Grey Chest Of Drawers

Grey is definitely the it-colour nowadays. It blends easily with other colours and is quite uncomplicated to handle. The grey chests below look so refined! The would look perfect against a white wall and with some stylish knick-knacks on. Browse the collection.

Peyton Robinson Interior Design Expert
Black wood dresser

Trying to find the classic and elegant piece of furniture to your bedroom? This painted chest will be the best choice. It features the five deep drawers for storing clothes and lingerie, distressed navy finish and strong wooden construction.

Grey chest

The dresser which has got four deep drawers, white and gray colors, Annie Sloan French linen chalk paint design and distressed finish. If you are a fan of Shabby chic style, you need to have this dresser.

Grey and white chest of drawers

The beautiful interior of this children's room has been decorated in a minimalist style by combining a white crib with a gray chest of drawers for the toddler's clothes. Beautiful accents in the form of a mirror, interesting silhouettes, and pictures.

Versa 6 Drawer Dresser

Versa 6 Drawer Dresser
This dresser will help you to efficiently organize your personal belongings in any room, as it offers four wide drawers and four smaller ones just underneath the rectangular top. It is sturdily constructed of laminated particleboard.

Grey chest of drawers 3

Serpentine gray was hand-painted and used with intentional streaks on a grey chest of drawers in the French style, carved gently. A lot of trinkets accumulate over time, which are difficult to organize. This will allow 4 drawers and two smaller ones.

Grey chest drawers

Tall chest made of wood. It includes 5 wide drawers for storing clothes and others needed items. Provides space saving in all kinds of interiors as needed. Traditional form and neutral design.

Grey chest of drawers 1

A highly-decorative piece of furniture for contemporary homes spiced up with vintage accents. This classic chest includes beautifully hand-carved turned posts and legs, with 3 small and 4 large drawers - all equipped with crystal pull knobs.

Grey painted chest of drawers

A beautiful nightstand with wood construction and a striking, two-toned gold and stove pipe gray finish. It has 3 drawers with decorative pulls, while standing on curvy feet, excellent for vintage bedrooms.

Grey chest of drawers

The grayscale finish of this beautifully crafted chest of drawers is a perfect element of the interior design. Silver details give the whole elegance and beautiful character. Ideal for living room or bedroom.

Grey chest of drawers 6

Dreamy white bedroom with shabby chic accents. Lightly distressed white dresser on turned feet, with bird cage metal art to pin message cards to it, white armchair, and all those romantic accessories - teddy bear, flower vases, small table lamps...

Grey chest of drawers 3

This grey chest of drawers owes its beautiful appeal to the dark wax treatment. Curved legs and wavy base embody the intricate character of the item. It constitutes a perfect proposition for all shabby chic lovers.

Grey chest of drawers 1

A fabulous chest of drawers that, thanks to its compact size, allows you to save space. Decorated with yellow and white laminated pattern, the chest is made of Oak wood, offering 4 drawers with modern cut-outs for handles.

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Grey chest of drawers 2

Classic chest made of wood. It contains 6 drawers in various sizes. Suitable for storing clothes and others needed items. Neutral and functional design for each place as needed.

Grey chest of drawers 13
Vintage grey dresser chest of drawers bureau by salvagechicstudio
Grey chest of drawers 9
Dark grey chest of drawers

Revive your favorite old wood dresser with drawers with a few drops of milk grey paint to create an appealing shabby chic look. This simple DIY idea lets you transform a dresser almost with no effort.

Grey chest of drawers 4
Grey chest of drawers
Grey chest of drawers

A vintage decoration for contemporary interiors, that sparkles with a lovely black finish. The chest is all crafted of sturdy wood, offering 6 storage drawers with metal and natural-finished wood pulls.

Grey chest of drawers 8
Chest of drawers colorways leslie stocker annie sloan chalk paint
Vintage gray chest of drawers 1
Grey chest of drawers

A vintage chest of drawers that will improve your bedroom with old-fashioned glamour. Crafted of wood and finished in gray, the unit features 8 storage drawers with decorative metal pulls, standing on ball feet for stability.

Grey chest of drawers

Richly decorated chest consisting of 4 drawers arranged vertically. Construction is made of wood and finished with sophisticated ornament. Suitable for storing clothes and others necessities. It is very well appreciated by customers.

Grey chest of drawers 1
Grey chest of drawers 2

A fashionable chest of drawers that will bring functionality and beauty to your lovely home. Available in various finishes, every chest features 6 storage drawers - each with 2 decorative metal pull-knobs.

Paris gray chest of drawers
Chest cabinet furniture

It was used a very interesting solution to this chest cabinet furniture,because it is made of anthracite wood.It is characterized by gray color, which is also highlighted here with paint.Storage armoire in French style is hand-craved and has a lot of drawers.

Grey chest of drawers

Simplicity, style and solidity are the main features of this wooden chest. Its neutral grey color matches any bedroom or other indoors. The chest features three spacious drawers suitable for clothes and other items.

Small chest with drawers
Grey chest of drawers pair
Grey chest of drawers 10
Chest of drawers vintage grey shabby chic tallboy chest of
Grey chest of drawers 14
Grey chest of drawers 15
Rubbermaid Antimicrobial Large Drain Board, Black
Small chest with drawers
Grey drawers

A pretty contemporary wooden drawer chest featuring a 4-tone finish (brown, grey, black, white) and 12 size-varied drawers with varied pulls: small white knobs, cutouts, metal rings, shells and handles. It has a rectangular top and a cutout base.

Love the color combination in this room except for the
Grey antique french 4 drawer chest of drawers
Girls white chest of drawers
Grey chest of drawers 7
Gray chest with floral background leaf print lauren nelson design
Cranbrook 6 Drawer Dresser

Cranbrook 6 Drawer Dresser
The best features of modern design have come to fruition in this drawer dresser. Six drawers provide ample storage space, and silver metal knobs make them easy to pull out at any time. Sturdy feet provide balance.

Grey chest of drawers

A functional and space-saving set of 3 stackable chest of drawers, perfect for contemporary interiors. Made of wood in a distressed finish, the set features 3 chests - gray, white and yellow - each with 2 storage drawers and pull-knobs.

Zutano Tivoli 3 Drawer Dresser
Kids black dresser 1
Grey chest of drawers 1