Hand Carved Chair

Make the interior unique with a hand carved chair. Pieces like that brim with style and introduce a lot of chic. Intricate designs, elaborate details which catch the eye and plenty of character - that's what you'll immediately inject into the space of yours. See the collection below and get inspired.

Olivia Jackson Interior Design Expert
Hand carved chair 7
Laura San

An exquisite addition for dining rooms and kitchens, this stunning chair features a detailed back with two rabbits kissing a tip of a carrot. Aside of a beautifully hand-carved frame, the chair has also a blue fabric upholstered seat.

Hand carved chairs

With such a magnificent masterpiece you can really put your home decor on a whole new level. Created in the 1880s, this hand-carved state of art represents a nautical design with a shell-carved back and seat, and fish-form armrests.

Hand carved chair 1
Craven Rachel

With this sublime piece no decor will equal yours. It provides the sculptural design that comes with the hand-carved antique frame and catches everyone's attention instantly thanks to its beautiful looks.

Hand carved chair 2
Dana Mil

Inspiration for a sophisticated design of this hand carved rocking chairs comes straight from nature. Openwork backrest mimics a tree silhouette with great attention to detail. OK, maybe it's not the comfiest chair, but the appearance makes up for it!

Antique carved chair 2

Transparently carved in a piece of wood, a garden bench is a masterpiece that captivates and delights. Beautiful butterfly motif on the palm of the hand looks imposing and beautifully presented among the greenery.

Wooden hand chairs
Rebecca Flor

My husband was looking for the extraordinary seat for home library, and he found this hand carved tree trunk chair. The seat and base are in different shades of brown with lacquer finish.

Wooden elephant chair
Hand carved chair 29

This hand carved Rosewood slipper chair comes from the middle of the 19th century. An American rococo masterpiece, enchanting with the exquisitely ornate construction and high-quality, red velvet upholstery.

Hand carved chair 8
Jenna Delicata

A beautiful chair featuring an unusual base in the form of a large hand-carved realistic turtle! The chair has a semi-oval seat, a curved fullback and sloped arms with wavy edges. This unique chair is entirely carved of wood with a natural finish.

Hand carved chair
Peyton Marthy

This striking and beautifully hand-carved set of teak furniture is a unique combination of an exotic note to the interior. The design of the elephants on chairs and the stylish table create a sensational whole.

Chair ca 1780 venice italy walnut polychromed velvet metropolitan museum
Hand carved chair 5

Amazing hand-carvings of this dining chair will put to shame every other seat in your home. The chair oozes of marvelous shapes with a deer head back, scrolled armrests, deer front legs and tapered rear legs. The seat is padded, and upholstered in green forest fabric.

Hand carved chair 15

This hand carved black lacquer baroque throne chair will let you feel like the king or queen of your house. It resembles well the thrones of the royalties, used in the Baroque times.

Hand carved rocking chair

A charming remodelled wooden chair with a brown stained finish. It has gently curved legs and sloped arms with strongly rolled in fronts. A backrest has a unique form of 2 large trees with intertwined branches. A seat is covered in brown fabric.

Tiger oak chairs
Thomson Marisa

Oh my god! I thought that the iron throne from Games of Thrones was the most amazing one I will see in my life... It was the mistake! The wooden one in Lord of the Rings style is more impressive for me.

Pair Antique French Hand Carved Throne Chairs

A very interesting functional and decorative element for people who love antique French stylization. This kind of chair has got a solid hand carved frame made of wood. This construction includes a cushioned seat that is soft.

Hand carved chair 18
Peyton Marthy

French chairs with a wooden frame are most often pastel and delicate - hence this surprise in the form of a beech wood hand carved chair with ruffled rabbits and leafs and turquoise upholstery of the seat.

Hand carved chair 22
Alexis Milani

This one of a kind shabby chic hand-carved bench constitutes a fabulous decor proposition for all glamour and empire style lovers. It will add a distinguished, refined appeal, known from antique palaces and courts.

Hand carved chair 12
Latoya Alex

Some young man or girl who loves nature and a sound of the owl's voice in the forest, the laugh of the raccoon, or a smart fox - will be really happy to have such a wooden hand carved set of acacia forest animals. These wooden stools present them as seats.

