Heavy Duty Door Stop

Door stop can prove to be useful. Now it can also look nice, too. If you don’t believe it, maybe you should stay in this site for a while and check the options presented below. Now you have a rare chance of picking from such a rich collection of interesting and functional solutions.

Heavy door stopper

Available in 3 colour finishes, each of them covering a heavy duty, die-cast body, this sprung door stop will prevent any door from inflicting even a millimetre further. A sturdy item, designed to last for years.

Heavy duty door stopper

Fishing for a heavy duty door stop? If I were you, I'd go for metal door stops (nearly indestructible) with a good-looking finish, such as satin nickel pictured here. Durable rubber tip is also important, protects the doors surface.

Magnetic Door Stop & Holder for Home or Office in Brushed Steel- Keeps Door Open Even with a Door Closer

Elegant magnetic door stop / door holder, crafted from high quality metal with brushed steel finish. Thanks to versatile design, it seems appropriate for both home area and professional applications, such as in office.

Duffs 2 Pack Premium Wedge Door Stops

Heavy duty door stop 1

Heavy duty door stop is an attractive solution for any interior. Straight steel construction with rubber grip provides excellent protection against door closing. The whole of the modern form will be checked in contemporary decor.

Heavy duty door stop

A floor door stop which features the satin chrome finish, angled bumper, and it accommodates door undercut up to 2-1/2". This doorstop was beyond anything I expected. Excellent product for indoor and outdoor use.

Commercial door bumpers

This heavy duty, metal doorstop will block even the heaviest from opening further, being commonly used both in private, as well as in public spaces. A sturdy construction, designed to serve its role for years.

Only Foot Semi-auto Kick Down Door Stop,stopper ,No Need to Use Your Hands,heavy Duty

If your door is continually closing on you, you may want to check this effective, heavy duty door stop. Made of zinc & nickel plated metal, the door stop is easy to install, and has 1 functional leg with a non-marring cap to protect your floor.

National Hardware V238 4" Kickdown Door Stops in Antique Brass

Sturdy kickdown door stop with die cast zinc body with elegant antique brass finish and ribbed rubber foot. Spring design holds the stop in the up position. Easy to install, it always keeps the door open when you need it.

Door stop for heavy door

This heavy-duty doorstop features a practical hold-open function with easy-to-adjust tension. It is a useful method of holding the door open at the desired position for a short or long time period, allowing an unobstructed traffic flow through the opening.

Heavy door stop

Wall or floor mounted, this heavy-duty magnetic door stop is made from oil rubbed bronze. It will protect your surfaces from knocking and scratching, while at the same time providing a contemporary accent to the space.

Door stopper floor mounted heavy duty with catch

Prime-Line Products J 4537 Drop Down 4 Hole Door Stop with Chrome Plated Heavy Duty Diecast

Universal door stop featuring heavy duty zinc die cast construction and chrome finish. It is easy to install with four holes for mounting. Its simple form is immensely versatile so it complements all decors.

Heavy duty door stop

Miles nelson heavy duty latch back door stop floor mounted

Heavy duty rubber door stops

Heavy duty door stoppers

Heavy duty commercial grade floor mounted door stop in brushed satin chrome finish. Strong die cast body with rubber stopper ensured sturdiness with no harm to door surface. Metal hook holds the door no matter how strong the draught is.

Duffs 2 Pack Premium Wedge Door Stops

This element is a door stop that prevent door motion and protects it from impact damage. Its solid construction is ideal for heavy-duty conditions. Each door stop of this type measures 8.7 x 3.3 x 2.3 inches.

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Solid Brass 1 3/4" Floor Mount Heavy Duty Door Stop with High Impact Vinyl Bumper

An aesthetic contemporary floor-mounted door stop made of solid brass. It has a round base with a pre-drilled hole for a screw and a half-dome-like upper part with an inbuilt high impact bumper of durable white vinyl.

Angle Simple R309 Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Magnetic Door Stop / Holder for Home or Office, Brushed Steel

This piece of equipment is a door stop that is made of heavy duty materials. It is ideal for home and commercial applications. The product is made of stainless steel. The product is ideal for floor and wall mounting.

KES HDS300-5 Heavy Duty Magnetic Doorstop/Door with Catch Conceal Screw Mount, Antique Bronze

A high quality element that has got a functional character. It is a door stoop made of metal that is ready for heavy-duty service. Its antique finish increases the level of interior aesthetics. This door stop can be installed on the floor or wall.

Fpl door locks h2017 heavy duty magnetic door stop holder

Designers Impressions White Heavy Duty Solid Rigid Door Stop w/ Rubber Tip : 7146 - 10 Pack

This product is a small door stop that protects walls and furniture from being hit by doors. It has got a rubber tip that is not harmful for doors. It has got a solid construction, so it is a heavy-duty product.

