Umbrella, Outdoor Hanging Parasol with 360 Rotating Device, Cross Base, and Vertical Tilt, Olefin Fabric
Mackenzie Poly

Full rotation adjustability option, vertical tilt and smooth crank opening mechanism mean that this 11 feet umbrella is very functional. Its canvas is made of olefin fabric in sand gray. It is resistant to fading.

Heavy duty patio umbrellas 1
Edengarden heavy duty patio umbrellas furniture accessories 2
Jenna Delicata
Beach umbrella heavy duty
Jenna Delicata
Heavy duty patio umbrella collage a large heavy duty patio
Leah Scott
Patio umbrellas 1
Lauren Kin
Heavy duty umbrellas for rain
Alicia Adam
Nova heavy duty umbrella
Peyton Marthy
Market spa umbrella pole rotating base easy opening and closing
Kathryn Wash
Treasure garden shademaker orion cantilever square
Carmen Milani
This stylish nine foot round aluminum patio umbrella features a
Lisa Anderson
The 7 5 cape may commercial strength market umbrella is
Elizabeth Nels
This 9 suncrylic aluminum heavy duty patio umbrella is a
Tara Zucker