Glass Lamp Shade Replacements

A broken lamp shade? Don't you fret. Just look below and check my collection of glass lamp shade replacements. You'll be stunned by the variety and possible choices. It's possible that you'll even find a shade which is better than the old one!

Glass lamp shade replacements 1

Looking for a breathtaking shade for your table lamp? This bell shade features iridescent art glass design, bringing uniqueness and sophistication to any home decor. It's durable, and can be easily cleaned with dry cloth.

Replacement stained glass lamp shades

Classic lampshade designed for pendant lamp. It is completely made of glass. Received a lot of positive recommendations from customers for high quality and neutral appearance.

Glass lamp shade replacements 1

This glass lamp shades catalogue features a whole range of various propositions, satisfying everyone's needs. The shades are finished in white, red, blue, beige and other colours.

Glass lamp shade replacements

The affordable bevelled glass replacement bulbs for chandelier, have the light blue color and lovely design. They are in the six piece set, so they are great for the large chandelier.

Glass lamp shade replacements 2

Sporting the Tiffany styled design and the charming, extremely adorable floral patterned shade this piece will work seamlessly in your household, while the glass structure disperses the light in the most fitting way.

Glass lamp shade replacements 4

If your glass shade for your lamp got broken or simply lost its appeal over time then this replacement globe will surely come to your aid, providing you with plenty of functionality and a strong, durable structure.

Glass lamp shade replacements 9

This hanging lamp is inspired of vintage style, but due to its simplicity it will be fit both to old-fashioned and modern interior. It is composed of glazed lampshade in a shape of hemisphere and handle made of brass.

Design classics lighting satin white cylinder glass shade lipless with

Glass lamp shade replacements 27

Made to achieve a modern minimalist look, the simple design of this glass lamp replacement shade is suitable for any room. Made from glass, suits many kinds of bulbs, measures Size H22, W15, D22cm and Diameter 15cm.

Glass lamp shade replacements 6

Made of genuine high-quality glass, this authentic Reproduction of Classic Style, features an inside sandblast with glossy exterior. It is great for pendants and flush ceiling fixtures.

Paxton hardware glass lamp shades

Glass lamp shade replacements 25

You do not have to look any further - a new, but old-time glass lampshade replacement for an old table lamp. It has just taken a form made of glass in a shaded brown color. It has a diameter of 5.75H x 16 and is slightly undulated.

Retro glass lamp shades

The easiest way is sometimes to include more - eg in the case of a classic conical glass lamp shade replacement in white. Handmade glass lampshade also brightens commercial studios or restaurants, both as our home kitchens.

Glass lamp shade replacements 2

These glass shades replacements are excellent above the kitchen island. I like the glass construction and three finishes: clear, silver and gold. I need to have them in my kitchen zone.

Frosted glass floor lamp shade replacements

Pretty stylish octagonal conical lampshades with vertically split inwardly angled panels. They're made of size and shape-varied quadrangular stained glass tiles and oval faux jewells in pale purple and bluish hues. They're embedded with lead frames.

Parlor lamp

Parlor Lamp
Boasting of vintage accents and captivating silhouette, this 7'' glass globe can be a nice replacement for your worn-out old one. It's designed of milk glass and decorated with lovely, blue rose pattern.

Tiffany style replacement lamp shades

A gorgeous lamp shade that is hand-painted with lovely blooming roses drowning in green hues. Made of opaline glass, the ball shade emanates with old-fashioned refinement, perfect for holding a clear glass kerosene lamp hurricane.

Vintage 1930s amber glass lampshade

Vintage 1930s Amber Glass Lampshade
Designed in the 1930's, this vintage lamp shade replacement is beautifully formed, and made of opaline amber glass. The glass is thick, thus, also quite durable, perfect for creating a full of warmth atmosphere in any interior.

Glass shades replacement lamp shades lamps plus 2

Glass lamp shades for table lamps replacements

The beautiful design of this stained glass replacement lamp shade is a perfect combination of exquisite artistry and interesting style. The whole combines beautiful colors and stylish flower-like form.

Westinghouse Lighting 8109400 Corp 4-1/4-Inch Frosted Pleated Shade

With the frosted, pleated shade like this one in the oval shape any lamp in your interior can be beautifully treated and elevated and the interior can achieve a look of refined beauty. It will disperse the light evenly and add a fresh look thanks to its glass structure.

