Hardwood Speaker Stands

This collection will be a great thing for fans of music but perhaps also for other people. All the options presented here differ when it comes to their size, shape, colour and design so nobody will find it too difficult to pick the right hardwood speaker stand for himself. Now you can be one of them.

Julia Lambert Interior Design Expert
Hardwood speaker stands
Sara Garcia

These stylish, very modern stylized speaker stands are solid oak designs in an unusual form. The whole is perfectly presented in every modern décor, and the slim design is captivating. Warm shade is pleasant to the eye.

Hardwood speaker stands
Brittany Rodr

A reliable alternative to metal stands: a hardwood, walnut finished pedestal stand for speakers blends with a wide range of interiors, from traditional to contemporary ones. Rubber feet protect floors.

20 inch speaker stands
Lambert Abbey

Hardwood speaker stands are durable and stable, making sure you won’t accidentally flip them. They are also easy to maintain, which means they will serve you for years to come. And let us also mention that they are stylish like no other!

Wood speaker stand
Mackenzie Milani

Crfted of durable hardwood and covered in black, this speaker stand is going to serve you well for many years to come. Its widened base makes it very stable and a smooth, rectangle top has drilled holes through which you can lead the cables.

Hardwood speaker stands 1
Wilson Gabrielle

Made from beautiful and solid cherry hardwood, this set of speaker stands enchant with its simplistic design and high-quality finishing. Ideal for classic, traditional interiors.

Wooden speaker stands

Aesthetic modern stands for up to 15-pound speakers. A stand has trapezium foot with carpet spikes and 2 not very tall rectangularish supports with a wire channel between them. A stand is of brown stained oak wood but a black top with security pads.

Hardwood speaker stands
Melanie Brya

Hardwood speaker stands - a unique variation for music lovers who won't have to decide on classic metal ones. Speakers gain in value and although the sound depends on the quality of the loudspeaker, a wooden stand can help it to easily divide around the room.

Quality speaker stands
Jenna Daviesful

Made from solid hardwood, this speaker stand will not pass the test of time, but also add a refined character to the space. Beautifully sanded wood enchants with its dense graining.

Wood speaker stands

If you searching for high quality and solid speaker stands, you have to choose this pair. They features the solid hardwood construction, Wood Technology FGH Series and 8 inches of high.

Hardwood speaker stands 6

Ensure the perfect support for your sound system in your household with this stunning set of two speaker stands that offer the durable and strong hardwood structure to best distribute the sound in your home.

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Vanessa Jenkins

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Real hardwood diy speaker stands for my sonus faber

Real hardwood DIY speaker stands for my Sonus Faber

10 inch speaker stands

Furnish your living zone with speaker stands. They have got the wooden construction and adjustable height. Floor spikes stabilize stands in thick carpet and minimize floor vibrations.

Hardwood speaker stands 2
Monica Price

Opt for a nice and fully functional pair of speaker stands that will dramatically increase the quality of sound in your interior. They sport the hardwood structure for more years of problem-free use.

Hardwood speaker stands 1
Wilson Gabrielle

Wooden speaker stand. The wood is very light brown so it's quite universal. It enables you to put your speakers in the best place so that you can listen to the best quality of sounds. It's a stable and solid construction.

Central speaker stand
Rebecca White

Harwood is a great piece for creating functional furniture like this speaker stand. Maple design is elegant, reliable and durable, and very impressive at the same time. The perfect solution for living room or game room.

Hardwood speaker stands 5
Jaclyn Jen

Set of bases in a shape of square made of oak and walnut wood. These heavy bases should be used as a sound speaker's stands. They will protect your floor from scratching and prevent echo. They are not only useful, but elegant too!

Hi fi racks podium t5 iii oak speaker stands pair
Jackson Krystle

Hi-Fi Racks Podium T5 III Oak Speaker Stands (Pair)

Oak speaker stands
Catherine Bry

Made from solid kiln-dried hardwood, this speaker stand combines solidness and elegance in one place. Densely grained wood will add a traditional appeal. Each of the stands is 12" high.

30" Fixed Height Speaker Stands (Set of 2)

30" Fixed Height Speaker Stands (Set of 2)
Elegant and beautifully designed speaker stands that can complement any interior. It is mainly crafted of steel, tempered glass and hardwood. They look great and are working well. Easy assembly and very sturdy.

TransDeco Fixed Height Glass and Steel Speaker Stands, 30-Inch

A product that has got a decorative and functional value in the house. This kind of stand is designed for use with different types and sizes of speakers in living rooms and TV rooms. It has got a built in wire management system.

Speaker stands wood
Jacqueline Cart

Constructed of hardwood and covered in an cherry finish, this 30'' speaker stand is as elegant as functional. It provides high performance speaker support, while standing on a flat base with a pole that allows you to put the cables inside of it.

Wood technology solid hardwood ebony fgh series 8 speaker stands
Caitlin Taylor

Wood Technology Solid Hardwood Ebony FGH Series 8" Speaker Stands

Hardwood speaker stands
Holly Bell

Made from cherry wood, this speaker stand enchants with the high-quality finish, featuring natural graining of the wood. Available in other sizes and style to fit your home theater system.

