Hanging Growth Chart

If you think that one of these hanging growth charts would be something nice for your family, all you need to do is spend here all the time that you want. Then you will have an idea about what possibilities there are to choose from – as you can see, all of them have their own charm.

The brimfield growth chart

The Brimfield Growth Chart
The Brimfield Growth Chart is the best indicator of your child growth and development. A handmade item, using plastic hanging binder, black waxed string, plastic stabilizing strip and artist canvas.

Kids wall growth chart 1

Family growth chart

Hanging growth chart 2

Hanging growth chart 2

Hanging growth chart 13

Painted ruler growth chart wood growth

Painted Ruler Growth Chart Wood Growth
Wooden growth chart made using traditional wooden rulers, with children's names painted on them, so that every kid has his or her own growth chart. Stylized font was painted in different contrasting colors.

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Growth chart wall hanging

Hanging chart

Hanging growth chart 3

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Hanging growth chart 3

Who doesn't want to track their child's development and see how they grow through the years? Now you can do it with more ease thanks to this amazing growth chart that sports the charming design that will catch everyone's eye.

Hanging growth chart

Growth chart in simple form. It is completely made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Handy gadget for each home.

Diy wall hanging growth chart

Growth chart wall hanging 18

If you have child this simple wall decoration is must-have in your home. It is not only stylish, but very useful too, because you can use it to control your children's height without drawing lines on the wall.

Paper growth chart

Dinosaur growth chart hand painted hand 1

Dinosaur Growth Chart Hand Painted Hand
A cute addition to any kids’ room – a dinosaur growth chart, hand painted on quarter inch wood and personalized with your kid’s name. Easy to make yourself and sure to bring a unique look to the room.

Hanging growth chart

Childrens jute growth chart wall hanging

Childrens Jute Growth Chart Wall Hanging
How to check the growth of your children - in a stylish way? This growth chart wall hanging has an interesting design and is made of strong fabric, will survive the rise of many generations. Gray is associated with red and black elements.

Heres how to make a growth chart ruler that you

Growth chart wall hanging 3

This oversized vintage ruler will become a part of your child growth, showing its development throughout the years. Stained wood will provide a durable, long-lasting item.

How to hang a wooden growth chart

Growth chart quilted fabric wall hanging

Growth Chart Quilted Fabric Wall Hanging
A cool practical rectangular wall hanging growth chart for kids. It's handmade of quilted cotton fabric and features rainbow-style rims and an inch measure scale adorned with funny fantastic monsters in vivid colours against a white background.

Growth Chart

Growth Chart
This growth chart will be a wonderful solution for a little one who always asks you to measure him because he wants to be a big boy. The picture has been printed in the United States with soy-based inks on a natural sheet of paper.

Hanging growth chart 10

Hanging growth chart 17

Dinosaur Kingdom Growth Chart

Dinosaur Kingdom Growth Chart
It is an excellent idea to decorate the children's room. Cheerful dinosaur make happy every face and everyone, even in the worst day. A scoop, which is blended into the picture will let us track how our baby is growing.

Hanging height chart

The Kids Room Growth Chart

The Kids Room Growth Chart
Beautiful contemporary rectangular chart for measuring girls' height. It features a pretty colourful flower and butterfly design printed on plastic and mounted to fibreboard. It has a hanger at the back.

Hanging growth chart 14

Sports Boy Growth Chart

Sports Boy Growth Chart
Hip latterday rectangular personalised chart for measuring boys' height. It's made of durable hypoallergenic poly-cotton blend with a cool multi-coloured sports design. It's wall-safe and can be easily stuck (12" from floor) and unstuck many times.

Personalized Gift Kids Canvas Height Growth Chart

Personalized Gift Kids Canvas Height Growth Chart
This personalized colorful height growth chart is a perfect gift idea for any kid. Made from premium-quality canvas, the chart features nature-inspired motifs in bright colors. Piece can be customized to display the name of your child.

Hanging growth chart 7

Sunny Safari Growth Chart

Sunny Safari Growth Chart
Safari growth chart made especially for children to see how much they grow in the time of their childhood. It contains easy to clean surface and durable, sturdy wooden construction which is well designed to serve for years.

27 Piece Lion King Rafiki Giant Growth Chart Set

27 Piece Lion King Rafiki Giant Growth Chart Set
It is a 27 piece lion king Rafiki giant growth chart set that is a fantastic addition to your kids room. Everyone will be impressed how amazing it looks on your wall. This set is a very good choice.

Personalized Gift Kids Canvas Height Growth Chart

Personalized Gift Kids Canvas Height Growth Chart
It is very cheerful, decorative and practical at the same time thing to the children's room. Beautiful, drawing and very colorful scoop, decorate the room and at the same time will help control the growth of the child. It's great fun when you can gradually highlight how the child is changing.

Alphabet Growth Chart

Alphabet Growth Chart
Alphabet growth chart which can accommodate four photographs. It features nice design which will make every child happy. Additionally, placing this item is easy thanks to the hanger located on the top.

Wall hanging growth chart

Personalized Beach Boy Growth Chart

Personalized Beach Boy Growth Chart
It is a personalized beach boy growth chart set that is a fantastic addition to your kids room. Everyone will be impressed how amazing it looks on your wall. This set is a very good choice.

Kids growth chart

Kids Growth Chart
This kids wall growth chart is a lovely wall accent for all, who have children. Providing entertainment and decorative values, it will be a perfect addition to your toddlers' bedroom.

Paper height chart

Kids wall growth chart 13

Such a great and creative idea for anyone that has kids! Measure how tall your kids are every day with this handy, wall-mounted ruler. Handmade and really easy to replicate, you can have one yourself with no problems!

Measuring tape growth chart

Kids photo frame

Keep track of your child's growth with a DIY wall growth chart. A giant wooden ruler was complemented with black photo frames. Each of the frame can show another stage of your kid's life. So cool and adorable!

Large ruler for wall

Wall growth chart designed for mounting on the wall. It is completely made of wood. Neutral accent for each kid's room.

Kids wall growth chart 2

A cool DIY-made wall mounted growth chart for kids. It has the form of a large ruler. It's made of wooden materials with a natural stained finish coated with clear sealant. The inch scale and Arabic numerals are marked in black.

Kids wall growth chart 11

Growth chart painted wooden ruler growth

Growth Chart Painted Wooden Ruler Growth
A set of painted wooden rulers which make for a nice growth chart for your kids. Each one is colored with a different coat of paint, with additional letters indicating whose ruler it is. Comes with a rustic, rope hanger.

Kids room mirrors

Mark your presence and fingerprints, along with the shape of the hand - forever. Dipping your hands in colorful paint, you can use them as a decoration of a simple wooden oak frame, from a rectangular kids room mirror with wall growth chart.