Glass Chimney Kerosene Lamp

Well, this collection will be a treat for all those who like classic style. This is because below you will see many different glass chimney kerosene lamps, all in varying designs, colours and shapes. Thanks to that, nobody will complain about the choice. You can be a lucky owner of such lamp as well.

Glass chimney kerosene lamp 2

Stylish glass chimney kerosene lamps are a beautiful design element and an impressive form of interior lighting. Oil lamp in neon lime shade captivates the structure and details of decoration.

Glass chimney kerosene lamp

Kerosene lamp chimney glass

The efficient and very stylish glass chimney kerosene lamp is a perfect and very impressive interior design element. Globe chimney base in vintage design is charming and attractive in the bedroom or living room.

Vintage pressed glass amber taupe miniature oil lamp chimney brass

Glass chimney kerosene lamp 1

Full of class and elegance, this exquisite kerosene lamp is one gorgeous piece of antique craftsmanship. It's made of purple glass, adorned with brass accents and "moon & stars" pattern. There's also a clear glass hurricane hidden inside of the lamp's shade.

Glass chimney kerosene lamp

Attractive color and finish of this excellent vintage glass chimney kerosene lamp delight in every detail. The beautiful light that brings the magical atmosphere into the interior and the subtle yet very original design impresses.

Glass chimney kerosene lamp 10

Glass chimney kerosene lamp 16

Glass chimney kerosene lamp 12

Pair of Clear Glass Kerosene - Oil Lamps 14" Tall Lamplight Farms Hobnail Shade

Glass chimney kerosene lamp 1

Glass chimney kerosene lamp 7

Antique kerosene oil lamp 1800s banner

Antique Kerosene Oil Lamp 1800s Banner
Antique, beautiful kerosene lamp full of glass and brass fittings is a substantial history piece. This Victorian oil lamp, besides her age, can be still used, which makes it a perfect gift. Just fill the kerosene and light.

Miniature vapo cresolene vaporizer oil lamp with white glass chimney

Vintage kerosene lamps

A fabulous addition for vintage-looking rooms. This gorgeous kerosene lamp boasts of its antique design and slender silhouette; with a beautifully formed glass base and a mouth-blown clear glass hurricane.

Antique kerosene lamps

This element is a glass chimney kerosene lamp that features a durable construction based on decorative glass and metal. It provides small amount of light that creates good atmosphere and decorates indoor or outdoor areas.

Lamp chimney 3 x 10 slim frosted glass kerosene oil

Oil Lanterns - Brass Mini - 5.75" Amber Glass

Vintage Antique Oil kerosene Clear Blown Molded Hobnail Glass Table Lamp Chimney

Glass chimney kerosene lamp 5

This retro miniature glass kerosene lamp will be a real bargain for all vintage style enthusiasts. Adding unusual warmth and brightness to every interior, it constitutes a must-have proposition.

Glass chimney kerosene lamp 23

Glass chimney kerosene lamp 19

Glass chimney kerosene lamp 20

12.5" Lox-On Chimney

12.5" Lox-On Chimney

Lite Hearted 12" Oil Lamp

Lite Hearted 12" Oil Lamp
Stylish, antiquated oil lamp giving an impression of coziness and a dash of traditional charm to any ambiance. It features brass burner and a beautiful transparent glass globe design with embossed pattern.

Glass chimney kerosene lamp 29

Victorian bristol blue glass font youngs burner kerosene oil lamp

Victorian Bristol Blue Glass Font Youngs Burner Kerosene Oil Lamp Etched Chimney
Antique kerosene lamp descendant from nineteenth century. It has very beautiful brass kickstand with floral ornament and dark blue (cobalt) fuel tank. Glazed lampshade has a grapevine ornament. This lamp is very elegant and sophisticated.

Glass chimney kerosene lamp 21

Vintage miniature 6 1 4 amber oil kerosene lamp and

Kerosene lamp chimney

A pretty antique oil lamp of glass and brass. A square foot and a round stem with horizontal grooves are of clear glass. Its oval tank and tall vase-like lampshade feature a coral reef design in greens. A burner and a shade holder are of brass.

Glass chimney kerosene lamp 28

Vintage cast iron cresolene kerosene oil miniature small lamp milk

Vintage Cast Iron Cresolene Kerosene Oil Miniature Small Lamp Milk Glass Chimney
Intricately designed, ornamental wall lamp, which combines iron base with a glass cloche. Its dimensions are: 6 and 1/4 by 3 and 3/4" and 3 and 1/4" at the base. If you are antique enthusiasts, then this gently preserved example shall arouse your interest.

Glass chimney kerosene lamp 1

Oil Lamps Brass Table Lamp 14" - Kerosene Lamp - Decorative Lanterns

Ellipse 13" Oil Lamp

Ellipse 13" Oil Lamp
It is a very elegant and extremely showy lamp Oil, which is ideally suited to any interior and in every room. It is a wonderful decoration. It can also be used as an element for creating a wonderful climate in the house lit with natural light.

Chamber Oil Lamp (Set of 4)

Chamber Oil Lamp (Set of 4)

High Intensity LED Classic Old 97 Lantern - 3 colors

Kerosene Lamp with Blue Base

Details about clear glass 2 5 8 x 14 lamp

Vintage metal glass shadow box style oil

Glass chimney kerosene lamp 22

Rayo oil or kerosene lamp early 1900s silver metal with

Antique vintage glass kerosene oil lamp w red chimney small

Hinks sons cast metal duplex oil lamp glass globular hand

Oil Lantern - 5.75" Antique Brass Mini Lamp

Vintage oil lamp chimney glass hurricane amber swirl 5 inche

Oil or kerosene table lamps princess feather pattern kerosene lamp

Glass chimney for certain gone with the wind and parlor

Frosted glass 2 5 8 x 7 3 4 lamp

Glass chimney kerosene lamp 30