Glass Cylinder Floor Lamp

In need for a spectacular floor lamp? Browse below and check out the glass cylinder styles. They complement the interior with a stylish element and fill it with atmospheric light. Here is a collection of products which I found particularily interesting. Take a look and perhaps you'll find something ideal for your home, too.

Glass cylinder floor lamp 4

Floor lamp with a durable and stylish glass cylinder that provides protection for a simple post. Square base assures stability and support. Drum shade is finished in white color, so it looks great in any decor.

Glass cylinder floor lamp modern floor lamps

Glass Cylinder Floor Lamp Modern Floor Lamps
Glass elements bring in modern transparency. The table lamp here is additionally enriched with metal accents. The streamlined shape makes it possible to insert decorative elements into its glass cylinder.This floor lamp is topped by a clean white lamp shade.

Glass cylinder floor lamp 5

Glass cylinder floor lamp 24

Glass cylinder floor lamp 7

Futuristic look for a modern floor lamp with a cylindrical shape which gives it a unique appearance. The lamp is made out of plastic with a frame filled with water to provide an unusual look which nicely fits with the minimalistic shade.

Glass cylinder floor lamp 13

Glass cylinder floor lamp 38

Glass cylinder floor lamp 14

Glass cylinder floor lamp modern floor lamps 1

Glass Cylinder Floor Lamp Modern Floor Lamps
Floor lamp as additional source of light in any interior as needed. Base is made of clear glass. Drum lampshade gives warm tone of light. Simple form and modern design.

Glass cylinder floor lamp 12

Glass cylinder floor lamp 31

Glass cylinder floor lamp 29

Jcp floor lamps

Glass cylinder floor lamp 18

Glass cylinder floor lamp 11

Cylinder floor lamp 1

Filled with seashells, it is hard to find another lamp arousing such emotions. This beautiful, cylinder construction is finished with a stylish, creamy white, conical lampshade.

Floor lamps jcpenney

Cylinder floor lamp 4

Floor lamp in cylinder shape. It is covered with glass and decorated with sophisticated pattern. Adds freshness and elegance to any interior according to taste.

Cylinder floor lamp 9

A piece of utter beauty and originality - this floor lamp will make your interior into a completely sophisticated space due to the sublime brass structure and the Moroccan design that will ensure that your guests won't be able to take their eyes off of it.

Glass cylinder floor lamp 2

Glass cylinder floor lamp 42

Cylinder floor lamp 3

Simple, but attractive and very functional floor lamp with a small metal base in round shape and with a small post. Simple cylinder shade is finished in white color. It is high, so it assures good illumination of indoors.

Glass cylinder floor lamp 10

Stacked glass cylinder floor lamp 1

Stacked Glass Cylinder Floor Lamp
Very impressive floor lamp with glass cylinder base will be great addition to the modern decorated home. The universal shape and color makes the lamp fit to most room decors, making from it a very stylish addition.

Glass cylinder floor lamp 16

Made of a perfect combination of glass and zinc and sporting the polished nickel finish and clear glass structure this floor lamp will make for an elegant statement as a lamp base and help you achieve a sleek, eye-catching design.

Glass cylinder floor lamp 22

Glass cylinder floor lamp 23

Glass cylinder floor lamp 32

Glass cylinder floor lamp 1

Flexible floor lamp 2

Floor lamp with a flexible arm and durable post finished in neutral white color. Its round base improves stability and a flexible arm allows for adjustment according to different requirements. Solid construction is resistant to damage.

Glass cylinder floor lamp 34

Flexible floor lamp 38

Industrial take on an elegant floor lamp with a flexible wire frame which can be personalized to look however you prefer. The floor lamp is made out of sleek brass with a cylinder shape, which gives it a classy look.

Flexible floor lamp 40

Flexible floor lamp allows your to choose the perfect position of it for reading or creating a delicate light for watching movies. It is also very easy to hide. The universal shape and color makes it match to most room decors.

Jc penney floor lamps

Glass cylinder floor lamp 6

Flexible floor lamp 5

Pendant lamp as main or additional source of light. Cube lampshade is made of plastic. Contemporary design for each home.

Glass cylinder floor lamp 8

Flexible floor lamp 13

Provide a boost of light for your interior with this amazing floor lamp that sports the swing arm and brings you the convenience of an extremely flexible design, allowing to direct the light wherever you need it most.

Lightweights Cylinder Floor Lamp

Lightweights Cylinder Floor Lamp
It is very modern and very minimalist floor lamp. The lamp has a shade of salmon-colored. It is very simple and delicate, which fits perfectly in the atmosphere of modern living. It is the time element of utilitarian and decorative.

Flexible floor lamp 36

A flexible floor lap with a pyrex glass diffuser will constitute a perfect addition for the contemporary living or office space. Finished in a glazed aluminium structure, this zak floor lamp is the project of Till Leaser and it is being crafted in Italy.

Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp
If you are looking for a spectacular floor lamp for your interior, this model will be perfect. Beautifully it made like a work of art. The combination of chrome base, which is slender and very elegant with blue lenses is very stylish.

Ofuse 2 Light Floor Lamp

Ofuse 2 Light Floor Lamp
Floor lamp featuring modern design and sturdy construction made of high quality metal. Additionally, the lamp has two bulb slots and each of them can accommodate 60 Watt halogen bulb. It's design is a perfect addition to all contemporary interiors.

Ofuse 2 Light Floor Lamp

Ofuse 2 Light Floor Lamp
2 light floor lamp in a modern style. The base is made of steel. Rotary shades allows to adjust the angle of light. Suitable for any interior according to personal taste and imagination.

Glass cylinder floor lamp 15

Glass cylinder floor lamp 17

Ofuse 2 Light Floor Lamp

Ofuse 2 Light Floor Lamp
Floor lamp 2 lights. Stable base is made of steel. Lights on various levels. It fits into any interior according to taste and needs.

Ofuse 1 Light Floor Lamp

Ofuse 1 Light Floor Lamp
Classic floor lamp made of steel. It has one light with an adjustable shade for setting the angle of light.

Glass cylinder floor lamp 20

Glass cylinder floor lamp 21

Glass cylinder floor lamp 26