Gold Tree Toppers

Take a look at the shapes, sizes and designs that are presented down here, and try to find out which one would be the most appropriate solution for you. Can you already decide on something or is it that you would like to think it over? Either way, there are hardly any other collections like this one.

12" Lighted Gold Glitter Star of Bethlehem Christmas Tree Topper - Clear Lights
Robinson Layla

Pre-lit tree topper with gold coloring, sparkling brightly with golden glitter. It features clear lights and Star of Bethlehem shape. Great to enhance the spirit of Christmas time and add a glow to a decor.

10.5" Lighted Sparkling Gold Sequin Star Christmas Tree Topper - Clear Lights
Phillips Esther

Clear lights Christmas tree topper in double-sided star shape, glowing and sparkling with gold sequin accents and glitter, beautiful from all sides and view angles. It is suitable for indoor use only.

Kurt Adler UL 10-Light Capiz Lace Star Treetop, Gold

Stylized star treetop with fancy curled detailing, dressed in silver and gold. It's a piece of cake to put it on a Christmas tree, and it looks just awesome once mounted. A classic Christmas decor piece that will please guests of all ages.

Kurt S Adler Metal Star Tree Topper, Gold, 12 in.
Anderson Marisa

A high quality Cristmass Tree decoration. It is a top that has got the shape of a star. It is made of metal, so it is resistant to impact and other types of damage. It means that it will serve its users for many years.

8 Point Star Tree Topper
Aloma Garcia

8 Point Star Tree Topper
Charming contemporary decor for Christmas trees. It has a shape of a 3D star with 8 pointy alternately shorter and longer arms. It's manufactured of plastic with a glittering finish in silvery tones.

Kurt Adler 10-Light Glitter Wire Christmas Treetop, 9-Inch, Gold
Jessica King

Kurt Adler 10-Light Glitter Wire Christmas Treetop, 9-Inch, Gold

Kurt Adler UL 10-Light Capiz Wire Star Treetop, 8.5-Inch

Beautiful, festive star treetop, designed with vintage findings inspiration. It is made of half-transparent acrylic in milk and gold, with lights inside. It may be easily attached to a treetop thanks to spiral base.

Gold tree toppers 9
Julia Lambertify

25 Creative and Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Kurt Adler 8-Point Star Treetop, 12-Inch, Gold Capiz
Yulia Thompson

Amazing, stylish Christmas tree topper with festive detailing consisting of sliver, white and golden accents. The piece is easy to install on a holiday tree top as it is equipped with adjustable wire spiral.

12" Lighted Star Christmas Tree Topper Decoration Gold
Jenna Edward

This one is a classic Christmas tree topper, five-point star, covered with gold glitter. It is just as classic as a Christmas decoration may be. Your Christmas decor will get a glistening charm with this simple detail.

19" Lighted Cream and Gold Fiber Optic Angel Christmas Tree Topper
Alexis Milani

This beautiful angel treetop is going to give your Christmas Tree a whole new, refreshed look. The angel wears a lovely blond hair, an ivory and gold gown, and white feather wings. Also includes LED lights, and is very easy to install.

Kurt S Adler Rattan Star Tree Topper, Gold

Kurt S Adler Rattan Star Tree Topper, Gold

Katie Thom

Festive 16-point star treetop characterized by LOTS of golden glitter - it shines, twinkles and glints brightly in a Christmas lights surrounding! It is made of acrylic. Spiral attachment base is golden too.

10" Gold Star Treetop
Craven Rachel

Twinkling and sparkling with glitter, this star-shaped Christmas topper is very decorative thanks to lacy design full of festive swirls and curls. It may be fixed on a tree with built-in spiral base in matching gold tone.

Fiber Optic Ivory and Animated Angel Tree Topper
Yulia Thompson

Fiber Optic Ivory and Animated Angel Tree Topper
Beautiful tree topper in a shape of a serene angel wearing white and gold gown with lots of details, such as ribbon and lace. Such a topper is just what you need to complete the festive look of your inner decor!