Cherry speaker stands
Martinez Shannon

Sanus NF18M01 18" speaker stand by Sanus. $59.99. Help your bookshelf speakers to look and sound their best with the Sanus NF18 Foundations Natural Series speaker stand. Its energy-absorbing MDF construction and neoprene speaker pads provide acoustic isol

Hardwood speaker stands 4
Jenna Foster

Take care of your speakers, from which your favorite music comes out. Regardless of their size and shape, you can display them and place on these 2 wooden, polished, gray hardwood speaker stands with two square stands.

42 speaker stands
Dana Alle

Wood Technology FGC-26 Solid Cherry Hardwood Series 26" Speaker Stand by Wood Technology. $97.00. FGC-26 Features: -Price is for pair..-Made in the USA. Assembly Instructions: -Simple assembly. Dimensions: -Top plate dimensions: 5.5''.

30" Speaker Stands
Harris Kelly

30" Speaker Stands
Don't hesitate and enjoy this perfect speaker stands! You would be impressed with its simplicity and functionality coming together with a stylish design. Check it out and enjoy the comfort and high quality in your flat.

Walnut speaker stands 1
Julie Mil

Sanus Systems NF18C Natural Foundations 18" Speaker Stand, Pair, Cherry by Sanus. $79.99. The Sanus NF18C Natural Foundations 18" Speaker Stand offers high performance speaker support with the natural beauty of real hardwood construction. This speaker sta

Custom wood speaker stands
Stephanie Ros

Hardwood floor|standing speakers

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12 inch speaker stands

These wood speaker stands are a delicious combination of robust design, functionality and a beautiful appearance. The simple form allows you to fit them in every compassion of the interior, and the attractive colors are very versatile.

Solid speaker stands

Crafted of solid hardwood oak, you can be sure that this 16'' speaker stand will be one of the most durable pieces in your home. It has a wide base for stability, a hollowed pole for hiding cables, and a black top for placing your speaker.

Basic Series 16" Fixed Height Speaker Stands
Abbey Kowalski

Basic Series 16" Fixed Height Speaker Stands
It is a basic, simple speaker stand that has got a medium density fiber core construction. It is an attractive addition to your living room or game room. It is a nicely finished product.

Wood technology speaker stands
Cintia Brook

With this speaker stand your speakers will be properly displayd and ready for work. Crafted of aluminum and powder-coated, the stand has a well-balanced base and a square top - both connected to a sturdy pole that allows you to hide speaker cables.

Natural 18" Fixed Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2)

Natural 18" Fixed Height Speaker Stand (Set of 2)
This Set of Two 18-Inch Fixed Height Speaker Stands in Black Finish is able to hold up to 25 lbs of load. The stand features a hardwood pillar with a square, sound-enhancing MDF base, and wire management for hiding cable cords.

Hardwood series 16 speaker stand set of 2 by wood
Elizabeth Coupe

Hardwood Series 16" Speaker Stand (Set of 2) by Wood Tech. $99.51 ...

Steel Foundations 22" Center Channel Speaker Stand
Julie Roge

Steel Foundations 22" Center Channel Speaker Stand
This is the stand to the speaker. The design is not only practical and useful, but above all very stable and safe. This causes the speaker mounted thereon will not fall and will not be damaged. It is perfect piece of equipment.

12 speaker stands
Rachel Gon

An aesthetic modern stand for speakers. It's manufactured of black-finished wooden materials. It has a rectangularish foot with rounded edges, 2 angular supports with wire channels and a rectangular top.

Natural 18" Center Channel Speaker Stand
Julia Lambertify

Natural 18" Center Channel Speaker Stand
This genuinely functional speaker stand features adjustable brass isolation studs or neoprene speaker pads to focus sound, energy-absorbing MDF construction, adjustable carpet spikes and screw-in polyester feet and beautiful hardwood design.

NFC18 center channel stand
Sarah Ashleyist

18" stand for medium-to-large bookshelf speakers up to 25 lb. Features energy-absorbing MDF base, adjustable brass isolation studs or neoprene speaker pads, adjustable carpet spikes and screw-in polyester feet.

Core riser adjustable speaker stands
Alexander Jennifer

Core Riser Adjustable Speaker Stands

Sanus NF24C Cherry (Pr.) 24-inch Speaker Stands
Kristina Tho

Sanus NF24C Cherry (Pr.) 24-inch Speaker Stands

Series black satin 10 5 pair of speaker stands speaker
Jessica Pere

... Series-Black-Satin-10.5--Pair-of-Speaker-Stands-Speaker-Stand_0_0.jpg

Other audio accessories
Shannon Wil

Other audio accessories

Genuine hardwood speaker stands 12 inch
Denise Barnes

Genuine Hardwood Speaker Stands 12-inch

Speaker stands 12 tall by b tech sand filled with
Brittany Watson


Hardwood construction this speaker stand is constructed with
Crystal All

... hardwood construction. This speaker stand is constructed with

Wood technology 16 inch furniture grade cherry speaker stands fgc

Wood Technology 16 inch Furniture-Grade Cherry Speaker Stands FGC-16

They are currently available in five different species of hardwood
Brown Kimberly

They are currently available in five different species of hardwood: