Gold Curio Cabinets

The curio cabinets below make a really stunning impression so if you want your collection to shine in jaw-dropping surroundings - go for one of them. The golden finish and intricate wood carvings will definitely catch the eye and so will your collection of curios.

Gold curio cabinets 9

This beautiful glazed curio cabinet owes its charming appeal to the Italian gold leaf bevelled glass. Richly adorned, stained in glamorous gold, it will proudly present your treasuries and favourite belongings.

Gold curio cabinets 1

If you value art and love its beautiful exposition, this gold curio cabinet with glass sides and shelves is a perfect way. Beautiful decorative details and gold shade create a very effective whole.

Gold china cabinet

Are you looking for a functional and good-looking addition to your home? Try this beautiful curio cabinet, with gold finish, glass doors and shelves. You will be impressed how cool it looks in your home.

Gold curio cabinets 7

Being an exquisitely ornate object, this curio cabinet distinguishes itself both its golden finish and intricate design, full of gentle curves and swirls. Its 3-tiered construction can be a great display for one's dinnerware or glass collections.

Gold curio cabinets 2

An exquisite choice for everyone, who wants to display their precious collectibles in an evenly impressive piece of furniture. The curio is beautifully hand-carved, offering a clear glass case with 2 matching glass shelves.

Unique curio cabinets 2

This curio cabinet is a valuable collectible itself. Swirls and curls embellish its gold frame creating a harmonious romantic visual composition. Spacious oval capsule contains numerous glass shelves inside.

Curved glass gold leaf french vitrine or curio display cabinet

Curved Glass Gold Leaf French Vitrine Or Curio Display Cabinet
A curved curio cabinet, like this one, can be a good way to display collectibles and, at the same time, accentuating your room with antique gold leaf design. The cabinet has striking carvings and clear glass panels that surround 1 glass shelf.

Gold finish curved glass curio cabinet

Gold Finish Curved Glass Curio Cabinet

Gold curio cabinets 6

Magnificent and brilliant, impossible to miss: gold-leaf curio display cabinet with beveled glass sides, doors and top, mirrored back and museum quality solid wood construction; displays collectibles in a regal way.

Gold curio cabinets

My home is eclectic, I have a lot of furniture from many ages. I purchased this unique curio cabinet to display favorite accent pieces. It has the Hollywood regency design, gold finish, round shape and curved glass structure. Now, my collection is complete.

Gorgeous vintage curved gold lighted curio cabinet completed


Gold curio cabinets 5

Marvel at this eye-catching curio cabinet tht will allow you to display your knick-knacks in a stylish and elegant way. Its hexagonal silhouette is made of sturdy wood with gold gilt and clear glass panels. It has a built-in lighting system and 2 glass shelves inside.

Gold curio cabinets

Gilted curio cabinet in 19th century French style, hinted at by cabriole front legs and all the wood carving that uses romantic floral motives. The carved top draws attention in particular. Mirrored back, glass shelves inside.

White etagere

Curio cabinet with mirrored back. Frame is made of metal with gold finish and covered with clear glass. Perfect solution for display decorations in all kinds of interiors according to taste.

Gold curio cabinets

With French provincial style and vintage tone, this gold curio cabinet will fit each of your home's corners. It was constructed in Italy with its dramatic gold carvings and glass fronts, with glass thick shelves inside.

Victorian gold gilt circular lighted curio display cabinet queen ann

... -Victorian-Gold-Gilt-Circular-Lighted-Curio-Display-Cabinet-Queen-Ann

Gold curio cabinets 1

This stunning curio cabinet offers a truly versatile and elegant structure with high attention to the detailing of the incredible frame and the lovely, classy look of the ensemble. It comes with convenient shelves made from high quality glass.

7ft tall solid mahogany gold french curio display cabinet so

7ft Tall Solid Mahogany Gold French Curio Display Cabinet So
In Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam, it is said that it can boldly compete with Versailles - it was an inspiration for this gold curio cabinet, richly rococo style, golden-painted building with glass fronts and glass shelves.

Home curio display cabinets italian gold black full size curio

Home :: Curio Display Cabinets :: Italian Gold & Black Full-Size Curio ...

Gold curio cabinets 4

The gorgeous gold finish of this stylish curio cabinet is a perfect combination of beautiful design and captivating decorative details. The whole of the elegant design is a perfect element of the decor. Glass shelves and doors create a beautiful whole.

Artistiche curio display cabinet w glass shelfs gold style frame

... Artistiche Curio Display Cabinet w glass shelfs gold style frame italy

Dani Curio Cabinet

It is a curio cabinet that has got gold leaf finish, two glass shelves, lock and key and hand carved wood construction. Everyone will be impressed how amazing this cabinet is.

Gold curio cabinets 10

victorian curio cabinet art 507 i door glass cabinet with engraved ...