Gold tree toppers 3
Melissa Kelly

A great frosted gold Christmas tree - wonderfully classic and elegant. As the focal point for your wedding ...maybe even behind you and Brandon as the reference point...@Ashley Walters

Gold tree toppers 4
Mendes Natasha

ribbon tree garland - also works with deco mesh--love the twisted gold ribbon/burlap mesh...and put the white feather boas first underneath it

10 Light Ivory and Angel Tree Topper
Craven Zoe

10 Light Ivory and Angel Tree Topper
Decorate your Christmas tree with this adorable 10-Light Angel Tree Topper! Designed of delicate feathers, porcelain and beautiful fabric, the tree topper is easy to mount and generates warm light, enhancing the whole tree.

Sterling 17494 - 8" 11 Light Mica Star Christmas Tree Topper
Bush Eliza

Pre-lit Christmas topper is a must for seasonal decoration. Just fix this classic-shaped star to a tree top and it will charm you with its golden glow and curly design. Remember to use it only indoors.

2013 Lighted Deluxe Hanukkah Tree Topper

Glittering blue and gold, this Hanukkah tree topper gives your seasonal decor a special finishing touch. It is lighted and it is visible from a distance - just put it anywhere you like it, and a seasonal tree is just one of the many choices!

Gold tree topper
Bianca Noorda

Starburst Tree Topper - - this is awesome. Will be making this!!!!

Kurt Adler UL 10-Light 5-Point Lace Capiz Star Treetop, Gold
Jennifer Mor

Rustic style treetop five-point star giving an impression of nostalgia and tradition. Trimmed with lacey detiling and golden accents, with crystal centre element and 10 lights, it is festive in a unique way.

Darice P0681 2-Piece Ceramic Tree Star Ornament, Gold
Carmen Kowalski

This is a very interesting Christmas decoration. It is a ceramic tree star that has got an attractive gold color. This set includes two stars of this type and each of them measures 5 x 3 x 0.7 inches.

How to make a tree topper out of mesh ribbon
Melanie Moore

Love this craft! You can spray it gold when you're done and/OR make it with holes in it so lights can shine through...I am going to try this with metal or some old pans from a thrift store. Thanks for the templet and will let y'all know how it turns out

Gold tree toppers

christmas tree with criss crossed ribbon | How to Criss Cross Ribbon on a Christmas Tree Instructions | Holidays

Gold tree toppers 6
Thomas Vanessa

love the topper... would be great with our star

Kurt Adler 10-Light Reflector Star Treetop, 8.5-Inch, Gold
Alexis Millerism

Gold five-point star treetop measuring 8,5 inches, with ornamental detailing and 10 lights that give off a warm glow on top of your Christmas tree. Nice, classic piece that makes your Christmas tree decoration complete.

10" Lighted Gold Elegant Angel Christmas Tree Topper - Clear Lights
Bush Eliza

10" Lighted Gold Elegant Angel Christmas Tree Topper - Clear Lights

Make your own simple thread christmas trees cute and easy
Davis Courtney

Make your own Simple Thread Christmas Trees! Cute and easy decoration!

Kurt Adler 6-1/4-Inch Gold Wire Star Treetop
Zernike Laetitia

A charming traditional Christmas tree topper in the form of a 5-prong star. It's created from dark beige textured art paper adorned with golden lines and convolutions. It is installed on a top of a tapered upwards spring of gilt metal.

Glitter Star Tree Topper
Davis Kelly

Glitter Star Tree Topper
This is a very interesting and extraordinarily beautiful star, which is ideally suited for christmast tree. The star is shining and gently shimmers in the light. It will be imaginative decorations and the tree will gain through it.

