Glow In The Dark Wall Clock

No need to switch on the light if you have a glow in the dark wall clock. Perfect choice for kid' rooms as the face is usually a colourful print of cartoon characters. Adults also appreciate the fluorescent numerals during night-time. Enjoy browsing the collection below.

Caroline Stone Interior Design Expert
Glowing wall clock

Minimalistic radium clock. Due to ultraviolet light on hands of the clock and numbers it lights in darkness - this clock can be very useful during night. You can check the time and you don't put on the light.

Glow in the dark wall clock 9

This original and functional piece of equipment is a wall clock that features a round face with black hands and Arabic numbers that are easy to read. It features a very useful function of glowing in the dark.

Inch round glow in the dark wall clock luminous digital
Tara Zucker
Lego wall clock
Lauren Martinezify

The beautiful round dial of the wall clock makes the whole look perfect in any decor. A bright dial with Arabic numerals and a black frame form a unique whole for any interior design. The hints and numbers glow in the dark.

Illuminated wall clocks
Bennett Rachel

Oval wall clock with an original face that glows in the dark in green color. It also features standard hands and Arabic numbers in black color. It works in a very reliable way and looks very good in any indoors.

Timekeeper 515BB 11-Inch Round Glow-In-the-Dark Wall Clock

Ultra-modern wall clock which glows in the dark, as its numerals and hands are luminous. The clock features updated, almost futuristic design, with black inner dial and silver outer ring. It is closed in a silver case.

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Michele Powell

This type of product is a very functional and decorative wall clock that has got a round shape and Arabic numbers that are easy to read. It features 4 energy efficient LED lights and it has got a light sensor.

Glow in the dark wall clock 1
Jessica Zernike

I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that someone buy this wall clock for their home. It features the bold and graphic numbers with black background. The numerals are glowing in the dark, which provides the modern addition to any room.

Glow In the Dark Wall Clock - Purple Butterfly

It is a beautiful wall clock that has for a purple butterfly finish and round shape. It is a fantastic addition for any room in your home. Your friends will be impressed how great it looks on your wall.

Radium wind up bronze alarm clock glow in the dark
Glow In the Dark Wall Clock - Ying Yang

Ancient Asian Yin and Yang symbol brings a zen aura through your door! This round wall clock has Yin Yang symbol in its centre, and white dials are exposed on a dark background. The Roman numerals and hands glow in the dark.

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Jenna Daviesful
Kikkerland Claire de Lune Moonlight Clock

Wall clock having 13.5 inch in diameter and featuring authentic lunar image as clock's dial, which additionally glows in the dark and glass dome front. The clock requires one AA battery for operation.

Seiko QXA521KLH Wall Clock

Wall clock featuring white dial, large numbers and appealing, classic design with modern hands. It's a great addition to almost any addition. The clock also features high quality construction and accurate mechanism.

423820332 jpg
Aloma Garcia
Glow in the dark wall clock 11

Sleek and futuristic design for a contemporary wall-clock made out within a round shape with a glass cover. The wall clock has a moon decal behind the glass and no numerals, providing a minimalistic vibe to the piece.

Seiko Wall Clock Silver-Tone Metallic Case Luminous Numerals
Alexis Milani

This aesthetic wall clock can be a stylish and functional addition for both homes and offices. The clock features a beautiful silver frame with glass cover, a black face with Arabic numerals and second hand, and ensures quick and easy mounting.

Glow in the dark wall clocks 2
French cat wall clock glow in the dark
Glow In the Dark Wall Clock - Praying Hands
Alexander Alison

The rhythm of the day is set by various timers today. Such a glow in the dark wall clock with a round dial can also remind you of important prayer, thanks to the sacral pattern on the shield in the form of hands folded to prayers.

Glow in the dark wall clock
Stone Caroline

This modern wall clock is a nice way to spice up a teenager's room, game room, club, or home theater. It has a square, black dial with greenish, Arabic numerals, and no second hand. What's best, the clock glows in the dark!

Oversized 24" Atheneum Wall Clock

Oversized 24" Atheneum Wall Clock
It is a stylish and elegant wall clock that is made of plastic, copper, resin, and glass. You can choose one of two colors: antique gold and antique walnut. Everyone will tell you how great it looks on your wall.