Ellis stephens sits in his hand carved chairs on thursday
Crystal Tur
Hand carved chair 4
Kristina Robinson

Made from natural wood, this hand carved chair is a fairtrade proposition for all those, who value eco or natural design. It enchants with its simplistic, designer appeal.

Hand carved chair 13
Mackenzie Poly

The chinoiserie style used motifs straight from China: dragons, exotic birds, vegetation, landscapes of the East - it is the style of this Chinese hand-carved chair, which combines black with shades of red on carved dragons as sides, and carved neat back.

Hand carved chair 10
Carmen Kowalski

Hand-carved, using recycled rough-hewn teak plants from old dwellings and community buildings, this set of chairs will enchant all, who like the eco-friendly design. Its raw, natural design will fit into contemporary lofts.

Hand carved chair 27
Diana Rami

The absolutely stunning piece of furniture, which gives you a perfect place for relax. The profiled surface with the additional leather sections will provide you the great place to have a rest in ergonomic position.

Ralph lauren chairs upholstered in crimson chenille and a tuffed
Hand carved chair 14
Miller Rebecca
Hand carved chair 11
Hughes Cynthia
European Manor Chair is Hand Carved of solid Mahogany- Steeped in the tradition of fine European manor homes - 39" H.
Alyssa Wilsonify

This armless chair is a high quality reproduction of an 18th century French model. It has shield-shaped backrest, decorative carvings and multilayer finish. It is cushioned with vanilla, gold and bottle green fabric.

French hand carved desk chair outstanding antique french hand carved
Hand carved chair 6
Hand carved chair 21
Robinson Layla
Antique hand carved chairs
Patterson Gracie

With such nice woodworking, this hand-carved chair is going to really stand out from the rest of your home decor. Crafted of solid hardwood and lacquered for durability, the chair is heavy and stable, and it will serve you well for years.

Gold arm chairs 9
Yulia Thompson
Hand carved chair 6
Martinez Shannon
Ayla Carved Arm Chair

Ayla Carved Arm Chair
It is a very stylish chair for the living room. It has a soft seat and soft inserts on the armrests. In contrast, legs, back and armrests are shaped very decorative and extremely decorative. Ideal for French interior.

Set of 6 Fine Polished Wooden Coasters with a Chair Shaped Holder Cool Stylish Bar Dining Accessories Gift Ideas
Evans Victoria

It is a beautiful handmade set that includes six coasters for drinks in rocking chair. This set looks amazing and is a perfect decoration for your home or great gift for your friends.

Hand crafted chair from riva1920 collection not sure why but
Vintage oak chairs
Alexis Hallify

Move your home decor to the distant past, using 1790s throne chair, hand-carved from solid oak wood, in English style. With its off-white upholstery, the seat and back beautifully contrast with the espresso-finished frame.

Rare antique hand carved chair from ethiopia this specimen measures
Roberts Isabelle
Swaun Hand Carved Arm Chair
Wilson Gabrielle

Swaun Hand Carved Arm Chair
Stunning armchair, with carefully paying attention to every detail, handcarved swan-shaped armrests. Cushioned seat upholstered with solid pattern grey fabric. Solid mango wood in antique bone finish.

Hand carved chair 16
Natalie Lee

These hand-made chairs feature the best quality and high decorative value in any indoor. They bring an elegance to the house thanks to their French country style. Each chair measures 38 inches high x 18 inches wide x 15 inches deep.

Chinese carved serpent chair antique hand carved chinese serpent chair
Peyton Donaldson
4060 black lacquer skull baroque chair this incredible chair is
Kimberly Powe
Hand carved wood fox stool lol for sitting on wink
Hand carved chair 3
Natalie Coll

Hand-carved furniture has the magic that they bring into the interior. This exceptionally amazing and stylich chair impresses with its beautiful decorative elements, is massive and extremely comfortable.

4157 hand form carved wood chair
Emily Mitchell
The planters are not part of the set
Lindsey Grif
Hand carved furniture store paris recamier picture 1
Alexis Robe
Side Chair
Wesson Jessica

Side Chair

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