Glass Folding Tables

Do you happen to like glass folding tables? Maybe you have come here while searching for elegant and practical pieces of furniture – if that is so, you should not regret having a look at these photos. That is because they depict a wide range of designs, shapes and other details.

Yulia Thompson Interior Design Expert
Ikea craft table

A simple, but useful folding table mounted on wall. Its simple wooden construction assures good appearance and solidity. It provides some space for storage or display of decorations and other items. It can be folded when not in use.

Folding glass table

This is probably the smartest design I've stumbled upon in the past weeks. A wall mirror in thick black frame with hidden hinges transforms into a breakfast table (!) or a desk. It unfolds with a single move of hand. Just wow!

Glass folding tables
Jenkins Diana

With the space-saving design and the classy looks this coffee table that can easily double as a mini bar will provide the handcrafted structure of solid, sustainable wood and the compact frame that tucks right next to your sofa on U-shaped legs.

Gold side tables 1
Liliana Gadjus

Useful table with durable metal frame in gold finish and with rectangular acrylic top. Its folding frame allows for space saving transportation and storage when not in use. Stylization of this table matches any home design.

Glass top bar table
Melanie Sim

Are you searching for a new dining table? Maybe, you should try to refresh your old door and create something new. This idea is excellent, cheap and very clever.

Glass folding tables

Give your home an exclusive touch with the Pierre Cardin dining table. It features a the glass top and two bases. Amazing example of brass furniture.

Glass folding dining table
Crystal Tur

Park picnic wine table: It folds up and has a built in handle for carrying. Insert the pointed peg into the ground. Fold the table top over on its wooden hinge. Then, enjoy a nice bottle of wine without concern of where to set your wine bottle or tipping

Folding tables ebay
Mitchell Karen

All white look for engagement party and rehearsal dinner

Glass folding tables 2

I saw this craft table by Bubblewrapp'd on Pinterest today and just had to share the brilliant design with all of you! It folds up into a cute frame on the wall when not in use, and then folds down to reveal this workstation

Glass Dining Table
Samantha Camp

Glass Dining Table
Simple and extremely elegant. Why not choose this amazing dining table that sports the chrome legs and glass top design and will make for a sublime addition to your contemporary styled decor, elevating it beautifully.

Glass top dining tables with wood base

Dining table in modern form. Wooden base is fitted with glass top. It has 10 seating capacity. Tasteful and functional accent for the living room, dining room and others interiors according to taste.

Glass folding tables
Krystal Lewis

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Glass folding tables 5

Use a large napkin to create a placemat/charger of sorts, a medium napkin in the center of plates, or a small paper cocktail napkin under glasses at a party for an elegant coaster.

Timeless Folding Dining Table
Perry Dana

Timeless Folding Dining Table
It is a folding dining table that has got a tortoise finish, sturdy rattan construction and unique and natural design. It fits to any style and décor and is a great addition to indoor and outdoor space.

Glass folding tables
Lambert Abbey

Amazing glass extension (2)

Glass folding tables
Kimberly Sanders

Bunny Napkin Fold, Easter Napkin Fold — Balancing Beauty and Bedlam

Glass folding table
Cintia Kowalski

A Beach Themed Table Setting. Great inspiration for a beach wedding

Folding glass dining table
Anna Sanchez

Dump A Day Simple Home Ideas That Are Borderline Genius - 27 Pics

Vintage tv trays
Olivia Smithist

It is surprising that there's in fact no dinnerware on this teal blue metal folding table - it's embellished with high-definition realistic decoupage pattern! Only the clementine is real. Here's a DIY instruction how to do this.

Round bistro table set
Craven Rachel

This wrought iron bistro table set will bring you the charming atmosphere of lovely, French cafes and bistros. Along wth accompanying chairs, it will make a pleasurable addition to your patio.

Glass folding tables 1
Mackenzie Milani

to the left of my mothers' table was a piece of furniture with glass on top. fold out one side and lift this part up and it looks like that. Shell

Glass folding tables 3

DISC painted the mirrored doors, which were original to the house, in chalkboard paint.

