Green Glass Desk Lamp

Desk lamps are actually an important element of all houses. The models that you can see below, are not the same when it comes to their shapes, sizes and designs. However, they have already proved to be an inspiration for many people and you also have a chance to discover them now. Which one is the most appropriate one for you?

Green glass lamp

If you’re into more classical, traditional furniture, take a look at this beautiful vintage, retro table lamp. Great for an antique library or a study room, sure to spice up the room with its unique design.

Vintage library lamp 1940s 50s green

Vintage Library Lamp 1940s 50s Green
Such green glass desk lamps - also called secretary lamps. You will find them in ancient, antique libraries. The brass, but gold-plated round bottom base is finished with a glass green lamp shade - in a very characteristic shape.

Green glass desk lamp 26

Library desk lamp green

Green glass desk lamp 3

Green glass desk lamp 10

Green glass vintage

Green glass lamps 1

Green glass desk lamp 17

Green glass desk lamp 13

Desk lamp green

Vintage green glass

Green glass desk lamp 1

Tiffany Butterfly 10" H Table Lamp with 99 Glass Pieces

Tiffany Butterfly 10" H Table Lamp with 99 Glass Pieces
This decorative 10"high table lamp ,shaped as a butterfly is perfect addition to your home. Made from 99 glass pieces with great precision. Rich details and beautiful colors make this piece unique and memorable. Mad from best art glass. It will light up your interior style.

Green glass desk lamp 14

Green desk lamp

Green reading lamp

Emerald green shade of this high end table lamp brings the most prestigious classic interiors to mind, in style of Old World banks or registrar's offices. Sheen brass base is right at home in traditional interiors.

Vintage green lamp

Glass desk lamp

Vintage green glass dome bankers lamp

Vintage Green Glass Dome Bankers Lamp
A wonderful banker's lamp in a vintage style. It features a metal base with a golden finish and an adjustable shade in a dark green color. You switch it by pulling a subtle chain. It will be a beautiful accent of your room.

Green glass desk lamp 21

Green glass desk lamp 23

Bankers desk light with green glass shade hp014036

Green glass desk lamp 2

Vintage solid brass bankers student office desk lamp with rich

Green glass desk lamp 22

Vintage dazor mid century adjustable

Vintage Dazor Mid Century Adjustable
This desk lamp with a magnifying glass makes an ideal addition to your drafting desk, enhancing your workshop with new functionality. Its vintage, mid-century style shall appeal to all enthusiasts of this design.

Green glass desk lamp 6

Desk lamp magnifying glass 2

Adjustable table lamp with LED light and powerful magnifying glass. This utilitarian home office or workshop accessory is attached to a desk with a durable clamp which keeps it in place even if you move the arm.

40 LED Lighting Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp With 5X & 10X Magnifier

Simple, functional magnifying desk glass table lamp. It prides itself on environmental protection and energy saving. But also interesting design in black color. The upper base is made of hard plastic and durable metal. Adjustable at 360 degrees.

Green glass table lamp

Desk lamp magnifying glass 1

Desk lamp fitted with magnifier. It is mounted on plastic frame. Great solution for work organization at home and in the office.

Magnifying crafts glass desk lamp with 5x 10x magnifier 40

Magnifying Crafts Glass Desk Lamp With 5x 10x Magnifier 40 Led Lighting New
Simple and convenient, this magnifying glass table lamp comes with LED lights and is not only long life but also safe for the environment. It offers the upper base made of hard plastic and durable metal floor.

Green glass desk lamp 7

Green Glass Shade Bankers Lamp

Desktop magnifying lamp light led lighting 2x magnification 5x power

Desktop Magnifying Lamp Light Led Lighting 2x Magnification 5x Power Spot Lens
Practical and durable magnifying lamp for desktop use. It features LED lighting and 5x magnification. This lamp offers an adjustable arm and modern construction that looks very attractive in different indoors.

Green glass desk lamp 12

Desktop magnifying lamp

Magnifying lamp for desk use. This element of design features a solid weighted base that prevents tipping. It offers 3-Diopter magnifying glass. Arm of this lamp allows for adjustment according to different requirements.

Desktop magnifying glass

Handy utility if you’re having problems with reading – a desktop magnifying glass with a built-in LED light for additional illumination and a long, bendable frame that allows you to easily adjust the height of the glass.

Green glass desk lamp 18

Desktop magnifying lamp 1

Minimalistic design for a tiny desktop table lamp with an adjustable metal frame and a magnifying glass built in the top. The magnifying glass makes it easy to read books and documents with tiny font which adds to the utility of the piece.

Desktop magnifying lamp 4

Its unique design that will spark imagination while permitting you operate a hot setting. The polished chromium arch constitutes the focal point, supporting a crystal clear glass work surface.

Steampunk magnilight desktop light made

Steampunk Magnilight Desktop Light Made
Functional desktop lamp that features a magnifying glass and large metal reflector with chrome finish. Wooden rectangular base of this lamp provides support, strength and good level of stability in any flat surface.

Luxor Desktop Light Therapy 18" H Table Lamp

Luxor Desktop Light Therapy 18" H Table Lamp
Whe you put this pyramid shaped table lamp on your working desk, you will be able to take benefit of a light therapy that is helpful in mild mood disorders and in fighting insomnia. The lamp is light in weight and pretty portable.

Wyman Table Lamp with Drum Shade (Set of 2)

Wyman Table Lamp with Drum Shade (Set of 2)
Graceful and stylish, this set of two table lamps will make a wonderful addition to any home, being ideal for a contemporary home setting and featuring an elegant, floral pattern agains a shiny, green background.

Green glass desk lamp 15

Connecting modernity with classic is very trendy for many years and this lamp is a good example of this fashion. It has metal simple base and kickstand. Lampshade is adjustable and made of green plastic.

Green glass lamps

This amazing set of two green glass lamps will prove to be a nice option for elevating your home decor and with the stunning design it is more than sure to keep your household looking classy and just immensely fashionable.

Mid century swag lamp and large table lamp matching pair

Madison Desk Lamp 18 3/4" High, Satin Brass Base/Green Glass Shade (ARS5908GNSB) Category: Desk and Table Lamps

Emerald glass table lamp handblown exclusively for rejuvenation homedecorating