Harry Potter Lamp

Fans of Harry Potter, welcome. This collection consists of lamps with different elements and themes from your favourite series. All are interesting and quite functional, which might be surprising for some people. Discover all the photos presented below and choose the one that you like most. Or maybe more than one.

Harry potter lamp 7

Harry Potter Lamp
A beautiful table lamp for every Harry Potter's fan out there. The lamp holds a red and yellow Gryffindor imperial shade, supported by an owl-shaped body that is attached to the round base for stability.

Harry potter lamp 4

A very functional and decorative lamp with a Harry Potter theme. Its stable base provides good support. Solid construction of this cup-styled lamp includes many decorative themes characteristic for Harry Potter.

Harry potter lamp 11

A fantastic solution for all Harry Potter's fans out there. This lovely table lamp has a stabile base - designed of 9 stacked books; holding a vintage-looking shade - made of durable steel wire.

Harry potter lamps

The Harry Potter table lamp is a beautifully decorated and magical interior. Beautiful wooden base in an attractive shape and subtle shade in classic form captivates. The whole works great in any decor.

Harry potter lamp 5

Looking for a lamp that would spruce up your ambiance? Well, you need to consider this one. It is a Harry Potter sorting lamp! It's handmade, unique and great gift idea for every Harry Potter's fan.

Harry potter lamp 9

Attractive lamp for Harry Potter readers. It includes a very attractive constructions with some element characteristic for Harry Potter. Durable materials of this device provide the best level of solidity.

Harry potter lamp 8

Harry Potter Lamp
This lamp is maybe not an example of truly refined style, but you can't deny its adorable. Sculptural owl base and yellow and burgundy bell shade makes it a true treat for Harry Potter series fans. Ten points for Gryffindor!

Harry potter hogwarts tiffany style lamp

Harry potter lamp 28

Harry potter deathly hallows table lamp

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Table Lamp
This symbol will be obvious for fans of Harry Potter,known from The Tale of the Three Brothers. Triangle with a circle inside, made of warm wood - is the base of harry potter lamp. Classic, square lampshade, fills the uniqueness of the table lamp.

Harry potter lamp 44

Harry potter lamp 2

Harry potter deathly hallows table lamp 2

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Table Lamp
Any Harry Potter fan should take a closer look at this extraordinary table lamp. Being not straightforwardly Harry Potter-ish, it gives a subtle nod to the popular book series. The triangular lamp's base alludes to Deathly Hallows symbol.

Harry potter hogwarts desk lamp

Harry potter lamp 37

Dark side of the room lamp

Wingardium leviosa! True fan of Harry Potter will easily recognize this main simbol of this table lamp. The triangle-shaped lamp has a black finish with cut-out symbols from the popular film - exact Harry Potter Deathly Hallows lamp.

Harry potter lamp 6

Now you can keep your home warm and cozy whenever you want, thanks to this charming set of 3 candle lamps. Designed in Harry Potter's style, each lamp has a hardwood frame with clear glass panels, covered by a fancy metal lid with a small matching ring.

Harry potter lamp 10

For all Harry Potter's enthusiasts out there, this beautiful lamp will be a great complement of their room decor. Designed of a bunch of small circular paper pads, the lamp forms a large sphere that generates warm, almost magical light.

Harry potter lamp 18

Harry potter lamp 40

Harry potter lamp 25

Harry potter lamp 36

Harry potter lamp 26

Harry potter lamp 17

Harry potter lamp 21

Harry potter lamp 15

Table lamp mounted on ceramic base with gloss finish. Drum lampshade is decorated with Harry Potter theme. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Great gift idea.

Harry potter lamp 1

Harry potter lamp 38

Harry potter lamp 46

Harry potter lamp 13

The exquisitely crafted shade lamps in the Harry Potter atmosphere are a great way to get original decor. Robust construction and a stylish lampshade with the sign brings a magical character to the decor.

Harry potter deathly hallows lamp 2

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Lamp
Table lamp with Harry Potter theme. It is mounted on acrylic frame. Perfect as night lamp or additional source of light. Tasteful accent for kid's room, teenager's room and more.

Harry Potter Hermione Granger Cardboard Stand-Up

Harry Potter Hermione Granger Cardboard Stand-Up

Harry potter lamp 27

Harry potter lamp 22

Harry potter lamp 2

Harry potter lamp 39

Harry potter lamp 3

Harry potter lamp 43

Harry potter lamp 12

A fantastic light with a dramatic theme from Harry Potter makes the room gain magic and unique style. The winged light bulb on the impressive wires is very original and falls into the eye. Beautiful and unusual.

Harry potter lamp

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