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Sadie Edwards Interior Design Expert
Metal laundry hamper 1
Patterson Lauren

Throw all your laundry into this basket and take it to and from a laundry room - this wire hamper with handles is woven from metal wires by hand, besides it's able to make a modern style statement and it has almost no weight when empty.

Hampers for sale 15
Kathleen Camp

Laundry hamper with a durable bamboo frame. This natural looking element of home design offers a storage compartment and two shelves for laundry. This simple construction looks good in any types of indoors.

Metal laundry baskets
Liliana Gadjus

Although the most common baskets for lingerie are wicker and are popular - in the elegant bathroom you may need something more, something like silver flat metal laundry hampers containers carved delicately in Moroccan patterns.

Metal clothes hamper
Craven Zoe

A useful traditional rolling hamper for laundry. Its openwork cylindrical flared frame is of metal with a greenish finish and a lattice pattern. It has 4 wheels, 2 handles and a round wooden bottom. A removable washable liner is of white cotton.

Hampers for sale 1
Monica Mill

I don't want to spend $100 on a laundry hamper, but this appears to be the singular divided laundry hamper for sale on the entirety of the Internetz that will actually fit in my closet. Plus PRETTY.

Hampers for sale 26
Rachel Massonable

Might work for storing dog food and supplies?

Container store hampers
Thomson Marisa

Rolling Wire Hamper & Liner . Anyone that knows me..knows i love love laundry hampers. I am completely obsessed with them. I want this for baby's nursery

Laundry Hamper

Laundry Hamper
This laundry hamper consist elegance and utility in one functional piece of furniture and will help organize bathroom space. It's made of wood and has a cotton bag inside ans a rubber bumper on the lid.

Hampers for sale 16
Theresa Price

Minimalistic and simple take on a laundry hamper with an aluminum frame with a chromed, shiny finish. The laundry hamper has handy rubber covers on the bottom so it doesn’t make noise when moved and doesn’t scratch the floor.

Hamper sale
Erin Edwards

Natural bamboo hamper will make you feel closet to nature. It's also great looking storage place, very nice for laundry. It's great proposition to use while travelling just fold it and unfold it to hide a dirty clothes.

Hampers for sale
Julia Lambertify

Got this to hang on baby girls crib for toys/diapers.laundry etc to pull in greige walls. Ruffle Laundry Bag #UrbanOutfitters

Hampers for sale 2
Alicia Lee

Reclaimed Wood + Lacquer Buffet #westelm I really want to get this for myself. I will be super jealous if you get one ;-)

Hamper for sale
Sarah Mor

The Container Store > Gingham Rhombus Hamper -- magnetic hampers, stick together to connect more than one!

Hampers on sale
Laetitia Zernike

Want one of these for my laundry room, but open, and six hampers high, labeled. Hello kids! How was school? Take your hamper downstairs, put your clothes away, then return it to the laundry room... then you can have the homemade oreos and milk I prepare

Hampers for sale 3
Renee Cole

Threshold™ Global Hamper - Dark Brown. I love this hamper, the flat side just makes sense. I would really love two of these hampers, one for lights and one for darks. $48.99 at Target.

Carter Family Hamper
Julia Lambertify

Carter Family Hamper
This durable yet stylish hamper is made of highest quality materials so will last long and look good. It has a traditional wicked pattern and a solid plastic cover and is available in a varied of colors.

Hamper with shelves

Give brown baskets a new fresh look by dry brushing with French Linen Chalk Paint™ for that Belgian look

Hampers for sale 4
Alexis Torr

Alphabet Canvas Basket - - laundry basket idea for Erik's room

Hampers for sale 5
Leah Cart

Ferm Living Shop — Spear Basket- this is for sale on a website but I think I could make it with the rectangle ruler I won on Jen Houlden's blog.

Hampers for sale 6
Weber Lily

This is a really cute way to transport your groceries. It's got lots of romantic charm. It's also very practical, since you are reusing a carrying container of sorts.