Magnetic Door Stop (Set of 2)

Magnetic Door Stop (Set of 2)
Functional door stopper designed with durability in mind. This practical item features versatile mount that can be attached either vertically or horizontally to the floor, and magnetic hold for added practicality.

Brass Baseboard Stop

Brass Baseboard Stop
Baseboard stop made of metal with brass elements and silvery finish. It is simple in style, suiting modern ambiances effortlessly, and you may be sure that it is just a reliable door hardware that will withstand everyday use.

National Hardware V338 6" Super Wedge Door Stops in Gray

This kind of product is a very funcional and not very large element. It is a door stop made of materials that are resistant to damage. This element protects different pieces of furniture and walls from damage caused by doors.

Designers Impressions Satin Nickel Heavy Duty Solid Rigid Door Stop w/ Rubber Tip : 2229 - 10 Pack

This practical and nice-looking door stop is equipped with a rubber tip for proper protection. The door stop is characterized by heavy duty solid construction, satin nickel finish, and can be easily mounted to baseboards. The pack contains 10 door stops.

Designers Impressions Satin Nickel Heavy Duty Hinge Pin Adjustable Door Stop : 3576 - 10 Pack

Pack consisting of 10 adjustable doorstops, which are perfect for majority of standard doors. Each of the pieces is made of heavy duty metal and features satin nickel finish. The doorsteps are perfect for hitting wall with door.

Designers Impressions Polished Chrome Heavy Duty Solid Rigid Door Stop w/ Rubber Tip : 2113 - 10 Pack

This element is very small and it looks very stylish in any decor. Of course it has got a functional role, because it serves as a door stop mounted in the floor. It is an element that has got a heavy duty construction.

Railroad Spike Door Stop

Railroad Spike Door Stop
Functional door stopper made of durable metal in rustic lacquer finish providing a reliable way to hold the door open without damaging the wall. Easy to install and remove, versatile and sturdy utility item.

Heavy duty door stop 2

Simple and practical: classic wedge door stop, characterized by large textured footprint that does the job even on rough and uneven surfaces. This heavy duty door stopper is yellow. Because - why not.

Rockwood 467 heavy duty door stop with flame resistant molded

Designers Impressions Oil Rubbed Bronze Heavy Duty Solid Rigid Door Stop w/ Rubber Tip : 2546 - 10 Pack

A small piece of furniture created for the purpose of door protection. It also protects pieces of furniture and walls from hitting by doors. It is a product that features a heavy-duty construction and it has got an oil rubbed bronze finish.

Solid brass heavy duty floor door stop with hook satin

KES HDS200-2 Solid Steel Magnetic Doorstop/Door with Catch Conceal Screw Mount, Brushed Stainless Steel

It is a door stop that plays a functional role in any house. This product is damage resistant thanks to its 304 premium grade stainless steel construction. It has also got a chromium/nickel layer that protects from rust and corrosion.

Kes hds300 2 heavy duty magnetic doorstop door holder with

Designers Impressions White Heavy Duty Hinge Pin Adjustable Door Stop : 7135 - 10 Pack

Pack of ten adjustable door stops with high gloss white finish. The stops are perfect for protecting doors from hitting wall and they're attached to hinge on door. Additionally, they are made of high quality metal.

A tree stump makes a great heavy duty door stop

Heavy duty floor mounted stainless steel door stop

FPL Door Locks H2017 Magnetic Door Stop - Holder for Home or Office in Antique Brass- Keeps Door Open Even with a Door Closer

A very simple, but functional product that serves as a door stop. This magnetic holder is made of metal, so it looks very nice in contemporary indoors. It protects walls from damage caused by opened doors.

Designers Impressions Oil Rubbed Bronze Heavy Duty Hinge Pin Adjustable Door Stop : 4461 - 10 Pack

A very small, but very useful item created for the purpose of door stopping. It protects walls and pieces of furniture from impact caused by door opening. This product can be atttached to hinge on door.

Quickly transforms your hatchback car or station wagon into a

Rockwood 468 heavy duty door stop

Designers Impressions Antique Brass Heavy Duty Hinge Pin Adjustable Door Stop : 7853 - 10 Pack

This set includes very functional door stops that are safe and easy in use. The product is made of antique brass that looks nice in any decor. This heavy duty construction is resistant to excessive wear and damage.

Reclaimed oak door stops with rope on etsy 15 00

Box of 10- 3-3/4" Projection Oil Rubbed Bronze Spring Door Stops

This element is a door stop that assures safety for doors and walls. It protects from impact damage. This type of element is made of metal with a very interesting oil rubbed bronze finish. It has got a spring construction.

Box of 10- 3-3/4" Polished Brass HEAVY DUTY- Spring Door Stops

Box with ten doorstop made of steel and featuring polished brush finish. Additionally, it features 3.75 inch long projection and the set includes mounting screws. It's a great addition to any interior interior, as the item prevents wall from getting damaged.

Round door stopper

Heavy duty sprung door stop or buffer