Green Decorative Plates

How about choosing one of these decorative plates? Maybe this is what you have been searching for so why not take a good look at these offers? We encourage all potential customers to do that and see what their favourite offers are. What about your preferences and the final decision?

Decorative glass plates

Thanks to the used glass bottles, you can get a personalized window stained glass window and the feeling of the ocean breeze. Bottoms from glass bottles in shades of green have been composed into a rectangular green decorative glass stained plate.

Green decorative plates 3

Green decorative plates 1

Casa Cortes Hand-Painted Pearl Artisan Glass Decorative Plate

Casa Cortes Hand-Painted Pearl Artisan Glass Decorative Plate
Large plate made of glass, painted by artist hand with jade green and gold tones that create a symmetric pattern comprised of green pearls on golden background in various tones. A display stand for this piece is provided.

Decorative ceramic plates 2

Decorative plate sets 1

Green decorative plates 10

Pretty rustic style decorative round plates intended for display on shelves. They're crafted of glazed ceramic with a nice-to-the-eye finish in shades of green. They have gently textured rims with a geometric design.

Blue decorative plates

Charming size-varied round rustic style decorative plates (with smooth edges) intended for display on walls or shelves. They're made of ceramic and feature intricate geometric and floral designs in prevalent blues and greens.

Decorative plate sets

In ancient times, the gemstone jadeite was valued by ancient China, in the countries of Mesoamerica and by the Maori people. Today, its characteristic green shade of color has taken on a set of dishes - decorative plate set and mugs.

Green decorative plates 9

Cute decorative traditional table stands made of clear glass. A stand has a round foot, a shot hourglass stem and a round top with a gently raised edge. It's decorated with a showy long ribbon tied under the top plate.

Green decorative plates

Green decorative plates

Casa Cortes Hand-Painted Artisan Glass Decorative Plate

Casa Cortes Hand-Painted Artisan Glass Decorative Plate
Beautiful, hand-painted glass plate with geometrical leaves pattern in jade green and gold. Use it to accessorize your favorite display space, whether it is a table or a shelf. It is easy, as the plate comes with useful display stand.

Green decorative plates

Tiered plant stand

This space-saving shelf is a great way to put some greenery in your home, without losing too much of free space. The shelf features 4 round tiers with glass pots, which are connected to the tubular steel frame.

Decorative plate sets

Green decorative plates 1

French country kitchen sets

The set of folk handpainted crockery. All of them are painted in brown, dark blue and white colors. Each of them is painted with the traditional motive of the cock and some flowers typical for this region.

Green decorative plates 2

Green decorative plates

Decorative plate sets 2

Green decorative plates 4

Green decorative plates 5

Decorative ceramic wall plates

A beautiful set of a dining table and four chairs. A lively, green color of the set will be appreciated by the lovers of a modern style. It looks great on a background wall with decorative, ceramic plates in greenish tones.

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Blue decorative plates

Black and white charger plates 8

Green decorative plates 7

Diy cake pedestal

Green decorative plates 8

Blue decorative plates 2

Green decorative plates 11

Green decorative plates

Green decorative plates 12

Zebra print bedroom furniture

Soho lounge square 16 piece dinnerware set purple 1

Soho Lounge Square 16 Piece Dinnerware Set Purple
This set includes mugs, plates and bowls. It is suitable for use by four people. It represents a contemporary style that not only decorates a dining room or a kitchen, but it is also a very solid set of products.

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Decorative ceramic wall plates

English cabinets 10

Green decorative plates 14

Green decorative plates 15

Green decorative plates 16

Green decorative plates 17

Set of 4 decorative plates

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Leaf Textured Glass Serving Dish, Food Tray or Party Platter~ G131 Lime Glass Rectangle Serveware, Serving Platter for Tapas, Sushi, Shrimp, Fruit or Cheese

Green decorative plates

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