Hampers for sale 7
Dana Joh

Willow Hamper for Sale | Wayfair

Hampers for sale 8
Dana Harr

The High/Low Organizing Challenge - sewed and painted a new liner for a once retired laundry hamper! Now it looks industri-awesome!

Hampers for sale 9

It's college crunch time! With about a month before incoming freshman start going off to college, don't forget these dorm-room necessities for guys and girls!

Hampers for sale 10
Cintia Kowalski

Raccoon Canvas Bin from The Container Store I love bins like those for holding random toys.

Hampers for sale
Craven Zoe

Smart & simple laundry storage. Maybe for bathroom sort dirty clothes

Hampers for sale 11
Perry Tiffany

Large Senegalese Lidded Basket/Hamper - Aqua

Hampers for sale 12
Liliana Gadjus

Tutorial for homemade laundry basket

Rolling grocery carts
James Alicia

Paris streets,small vegetable fair-people with shopping carts. By this view was inspired presented rolling grocery cart design. Made of beautifully woven wicker, in very dark brown.Longitudinal, with handle and on wheels - will accompany you on every purchase.

Hampers for sale 13

Not just for the laundry room! Check out this sturdy stripe canvas hamper with beautiful bright colors and timeless designs, you don't need ...

Hampers for sale 14
Robinson Layla

Denim Canvas Storage Would like to use heavy interfacing & make ones for the Motorhome.. Laundry & out side recycle & garbage...

Hampers for sale 17

We still have some hampers for sale - please get in touch and snap one up, excellent items for your dog

Hampers for sale 18
Laetitia Anderson

Gift basket idea for the kids

Hampers for sale 19

Sectioned Mesh Hampers for Yarn Organization - 150 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home

Hampers for sale 20
Rogers Christine

for thanksgiving picnic

Hampers for sale 21
Melissa Hughes

from Modern Country Style blog: English Country House....With Gorgeous Country Kitchen

Hampers for sale 22
Gina Lee

Homemade christmas presents, made from vintage teacups,filled with candles and customised matchbox!!! nice Candles [For more handmade candles see]

Hampers for sale 23
Sarah Coll

Jacquelyne Angled Lidded Basket For LR Side Table $79 22.25"w x 17.75"deep x 15.5"ht

Hampers for sale 24

Felt Shark Laundry Hamper / A shark that devours clothes not people. Felt Shark Laundry Hamper might be placed both in the bathroom for laundry or in a child’s room as a basket for toys.

Hampers for sale 25

Chilli Jam: A great homemade Christmas gift

Hampers for sale 27
Bush Eliza

Inspiring Homes: Endless White in Göteborg | Nordic Days

Hampers for sale 28
Angela Lew

Love Bug Chocolate and Candy Gift Basket - Valentine's Day Sale: $34.99

Hampers for sale 29
Tara Gosselin

Craftivity Designs: Home for Sale: 3 Simple Open House Tips

Hampers for sale 30
Kristen Coll

After seeing some cool coin envelopes for sale at my SBS, I just had to try making my own!  I used Kraft cardstock and black Memento ink, handcut the envelopes which was super easy, and then added ...

Hampers for sale 31
Laura Diaz

vintage six-place Brexton picnic set or hamperintage six-place Brexton picnic set or hamper for sale on ebay as seen on Retro to Go

Hampers for sale 32
Sarah Ashleyist

Look for more decorative hampers: Jacquelyne Hamper Liner

Hampers for sale 33

Lunar New Year Hampers - Jubilant Reunion - Singapore : For Sale

Hampers for sale 34

MUMORIES - Win a Hamper of Goodies for Mother's Day! Simply tell us your favourite memory of your mum using hashtag #MUMORIES and you'll have the chance to win a beautiful hamper of goodies, including Clarins, Jean Paul Gaultier and O.P.I products! You c

Hampers for sale 35
Alexis Milani

Lunar New Year Hampers - Twin Happiness - Singapore : For Sale

Hampers for sale 36
Margaret John

picnic + bike ride #celebrateeveryday

Hampers for sale 37
Andrea Powell

Hanging Crochet basket