Hurricane lamp shade replacements gone with the wind lamp converted

Glass lamp shade replacements

Being a great example of the characteristic Tiffany style, this stained glass shade replacement enchants with the vibrancy of colours, helping to create a magical glowing experience.

Glass lamp shade replacements 23

Is this a gallectic? Tulip with origami, or images of the grand canyon? It is difficult to determine - but it looks unearthly and very artistic. This is the glass lampshade replacement of this special lamp - artistic full of colors and in extraordinary shape.

Vintage dazor mid century adjustable

Vintage Dazor Mid Century Adjustable
This desk lamp with a magnifying glass makes an ideal addition to your drafting desk, enhancing your workshop with new functionality. Its vintage, mid-century style shall appeal to all enthusiasts of this design.

Desk lamp magnifying glass 2

Adjustable table lamp with LED light and powerful magnifying glass. This utilitarian home office or workshop accessory is attached to a desk with a durable clamp which keeps it in place even if you move the arm.

4" Glass Bell Lamp Shade

4" Glass Bell Lamp Shade
This beautiful lamp looks like a piece of jewelry! You will be amazed by the beautiful stained glass which has been used to create its bell shades. There is a five year warranty from the manufacturer.

40 LED Lighting Magnifying Glass Desk Lamp With 5X & 10X Magnifier

Simple, functional magnifying desk glass table lamp. It prides itself on environmental protection and energy saving. But also interesting design in black color. The upper base is made of hard plastic and durable metal. Adjustable at 360 degrees.

Desk lamp magnifying glass 1

Desk lamp fitted with magnifier. It is mounted on plastic frame. Great solution for work organization at home and in the office.

Glass lamp shade replacements 17

Magnifying crafts glass desk lamp with 5x 10x magnifier 40

Magnifying Crafts Glass Desk Lamp With 5x 10x Magnifier 40 Led Lighting New
Simple and convenient, this magnifying glass table lamp comes with LED lights and is not only long life but also safe for the environment. It offers the upper base made of hard plastic and durable metal floor.

Large glass painted to match old shade glass shade repair

Vintage crackle lamp shade replacement

Vintage Crackle Lamp Shade Replacement
Intricately designed, this crystal shade can be a cool vintage crackle lamp shade replacement. Its handmade, carefully designed silhouette shall appeal even to the pickiest tastes.

Tiffany style lamp shades replacement

Vintage glass lamp shade replacement showcasing traditional form crafted with care from milk glass and accentuated with handpainted floral motifs, designed as table or desk lamp, yet fitting for a wall sconce or chandelier, too.

Glass lamp shade replacements 10

Replacement glass hurricane lantern

Replacement Glass Hurricane Lantern
Designed in the 1960's, this clear glass kerosene lamp hurricane can be a fine replacement for your broken lamp shade. It's beautifully shaped, and suitable for vintage table lamps. And you can clean it without effort.

Clear glass lamp shade with seashell design replacement light fixture

Made of clear glass lampshade replacement is a perfect combination of simple design and beautiful design. The ideal fit in every interior design, especially the seaside layout, because the lampshade resembles a shell.

Glass lamp shade replacements 13

White glass lamp shade replacements

A very functional and decorative ceiling lamp that consists of pentagon glass panels. This eye-catching stylization updates any decor. It is solid thanks to its durable bronze frame. This lamp provides very good level of light indoors.

Gingko Glass Bell Lamp Shade

Gingko Glass Bell Lamp Shade

Tiffany style lamp shade replacement

Pendant lamp in industrial style. It is mounted on metal base and fitted with glass lampshade. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Neutral and functional accent for each room.

Glass lamp shade replacements 22

Vintage peach lusterware glass lamp

Vintage Peach Lusterware Glass Lamp
A truly beautiful lamp shade that will fill your room with romantic light and decorative appearance. The replacement shade is shaped like a blooming flower, made of opaline glass and embellished with pink roses print.

6.38" Plymouth Glass Drum Lamp Shade

6.38" Plymouth Glass Drum Lamp Shade

Craftmade 106 2.25 Inch Tea Stained Glass Shade, Tea Stained Glass

Vintage brilliant cut glass crystal lamp light shade replacement

Glass lamp shade replacements 16

Hurricane shade 7 fitter white glass

Replacement glass lamp shades 5

Globe glass lamp shades lily shades at the antique lamp