Glass folding tables 4

Place Setting

Glass folding tables 6
Lambert Abbey

place setting #weddings #functions

Glass folding tables 7

Step 10 - How to Fold a Napkin for a Wine Glass - Southern Living

Glass folding tables 8
Lauren Martinezify

Félix Agostini; Cast Bronze and Glass 'Sapajou' Table, 1963.

Glass folding tables 9

The Dinner Party- the table folds up! Wow, I have a table like this that we purchased years ago for a game table for our basement. I could paint it and re-use it then it would be handy for parties. Now to find paing.

Glass folding tables 11
Jenna Baker

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Glass folding tables 12
Theresa Evan

really dig the white on red brick with the black board. sliding warehouse window/doors are killer.

Glass folding tables 13
Mendes Natasha

A new take on napkin folding. Have to try this!

Glass folding tables
Zernike Laetitia

home office decor and style

Glass folding tables 14
Olivia Smithist

flame cloth napkin folding for glasses---this is my favorite :) great for holding tea parties or nice dinners

Antique vanity table

Stylish and practical antique white vanity table with a large mirror. Its solid wooden construction is finished in white color. Four drawers provide storage space for useful accessories and a padded chair assures comfort.

Glass folding tables 15
Patterson Gracie

Serviette/Napkin Folding, Sydney Opera Fan in Wine Glass. Photo by kiwidutch

Glass folding tables 16
Clark Laura

Tri-Fold Vanity Venetian Mirror

Glass folding tables

Kyoto-based interior designer Hiromitsu Konishi // display system for Suzuki Shofudo // finding inspiration in the way Japanese fans open and collapse, Konishi created an entirely collapsible paper display system.

Glass folding tables 17
Brittany Brow

Easy no-fold napkins. And love the chargers/plates/glasses....

Folding patio dining set

Top Ten: Best Outdoor Patio Dining Sets Apartment Therapy Annual Guide 2014

Glass folding tables
Bush Eliza

The red charger is so dramatic, love it! Stunning wedding accent against the black and white Bella linen.

Glass folding tables 18
Julia Brow

There are a few built in shelves around the foyer and within the ceremony/reception area. I thought this might be a nice simple element to incorporate outside of the centerpieces and other arrangements.

Glass folding tables

Under The Table and Dreaming: Mason Jar Photo Valentine - How to Fold 3D Paper Hearts

Glass folding tables 19
Perry Dana

Great idea for seating without all the name cards :)

Glass folding tables 20
Isabella Martinable

Folding outdoor wine table with carry handle by TurkeyFeather, $90.00

Glass folding tables 21
Johnson Stacey

27 Luxury Arrangements For Your Wedding Table Decoration | Daily source for inspiration and fresh ideas on Architecture, Art and Design

Glass folding tables
Kristina Torres

Illusion Table: Illusion is a handmade side table of 3 mm acrylic. All Illusion tables are handmade, individual and unique.The design gives the impression of a table cloth on a round table. However, the object uses the structural strength of the folded ma

Folding Table (Set of 4)
Stone Caroline

Folding Table (Set of 4)
Simple and lightweight folding table. It is the perfect solution for small rooms or in the case of a family gathering, when you need an extra table. It can also be used as an end table in the living room. Comes in the set of 4.

Glass folding tables 22
Alison Simm

Centerpiece: Floral wire attached to paper planes then arranged in a vase. Photo: Kang Kim |

Glass folding tables 23

Lilly Pulitzer-Inspired Luncheon| Set the Table | "Don't layer your table with unnecessary glasses or utensils," Dana advises. "Use only what you need for your menu." But do take the time to try a napkin fold. "I have a book on napkin folds, and it's fun

163 glass table
Elizabeth Coupe

163 | Glass Table

Glass folding tables
Taylor Courtney

I found a pair of triangle tables at a flea market. I painted them, added green felt, old pool balls and rack. I had the glass tops cut to fit the table. They look great in my game room!