Glow In the Dark Wall Clock - The Avengers
Wilson Gabrielle

A splendid piece for kids, who love superheroes. This colorful clock is battery operated, easily mounted on a wall, and it also glows in the dark! The dial features white Arabic numerals, a white second hand, and is tightly embedded in a black frame.

Glow In the Dark Wall Clock - Lego
Lambert Abbey

Wall clock with Lego theme. Round shield is covered with clear acrylic. It has quartz movement and Arabic numeral. Modern addition for the kid's room, teenager's room and others interiors according to taste. Perfect gift idea for Lego fans.

Batman Glow In The Dark Vinyl Wall Clock Decorative Unique Handmade Home Living Decor
Andrea Youn

A very original and decorative type of equipment. This wall clock features a Batman glow in the dark stylization. It has got two arabic numbers that shows two hours (3 and 9). Its mechanism works without problems.

Glow in the dark clock 2
HITO™ 10-Inch Silent Non-ticking Wall Clock w/ 3D Colorful Numerals and Front Glass Cover (White)
Mackenzie Milani

Wall clock featuring 3-D colorful and large numerals and front glass cover. Additionally, it features high quality quartz sweep movement, which provides accurate time and silent movement. The clock is powered by one AA battery.

Glow In the Dark Wall Clock - Coca Cola
Stephanie Ward
Glow in the dark clock
Watson Cynthia
Moma Glow in the Dark Wall Clock
Carmen Milani

Distinctive wall clock with raised Arabic numerals - coloured white during daytime, they glow in the dark - from now on you'll always know what time it is, no matter the daytime. The numerals are exposed on a midnight black square face.

Glow in the dark wall clock 10
Tara Gosselin

Do you want to have your own personal moon that shines? Now you can, thanks to this moon wall clock, with a clean, round dial, and black hands, along with the second hand, as well. The whole thing glows in the dark, like the Moon itself.

Glow in the dark wall clock 3
Crystal Tur
DecoMates Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock, Pink Zebra, Blue
Evans Liliana

This friendly zebra with extraordinary pink stripes will make any interior more cozy. Non-ticking clock mechanism ensures good nighttime sleep. White Arabic numerals are clearly visible on a blue backdrop.

Glow In the Dark Wall Clock - Batman
Martinez Marisa

This is a splendid choice for every kid, who loves superheroes. This Batman wall clock features a round black dial with Arabic numerals, a second hand, and a vivid Batman logo in the middle. What's more, the clock glows in the dark!

Night light wall clock 1
Joanna Pete
JustNile Round 12-inch Non Ticking Silent Wall Clock - Glow-in-the-Dark Hands
Robinson Layla

This round wall clock features a classic black and white design with large, readable, Arabic numbers. Glass covers the face from dirt and damage. Its reliable, non-ticking mechanism works without problems.

Wall clock glow in the dark
Glow in the dark clock 1
Crystal Bar
Seiko glow in the dark qxa435slh 10 25 in wall
Brittany Henderson
Reveals the time in the dark of night 1
Phillips Esther
Qoolol glow in the dark wall clock free shipping silent
Brooks Christina
Active glow watches clocks glow in the dark wall clock
Rachel Massonable
Glow In the Dark Wall Clock - Fat Chef #5

This wall clock has numerals and hands that glow in the dark - perfect in dark kitchen! I wrote kitchen, because the graphic of a merry chef holding a wine bottle makes me think about hanging this piece in kitchen primarily.

This is one of my later clocks i made it
Angela Roge
Glow in the dark wall clock jumbo glow in the
Scott Stephanie
The luminescent moon clock this is the wall clock that
Robinson Layla
Kikkerland Ballerina 8-Inch Wall Clock
Carmen Kowalski

This wall clock is a very functional and decorative device that has got a white ballerina pattern on pink bacground. It is a product that has got a very reliable mechanism, so it shows the current time without problems.

Glow In the Dark Wall Clock - Barber Pole
Abbey Kowalski

Plastic wall clock with barber pole graphic. Both hands and Arabic numerals are white and they glow in the dark. The clock has white plastic case and translucent plastic cover that protects the graphic and clock mechanism.

Your room glows in the dark believe it or not