Greek Key Decor

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Greek key trim tape modern home decor atlanta

Greek Key Trim Tape Modern Home Decor Atlanta
Trim tape for different decorative tasks. It features a very stylish pattern available in many different colors like white, brown, orange, green, blue or red. This decoration is suitable especially for modern applications.

Huge floor mirror

Accent chair upholstered with nice touch fabric and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Ideal as additional seating in the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need.

Greek key decor

Greek key decor

Greek key trim accentuated curtains - a dining room window treatment. The curtains are plain gray, and the widely striped greek key pattern is light yellow and mustard. Pairing gray with yellow nails the look!

Greek key decor 1

Greek key decor

Greek key decor 4

Off set large greek key type bottom banded drapery panels

Greek key decor

Greek key decor 26

Greek key decor 2

Side table with a very solid metal frame in classical design. This supportive frame provides strength and stability. It supports a square glass top and a lower shelf also made of stylish and durable glass.

Greek key home decor

An elegant furniture overlay - 'Greek key' - typical for ancient Greek culture. Main elements of this pattern are straight lines and interlocking right-angled loops or spirals. Elements in the picture are of gold finished slats with ornate edges.

Greek key decor

This DIY project shows how easily and inexpensively you can create your own greek design roller shades with the use of a duck tape. Lime green patterning adds warmth and liveliness to the space.

Greek key decor 23

Greek key decor

Greek key decor 14

Greek key decor 17

Greek key decor 1

Greek key decor 3

Greek key decor 1

Greek key decor 12

Greek key decor 15

Greek Key Wool Throw Blanket

Greek Key Wool Throw Blanket
Everyone likes the warm and cozy materials. And if to look beautiful and are pleasant to the touch, it does not need anything more. Such is the blanket. Gentle and sweet, yet warm and welcoming. It is decorated with tassels.

Greek key decor 6

Greek key decor 8

Nautical throws

Attractive nautical pattern makes these rugs very attractive on different kinds of floor. These cotton blankets and rugs are suitable for multiple applications. They are durable and long lasting even in case of frequent use.

Ottoman with nailhead trim

Contemporary setup for an elegant bedroom with a minimalistic bed finished off by a classy headboard with cotton, white upholstery and a decorative seam. The two little ottomans in front of the bed provide a cozy detail.

Greek key decor 9

Greek key decor 10

Greek key decor

Greek key decor 13

Greek key decor 1

Greek key decor 1

Greek key decor 16

Greek key decor 18

Greek key decor 19

Greek key decor

Greek key decor 20

Greek key trim pillow

Bedroom bedroom decor pillows throws decorative pillows 36

Greek key decor 21

Greek key rug

Greek key decor 22

Greek key decor

Elements Greek Key Sconces, 12-Inch, Black, Set of 2

Beautiful Handmade Decorative Home Sweet Home Metal Wall Mount Hook, 21 x 4.5 inches

Add spring color to your space with fun and stylish

Greek key decor 24

Greek Key Frame Rug - Black and Silver

Greek key decor 25