Glass Lazy Susan Turntable

How about a nice and quite useful turntable? All the models that you can see at the photos below, differ when we speak about their colours, sizes and designs. Thanks to such an incredibly rich variety, we can now choose something that would go well with the rest of our interior design.

Glass lazy susan for table

Love this minimalistic lazy susan! Glass cool turntable. You can keep fruits or snacks displayed on this thing. It suits wooden table tops like this one. Ideal for parties, where you can serve your favourite food.

Glass lazy susan turntable 1

An aesthetic contemporary revolving tray having a circular base of black-coated metal. A round top with smoothly finished edges has a quite large diameter and is manufactured of thick clear tempered glass.

Glass lazy susan turntable

This glass lazy susan turntable will help you serve meals or share fruit with your family in an easier way, while letting you sit back and enjoy the elevated and more convenient decor of your interior.

Avenue Lazy Susan

Avenue Lazy Susan
Dining table made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Round top is covered with glass. It has 4 seating capacity. Elegant design for living room, dining room and more.

36 inch glass lazy susan turntable

Avenue Lazy Susan

Avenue Lazy Susan

Glass lazy susan turntable 1

This stylish turntable will add a convenient accent your living or dining room decor. Serve your meals or drinks in a smooth way, enjoying a full rotative board, comfortable for anyone.

Kromex lazy susan

30 inch glass lazy susan

24 inch lazy susan turntable

Tempered glass lazy susan

Very thick lazy susan turntable will have multiply using choice - it can be great as pad for hot dishes or as a stand for unique table decoration. It has a anti-slip part which provides better stability.

Glass lazy susan 18

Glass lazy susan 30

A small table, made of glass tray with three round plates mounted on a common stem, usually richly profiled. Plates were most likely to rotate and supported on a flat base. Very slim glass lazy susan turntable is great addition to a dining table.

Glass lazy susan turntable

20 inch lazy susan turntable

New large tempered glass rotating lazy susan turntable serving plate

Glass lazy susan turntable 2

20 inch glass lazy susan turntable 1

Sarah Peyton Home 12" Tempered Glass Lazy Susan

This Lazy Susan offers a tempered glass surface that is both durable and strong, while the two-tiered design provides beauty and stability and the aluminium core allows easier swiveling and a long-lasting construction.

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

Lazy Susan

Large glass lazy susan

Home glass lazy susan w 60cm

Lazy susan slatted 80cm

Glass table top lazy susan

Modern lazy susan 8

Lazy Susan that perfectly matches modern indoors. This practical element of equipment features a few compartments made of attractive and durable glass. Its round wooden frame is rotating for a more convenient use.

Modern lazy susan

What an excellent idea to create this "Not your Mother's Lazy Susan Cabinet." in kitchen area! Awesome for small spaces. Accomplished for your pots, plates and more.

Imports 24 inch round clear crackled glass lazy susan on

Modern lazy susan 3

This contemporary styled lazy Susan sports an industrial look and will make for a more than welcome choice for your dining table, allowing for easier access to all the foods displayed at the table and offering convenience.

Glass lazy susan turntable 14

Barrel top lazy susan 2

Barrel Top Lazy Susan
The Barrel Top Lazy Susan is excellent for your dining table and home parties. It is create of distressed mango wood with iron details.

Corner lazy susans cabinet and drawer organizers wilmington

Corner Lazy Susans Cabinet And Drawer Organizers Wilmington
A very practical organizer for corner placement in kitchen cabinets. This round element of equipment includes two round, rotating shelves with metal post and metal dividers. Durable materials of this element are easy to clean.

Mid century modern lazy susan

Mid Century Modern Lazy Susan
A cool practical retro style revolving tray having a wooden base with a finish in mid browns. It's equipped with 4 curved bowls and a cute round pot (with a spout and a lid with a rectangular concave knob) of glazed pink and white ceramic.

Glass lazy susan turntable 12

Glass lazy susan turntable 5

French Bull 15.75-Inch Melamine Lazy Susan, Ziggy

With the extremely colorful pattern to brighten up any interior style, this lazy susan is simply stunning and features the rubber non-slip base and a scratch- and shatter-resistant design of the highest quality.

Glass lazy susan turntable 9

Glass lazy susan turntable 2

Glass lazy susan turntable! We all love turntables, but have you ever seen one made of mirror? Well, it looks like my grannie's house when she wanted me to eat a lot of sweets and she had the same mirrored turntable.

Sandwich Glass Lazy Susan

Sandwich Glass Lazy Susan
It is a lazy susan that is made of glass and has got two finish options to choose: clear and gray tinted. It has got a modern design and solid pattern. This is a perfect addition to your dining table.

Glass lazy susan turntable 3

Glass lazy susan

A lazy Susan is a must-have of every successful party as it guarantees easy access to all the products. The lazy Susan in the picture is also an elegant piece made of glass with subtle, curved decorations.

Glass lazy susan turntable 13

30 glass lazy susan

Wood lazy susan turntable 1

I really like the look of this dining table setup. The traditional, wooden design and matching chairs combined with a wonderful, very modern glass turntable, perfect for storing fruits and flowers.

Single Turntable Lazy Susan

Single Turntable Lazy Susan
Simple wooden turntable in a round shape. This construction features a traditional wooden color. What is more, this element is very solid and practical. The table is good for serving drinks, snacks or for the storage of spices.

Glass lazy susan turntable 15

Wood lazy susan turntable

This ingenious project enchants with its interesting solutions - a wooden turntable, comprising wine tray corks, covered with glass top. Ideal addition both to indoor and outdoor spaces.

Great 9 piece of lazy susan hardware we use this

Cook N Home 10-1/2-Inch 2 Tier Lazy Susan

A two-tier turntable that offers a 360-degree swivel, providing a great convenience for your kitchen with the durable stainless steel construction that lets you prevent the finger prints and non-skid feet and raised rim.

Lipper International Bamboo 14-Inch Turntable

A bamboo turntable in a light and natural wood color that will blend perfectly with any decor possible, while offering you ample functionality and the amazing durability with the resistancy to temperature, humidity and dryness.