Glass Tealight Lamp

What do you think about tealight lamps? Check if any of the designs, shapes and sizes that are shown down here, would fit into the design of your house. There is no need to rush so check all these options and decide which one would be fine for you. Many people before you have already bought these models.

Abbey Lambert Interior Design Expert
Glass tealight lamp 1

Just oozing charm and delicacy - this decorative table lamp sports the cut glass tealight styled design and will become an instant center of attention of any setting thanks to its warm glow and the sublime atmosphere it manages to create.

Crystal Glass Candle Tealight Holder Table Lamp Home Decoration

Stylish tealight holder made of crystal. It is mounted on pedestal base. Sophisticated decoration for each place. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Glass tealight lamp

Very simple pattern-which has minimalism in the glass finish. Thanks to the transparency, the light from the candle that it sustains will be even more beautiful, giving a warm shade of the place where it will stand. Think about tealight lamp for your candles.

Glass lamp tealight holder 1

Tealight lamp shade - innovate home deco! This cool decorative glass tealight lamp looks super original and unique. I love this glass lampshade with some transparent green and pink/red flowers printed on it.

Tea light lamp shade

An extraordinary idea for table decorations, which features shades for wine glasses. They are made of thick, white paper with subtle decorations. The shades will give the table an elegant look and will keep the glasses clean.

Biedermann & Sons Glass Tealight Lamp Candle Holder, Clear
Glass tealight lamp 2

Cool ingenious though rather simple 'lamps' for tealights. Such a 'lamp' is composed of a wine goblet (with a stem) of clear glass and a classic type conical lampshade handmade of white crenulated paper.

Lamp diy 1
Wine glass shade template

Simple, great thing for different occasions. Get some glass it can be wine glass, put the tealight inside and cover it with paper shade. You can create a fancy lamp which you can adjust to the occasion.

Tea light lamp shades
Oddity 3.5"x5.5" Glass Lamp Shaped Tea Light Holder Pack 2
Stunning crackle glass tealight lamp
Glass tealight lamp 24
Glass tealight lamp

A table lamp with deep azure hue that will make a beautiful statement piece in your household, while the curved fabric shade easily adds drama to the silhouette. It will prove to become both extremely functional and stylish.

Diy wine glass lamp shade

Wine glass shade , made with silhouette cameo to etch the shade & a tealight in a wine glass. These cute lampshades look adorable, I love the way they give the light. Cool table or night desk decoration.

Glass tealight lamp 16
Glass tealight lamp 2
Tealight lamps
Glass tealight lamp 22
Glass tealight lamp 1
Glass tealight lamp 23
Wine glass table lamps
Glass tealight lamp 25
Tea light lamps with shades
Tea light lamp
Glass tealight lamp 6

In the past,lamps were meant to illuminate the interior.Nowadays, they also have a decorative function - like this vintage glass tealight lamp. It seems to have been frozen by the Snow Queen - and sating, and the glass used to make it, resemble ice.

Glass tealight lamp
Glass tealight lamp 7
Diy win glass votive lamps
Miley table lamp
Tealight lamp
Glass tealight lamp 19
Dyi wine glass lamp shade candle holder
Glass tealight lamp 3
Glass tealight lamp 21
Tea light holder lamp with shade by henrys future
Wallington Glass Table Lamp

Wallington Glass Table Lamp
Evoke the timeless simplicity with this glass table lamp with a base that will allow for endless number of styling choices. The glass construction in original and the shade makes for a nice way of adding warmth to the atmosphere.

Hollowick 046pc sc satin crystal tealight candlestick lamp
Wine glass lamp shades paper lamp shade for your wine
Creative Co-op Hand Blown Glass Wine Bottle Stopper/Tealight Holder, 4.5-Inch, Clear
Mercury glass lamp design tealight holder 4
Assorted red taper holders set of 6 54 00 assorted
Glass tealight lamp 18
Frosted blue purple crackle glass votive lamp
Diy jpg
Glass tealight lamp 20
Glass lamps 2
Make these tea lights out of glasses