Hardwood Garden Benches

I’m sure all of those who have a garden, like to sit in it comfortably. This collection includes a great variety of hardwood garden benches – all come in different designs, shapes and colours. They also have different features so nobody, even the most demanding customers, shouldn’t have many problems with choosing the appropriate one for themselves.

Aloma Garcia Interior Design Expert
Hardwood garden benches

This outdoor stylization includes solid hardwood garden benches that feature simple lines and solid slats. The central part of this area includes a rectangular ottoman that is also made of these solid materials.

Hardwood garden benches 2
Laetitia Zernike

Contemporary outdoor stylization that includes hardwood garden benches. They are suitable for exterior wall mounting. Solid wooden horizontal slats include some supportive metal elements. They are suitable for contemporary and traditional settings.

Hardwood bench seat

A fantastic idea to accommodate your patio with a set of comfortable and durable benches with weather-resistant properties. Each bench is crafted of sturdy hardwood and covered in a protective finish.

Timber garden seat
Laetitia Anderson

What an intimate and inviting ambiance was created in this outdoor patio spot! Wood panelling graced with greenery provides a backdrop for minimalist contemporary bench in white, equipped with hidden lighting.

Hardwood garden benches 6

The simple and very stylish hardwood garden bench is a great way to create a comfortable place to sit in the backyard or on the terrace. The beautiful design captivates the details and makes the garden a cozy place to relax.

Hardwood garden bench

Not just what we are looking at is important in a well-designed patio.Also important is the floor,such as this one made of cherry wood.From the same wood,was made the backrest of benches.Coloristically fit together and add natural touch to the patio.

Hardwood garden benches 24
Ebony Gra

Contemporary backyard arrangement: concrete blocks on the ground level juxtaposed against white painted benches with warm coloured wooden tops. The hardwood garden benches are, of course, combined with planters.

Hardwood garden benches 1
Leah Campbell

A splendid choice for improving patios, gardens, and backyards. This sturdy bench is resistant to weather conditions, made of oak-finished wood planks, and it's integrated with a matching cubic planter.

Hardwood garden benches 13
Wilson Gabrielle

Who said that your garden bench have to be boring? The classic white ones are for loosers! Take the paint remains and redecorate each plank on a different color to reach such an amazing effect.

Hardwood garden benches 27

I like how the permanent seating is at the edge of the cement so the cement can be swept off easily.

Modern garden benches 36
Bianca Weberable

If you are looking for a great idea to accommodate your modern patio with something comfy to sit on, then this floating bench may just attract your eye. It's made of hardwood and it's integrated with a raised square planter.

Main view of garden with built in planters slate paving

Main view of garden with built in planters, slate paving, hardwood pergola & deck

Hardwood garden benches 30

concrete block raised garden bench

Hardwood garden benches 3
Amanda Broo

Rustic outdoor kitchen set with solid hardwood benches that provide comfort, relaxation and support to any user. This outdoor set is not only functional, but also decorates outdoor areas thanks to its stone and brick construction.

Hardwood garden benches 32

Contemporary garden design with hardwood bench, horizontal baton trellis and feature raised planting bed - eastern wall?

Hardwood garden benches 12
Cynthia Flores

Wooden bench fitted with 3 drawers on the base for storing necessities. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. It is very well appreciated by customers for high quality and functional design.

Hardwood garden seats
Simmons Cynthia

Garden bench made from hardwood, perfect for the outdoor purpose. It’s durable and resistant to outdoor conditions, which is important in the garden. Additionally, its natural look creates a great harmony with plants.

Hardwood garden benches 15
Shannon Thomas

Simplicity of material and plant palette

Deck design ideas trex cedar hardwood alaskan0158 flickr photo sharing
Catherine Roberts

Deck design ideas trex cedar hardwood Alaskan0158 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Hardwood garden benches 22
Parker Denise

making a bench for the deck with a lid that lifts up for candles and the umbrella... and a pretty cushion and pillows!! yayy!

Timber bench seating
Esther Mor

The hardwood garden bench is a perfect idea, if you need to add some comfort and style into the exterior area. Everyone will be delighted how cool and beautiful this product is.

The wood slat fence is made of ipe a popular
Cintia Brook

The wood slat fence is made of ipe, a popular hardwood. The lower walls are masonry faced with smooth wall stucco. Most lumber yards carry ipe.” “Liking the idea of the horizontal wood” “patio on east property line.