Single Door Curio Cabinet

Single Door Curio Cabinet
High cabinet with single door and 3 shelves made of transparent glass. Wooden construction with carefully executed gold finish and mirrored back panel. It offers lighted inside for exposure content.

Swarovski Crystal Square Knob

Swarovski Crystal Square Knob
It is a Swarovski crystal square knob that has got many beautiful finish options to choose. It adds style, elegance and shimmering beauty to any home. You will be impressed how fantastic this knob is.

Gold curio cabinet

Gold curio cabinet

Novelty Round Knob

Novelty Round Knob
With this Novelty Round Knob in Crystal Finish your cabinet doors of drawers will gain a whole new look. The round knob is made of durable acrylic with a robust base covered in a beautiful, distressed finish.

Vermeer Curio Cabinet

Vermeer Curio Cabinet

Vintage American Round Knob

Vintage American Round Knob
Elegant and decorative knob for any cabinet. Using this small detail you can change the look of the room in a short time and at low cost. Knob is made of metal, it has a grooving on the surface of the floral motif.

Leaf 1.25" Round Knob

Leaf 1.25" Round Knob
Elegant and decorative knob for any cabinet. Using this small detail you can change the look of the room in a short time and at low cost. Knob is made of metal, it has a grooving on the surface of the floral motif.

Glacier Square Knob

Glacier Square Knob
A magnificent glacier square knob which is made from a combination of high-quality glass and metal which makes it robust and durable. It can be simply wiped clean with a soft and dry piece of cloth.

Gold curio cabinets 11

:: Curio Display Cabinets :: Italian Gold Hexagonal Full-Size Curio ...

Gold cabinet knobs 7

Luxury inflected by all the cases. Modern gold cabinet knobs -they will add a charm, even the most ordinary, boring doors. Rectangular long forms, double fastened to the door, are perfectly presented on the blue doors.

Gold curio cabinets 6

Monumental French Rococo Gold Gilt Curio Display Cabinet Armoire Almost 9 ft High $25000

Gold cabinet knobs 4

A beautiful set of handmade, DIY doorknobs, composed of a stone, partly hidden in the metal frame. Perfect both for cabinets and consoles, as well as windows or even doors. Bound to look beautiful on anything you can think of!

Gold curio cabinets 11

Vintage Gilt Gold 2-Piece Lighted Curio Cabinet

Gold cabinet knobs 12

The most common cabinet or drawer in the house can be variegated with aesthetic decorative round door pulls. This gold cabinet knob is made of solid brass and has an extremely porous shape, almost geometric. Longitudinal, very comfortable grip.

Gold cabinets 1

Spruce up your decor with something a lot more original and go for this sublime French metallic kitchen that has that beautiful gold hue to it. It will instantly make any space look much more interesting.

Victorian curio cabinet art 9971 i door glass cabinet with

victorian curio cabinet art 9971 i door glass cabinet with engraved ...

Gold cabinets

The oldschool cabinet painted with the white chalk paint. Maybe it was plan to reach the decorative effect, but from my point of view it looks shabby. All the elements - the white and the gold ones - should be precisely painted to make it looking good.

Gold curio cabinets 3

French Vintage Gilt Lighted Curio Cabinet with Lock Wood 1900-1950 ...

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Gold cabinets

This set of brass knobs will embellish every home office. Linear ones for cabinet and hexagonal for draws, handcrafted in the USA from 95% recycled brass. The use of solid materials provides sustainability for years.

Pulaski Golden Oak 2-way Sliding Door Curio - 20544

A storage cabinet that has got glass doors and walls. It looks very nice and it plays a decorative role, because it is able to display different decorations and items on its shelves. The frame is made of hardwood with an oak finish.

Gold Leaf Slant Front Cabinet

Gold Leaf Slant Front Cabinet
It is a golf leaf slant front cabinet that is a beautiful addition to any office, laundry, bedroom, kitchen, garage or any other room. Everyone will tell you how fantastic this product is. You need to have it.

Steel cabinets 11

Rustic kitchen with modern equipment, with gray dominating - an interesting team altogether, I must admit. Concrete gray wooden cabinets have gold coloured hardware that pops. Stainless steel housewares add this contemporary vibe that would otherwise be absent.

Floor cabinets with drawers

Embellished with stylish golden pendant lamps, corresponding perfectly well to the white and dark brown surface, this kitchen oozes with a modern, fresh energy from the very first seconds.

Natural walnut kitchen cabinets

Unassuming yet truly elegant and classy in its design - this kitchen island sports the sublime dark brown finish of the wood and the marble like top and can be accented by backless bar stools to create a full and complete look.

Gold cabinets 2

A traditional cabinet may get a new, fresh look due to a handle in a modern design with a golden, brushed finish. Perfect for slide or traditional doors, it will be a functional and decorative accent of the piece.

Gold cabinets 6

Set of furniture designed for the bathroom. Includes cabinets and drawers for storing towels, cosmetics and more. It is made of wood and fitted with metal handles. Neutral and functional design for each bathroom.