Hanging Chain Lamp

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Hanging chain lamps

A pair of unique hanging lamps in a modern design. They are made of delicate shells in a neutral beige color that will nicely glitter when the light is on. The lamps are attached to the ceiling by old-fashioned chains.

Hanging chain lamp 30

Vintage lamp, chain hanging, with clear glass globe shade that is tinted blue and stylishly embellished with bubbly texture. This item must have an antique soul! Metal clamping is adorned with some etching.

Chain hanging lights
Hanging chain lamp 35

Old-fashioned hanging lamp. This chandelier has metal silver-plated case and lampshade made of blue glass. It is hanged on silver-plated thick chain. It is intended especially for living-room or corridor.

Chain lamps

This vintage swag lamp offers the truly beautiful design with the green glass and metal hangings that will make it truly stand out when it comes to visual appeal and create a one-of-a-kind tone of light to hit your surroundings.

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Hanging chain lamp 29
Light hanging chain

The rustic lamp, which gives light as a natural fire, hangs on a strong, bronze chain that climbs under the ceiling and ends on a wooden board at the nightstand. Hanging chain lamp is rustic and industrial at the same time.

Hanging chain lamp 26
Hanging chain lamp 38
Fascination 3 Light Hanging Foyer Pendant

Fascination 3 Light Hanging Foyer Pendant

Hanging chain lamp 13
Hanging chain lamp 32

Practical hanging chain lamp that illuminates indoors and decorates them. It features a hanging green globe that is supported by metal chain cord in attractive gold finish. This globe features rose pattern on its surface.

Chain hanging lamp
Toltec lighting 1 light any chain pendant
Hanging chain lamp 23
Hanging chain lamp 24
Hanging chain lamp 25
Hanging chain lights
Tiffany Style Victorian Hanging Lamp

Tiffany Style Victorian Hanging Lamp

Hanging chain lamp 34
Hanging chain lamp 11
Could use chain to make candle lanterns using vintage bulb
Georgette Hanging Lamp (Set of 3)

Georgette Hanging Lamp (Set of 3)

Hanging chain lamp 17
Hanging chain lamp
Hanging chain lamp 31
Budweiser Clydesdale Tiffany Lamp Light Fixture

Budweiser Clydesdale Tiffany Lamp Light Fixture
Extraordinary lamp which is a great light fixture that adds some type of unusual feeling to any room. It was handmade of stained glass that is very enduring. This is very good type of shade for fans of popular drink.

Hanging chain lamp 7
Cog and chain vintage rust pendant by elk lighting
I am all over this in a different color i
Hanging chain lamp 28
Bright beads alice pendant marz designs shop
Hanging chain lamp 33
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Home sanderson hanging lamp
Angelo Brothers 70481 12' Swag-Light Kit
Vintage cast iron gears steampunk industrial by steampunkballroom 125 00
Blue Glass Hanging Moroccan Candle Lantern with Chain

A lovely decoration to adorn your outdoor area with vintage Moroccan charm. The lamp has a metal case with a matching ring on top for easy mounting, and it's covered with red stained glass, excellent to hang it on your porch or patio.

Hanging chain lamp 37
Party Wall Hanging Decor Pink Morning Glory Green Plastic Leaf Simulated Plant Vine 7.9Ft 5 Pcs
Trademark Gameroom White Single Shade Gameroom Lamp, 14" (Brass Hardware)
Designers Fountain 81732-BNB Burnished Bronze Kavala Pendant
Hanging chain lamp 39
1 Light Hanging Pendant

1 Light Hanging Pendant

Amora Lighting AM1117HL18 Tiffany Style Ceiling Hanging Pendant Lamp 18-Inch 2 Lights, White
Vintag swag hanging chain lamp w crackled two tone glass
Hanging Flame Light with adapater
Hanging chain lamp 2
Cork doodads this would make beautiful fan pulls and lamp