Hardwood garden benches 17
Julie Kel

Courtyard Garden with Limestone Paving and Hardwood Deck and Bench Seating in this small courtyard garden is provided by a bespoke built-in bench, with an architectural backdrop of bamboo to screen the surrounding walls

Hardwood garden benches 5
Rogers Vanessa

Extremely durable and boasting of clean lines, this solid wood bench is made for outdoors and able to withstand weather conditions. It's characterized by a simplistic design, but is easy to maintain, capacious and comfy.

A hardwood garden bench with interlaced back and turned supports

A hardwood garden bench with interlaced back and turned supports, 190cm wide.

Hardwood garden benches
Foster Anna

Hardwood Garden Bench Memorial Benches

Timber garden benches

The stylish hardwood benches are an excellent way to arrange a garden, patio or terrace. The whole design is robust and very versatile. Coupled with flower pots and greenery it is very stylish and functional creating a cozy corner.

Hardwood garden benches 33
Diaz Mary

A Lutyens design hardwood garden bench, 170cm wide. Sold for £360

Hardwood garden benches 34
Karen Per

Hardwood Flooring Matches Wooden Picnic Set Hardwood flooring matches this traditional picnic set. Built in furniture is an effective way to take advantage of space available. It helps avoid clutter and solves problems of storing furniture, since it can

Hardwood garden benches
Lily Cravenable

A multi-functional piece of furniture. This hand-made product is very stylish and solid. It can play the role of a bench, coffee table or an elemental sculpture. It is made of solid wood, so the product is very durable.

Hardwood garden benches 31
Kristina Flo

wooden retaining wall and uprights... -

Hardwood garden benches 10

Living bench Build your own stylish, contemporary hardwood bench and watch it grow on you.

Hardwood garden benches 4
Stacy Tor

An amazing solution for accommodating patios and backyards, by using this modern bench. Designed of hardwood and covered with a protective finish, the bench is hollow inside, offering a large compartment with a built-in lighting system.

Hardwood garden benches 14
Alexis Millerism

black counter tops, and wood floors with the light cabinets is what we are wanting in our kitchen

Rendered garden wall designs
Lily Cravenable

Rendered garden wall designs

Hardwood garden benches
Williams Rachel

Fine hardwood garden bench with slatted back and armrests, rather low-slung, with neat appearance combining mission style inspirations with crisp contemporary design. Crafted from, probably, oak wood. Very handsome.

Garden bench hardwood
Sarah Hugh

Typically, sets of garden furniture are bright, made of rattan or simple wood. This set is unique. Solid, made of dark, elegant hardwood - two benches and a large longitudinal table.Each bench will accommodate about 8 people.

X-Back Hardwood Garden Bench
Chloe Hughesful

X-Back Hardwood Garden Bench
This modern styled bench was crafted from a durable Asian wood and has a x - crossed, decorative wooden bars as a backrest. It has a oiled finish and should be oiling regular to protect all elements.

Campbell Patricia

Add style, comfort and beauty to your garden, patio and yard with this beautiful garden bench. It has got a solid construction and it fits to any style and décor. It is a very good choice.

Hardwood garden benches 23
Zernike Laetitia

Build a Tree Bench | 8 Easy Summer Weekend Projects To Do Before It’s Too Late

Hardwood garden benches 26
Esther Mor

This garden bench provides additional outdoor sitting space. Its solid Asian hardwood construction is resistant to many negative factors. What is more this bench is oil treated twice to provide the best protection of all its elements.

Built in seating flickr photo sharing like how the back
Valerie Washington

built in seating | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Like how the back is slanted, makes it more comfortable.

Hardwood garden benches 29
Alexis Millerism

This beautiful and functional garden bench allows to sit and relax in the patio or garden. Its solid Asian hardwood construction is resistant to the weight of adult users and to negative weather factors.

Kitchen i like that you can tuck chairs into the

Kitchen - I like that you can tuck chairs into the island, don't like the splash back and would have timber bench-tops.

Muebles modernos rusticos banco de madera de cedro con acero
Samantha Clar

Muebles modernos rústicos, Banco de madera de cedro con acero

Jovanna Wood Outdoor Bench

Jovanna Wood Outdoor Bench

Aluminium bench

Contemporary aluminum bench with seating made out of dark, polished wood – great for both indoors and outdoors use. Perfect addition to a patio or backyard barbeque arena, sure to give it a modern appearance.

Achla Designs Octagonal Dining Table

Achla Designs Octagonal Dining Table

Concrete park benches 20

Keast park by Site Office Landscape Architecture 08 « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine

Hardwood garden benches 1
Esther Morg

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