4" Petite Treasures Gold Glittered Mini Star Christmas Tree Topper - Unlit
Julia Jam

Let's state it clear: a Christmas tree usually needs a topper. This one incorporates a classic design with glitter all around it, it's gold and it shines and it flickers and it's easy to mount! It's shaped as a five-point star.

Kurt Adler 10 Light Indoor Rattan Gold Star Treetop
Kathleen Lopez

Five-point star Christmas tree topper, made from rattan, coming with ten yellow lights that provide warm glow. Such a design is a mix of rough and serene look. This decorative piece is dedicated for indoor use only.

Kurt Adler UL 10-Light African American Angel Christmas Treetop Figurine, 13-Inch, Gold

This Christmas figurine is a nice idea to accentuate a window during festive time or just to add some glisten to your winter decor. This beautiful angel figurine will add some light wherever you need it when it's cold and dark outside.

Ceramic Christmas Tree Gold Star Topper

When a Christmas tree topper is colored gold, you know you accomplished most of the decor success. This five-point star is simple, but breathtaking, and it's perfectly sized for any festive tree, fitting just well to all types of Christmas decorations.

Kurt Adler UL 10-Light Angel Christmas Treetop Figurine, 16.5-Inch, Ivory and Gold
Jacqueline Tho

Christmas-themed angel figurine, with lighted accent added to its wings and white dress. When you look at it, you are just sure that your dreams will come true. Dressed in ivory and gold, it's just a perfect Christmas decoration.

Star Tree Topper
Julia Lambertify

With this beautiful star tree topper your tree will be pretty as a picture. The whole tree topper is handmade using techniques from the 1800's, and also thoroughly detailed, hand-painted and glittered. Easy to install.

Kurt Alder 10-Light 6-Point Capiz Star Christmas Treetop, 9-Inch, Gold
Alexis Milani

Large, 9-inch treetop 6-point star in festive gold, with 10 lights shining brightly through its half-transparent acrylic body. Equipped with a spiral wire to be attached, it will provide a beautiful topping off to your Christmas decor.

12" White & Gold Animated Fiber Optic Angel Christmas Tree Topper

It is an animated fiber optic angel Christmas tree topper that has got a white and gold finish. It adds Christmas style to any room in your home. You will be impressed how beautiful it looks on your Christmas tree.

Cute tree toppers 1
Ward Denise

Beautiful Christmas Tree

Kurt Adler 12-Inch Fiber Optic Gold Angel Tree Topper
Michele Mitc

This beautiful angel treetop is going to give your Christmas Tree a whole new, refreshed look. Inspired by Victorian style, the angel has a gold gown, 2 large white feather wings, and LED lighting. UL adapter included.

Finial tree toppers
Peyton Marthy

Pink Christmas? Why now?! These adorable and glamour Christmas tree toppers with pink colors, silver and gold accents and crystals are so wonderful. They add a beauty on any Christmas tree.

Tree topper unlit angel christmas tree toppers at linens n
Clark Marissa

... Tree Topper - Unlit Angel Christmas Tree Toppers at Linens 'n Things

Mesh gold star tree topper
Alexandra Ben

Mesh Gold Star Tree Topper

Christmas tree topper burlap tree topper bow topper burlap topper
Michele Turn

Christmas Tree Topper - Burlap Tree Topper, Bow Topper, Burlap Topper, Burlap Decor, Holiday Decorations, Tree Ornament - Hand Made

Beautiful my favorite tree is gold and cream with magnolias

beautiful my favorite tree is gold and cream with magnolias...these colors are so pretty

Glass ornaments mouth blown glass ornament gold star tree topper
Lindsey All

glass ornaments mouth blown glass ornament gold star tree topper

Gold star tree topper 1 jpg


Tree toppers lighted christmas tree toppers 13 lighted gold rattan

... Tree Toppers Lighted Christmas Tree Toppers 13" Lighted Gold Rattan

Quilted tree skirt patterns free
Brown Kimberly

~House to Home~: Christmas Decor Designs This would look cute with your burlap tree skirt Sherry