Girly Bunk Beds

Bunk beds can be a great thing to have. On this site, you will find a lot of models of girly bunk beds. If you think that you could have one of these at home, don’t hesitate and have a look at these photos. Then you will have an idea about what possibilities there are to choose from.

Lily Weber Interior Design Expert
Chandelier kids room

Elegant design for a classy, vintage bedroom with a cozy detail. The bunk bed is fully covered with tufted fabric which gives it a unique vibe, and the tiny, mirrored nightstand gives the room a glamorous finishing detail.

Low bunk beds with stairs
Rivera Heather

A charming bunk bed that every girl dreams of. It looks like two sofas combined together in a bunk bed. Soft mattresses in warm, bluish colors and subtle curtains at the sides will give every girls bedroom a cosy atmosphere.

Girly bunk beds
Lambert Abbey

An impressive contemporary bunk bed for girl kids. It's modelled on a rustic house having e.g. a gable roof, shuttered windows, long flowerpots, a staircase with drawers in steps. It's of wooden materials in prevalent delicate pink, cream and white.

Kids cottage playhouse
Laetitia Anderson

Now any child can not only sleep comfortably but also have an amazing place to play and have fun thanks to this amazing loft bed that sports the structure that safes space and the colorful finish reminding a small house.

Cute girl bunk beds

Chelsea Vanity Loft Bed Always wanted a bed like this when I was growing up. So pretty!

Girly bunk beds
Thompson Julia

The bedroom usually offers simple, freestanding beds. But for true princesses sharing a room - you can choose to build in the niche single girl bunk wooden beds - with a canopy. They slide mysteriously from the inside of the wall.

Girly beds

IKEA Hackers: Girly Kura bunk bed; explains how to make this into a bunk bed w/o setting the mattress on the ground

Princess Twin Loft Bed
Andrea Park

Princess Twin Loft Bed
Finished in beautiful harmony of pastel colours, designed as a princess castle, this twin loft bed is just loved by little girls! On its sides, the piece feaures functional shelves and drawers to store treasures.

Princess bunk beds for girls 2

Original and unique bunk bed for girls. It includes attractive pattern with plenty of colors. Upper area looks like a house with a window, protective elements and roof. This upper area is accessible thanks to stairs with a rail.

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Twin Over Full Bunk Bed
A simple twin over full bunk bed that allows you to add some style and stability to the bedroom, making it an excellent addition to your kids' or guest room. The mattresses are supported by slats and you don't need to get a box spring.

Girly bunk beds
Gina Pere

Bunk bed "tent" - AWESOME! @Kim Gatz and @Sarah Dempsen, Sarah, this is so so so cute. I thought of your girls immediately. Something like this might come in handy when they're a little older. I want one now! lol

Study bunk bed 2
Coupe Andrea

Ok, I know I said earlier that I don't like my loft bed, but I will defenitely consider this.

Half loft bed
Perry Victoria

Tween Girls Bedroom and Bath, Bedroom for my twelve-year-old daughter who is very picky and not at all girly., Bedrooms Design

Girly bunk beds
Lauren Rog

I love the idea of multiple bunk beds in a finished basement ... You can have multiple guests over without needing air mattresses or cots. Reminds me of college ...

Bunk bed bookshelf 9

Girly girl bunk beds!

Girly bunk beds
Melissa Jone

This is PERFECT! Twinkle lights and bunting. Exactly what my nursery will look like! (Except maybe a little more green)

Bunk bed for four
Kristina Robinson

The drawer with the snacks were a blessing and a really good idea. i learned my girlie was hyperactive whe she was jsut 3. she would get up at night and raid my fridge, then take my keys and go for a walk around the neighborhood. we had to change all the

Girly bunk beds
Colleen Hen

#children's spaces #Children's bedrooms #bunk beds - mommo design: BUNKS FOR GIRLS

Girly bunk beds 10

Closet loft bed.--seriously, this is pretty cool. If my little girly ever gets her own room, this would be fun to give her more space in her room.

Girly bunk beds 11
Abbey Kowalski

Would make a lovely reading nook for my girlies....aaaaaahhhhhhh...yes.

Beds for little girls

Durable, comfortable and attractive bunk bed for girls. Its castle theme looks very stylish in any interior design. Upper bed is accessible thanks to stairs hidden in the tower. Upper bed includes protective walls.

Top bunk tent
Christina Smith

♥ Love this girly house bed!!! Could work as an Ikea Kura bed hack with the bed down the bottom...

Dollhouse bunk beds
Mary Pow

Designed for indoors, this exquisite bunk bed is integrated with a lovely dollhouse, giving you a great decoration for little princesses' rooms. The house is made of wood, has a high-pitched roof, windows with shutters, 5 open shelves and a cozy little inside.

Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed
Functional twin bed with built-in ladder. The construction is made of wood. The upper rails ensure safety. Received a lot of positive recommendations from satisfied customers.

Kids room chandeliers 7
Lisa Cox

Save Space and Bunk Up! What a great idea for tweens who share a room, or for the daughter who seems to have a sleepover every night!

Girly bunk beds 1
Meghan Ros

Amazing and adorable solutions for kids bunk beds!! Love the last one in the article! ... jw Article_show_girly_2

Bunkbeds for girls

Girly Yet Sassy Nothing says sassy like bright hues of pink and green. The bottom part of this pink bunk bed works as a reading space and a place for overnight guests to sleep. Designer Jennifer Ellen Frank

Girly bunk beds 3

ikea kura bed- OMG!!! Love love love!! Even a picture of my favorite actress on the wall!!!

Girly bunk beds 6

Awesome bunk bed for girls or storage

Girly bunk beds 7
Stacy Washington

turn unused attic space into built in bunk beds for kids sleepover

Girly bunk beds

This looks very doable! And easy to personalize (and change as they go through phases). I think we have a winner!

Girly bunk beds 8
Karen Wilson

minimal decor, the architectural elements are what make the room cool and soft girlie colors. Just my cup o' tea!

Loft bunk beds with desk and stairs
Butler Crystal

Om'gawsh. Since my girlie will probably always have the smallest room with two boys in the other one -- this sort of thing would be AWESOME for her space.

Girly bunk beds 9

Paloma and Olivet's Shared Space My Room bunk bed

Really really cool bed i want this d
Brittany Joh

really really cool bed. i want this :D

Girly bunk beds
Krystal Murp

Bunk beds with selves for storage. Cute small space concept

Top 10 princess carriage beds for girls bedroom 1
Anderson Marisa

Top 10 Princess carriage beds for girls bedroom

Girly bunk beds 12
Michele Stewart

I disagree with her saying bunk beds aren't "girly" - I had one and LOVED IT! But she's got some cute bunk bed inspiration pictures.

Girly bunk beds 13
Lindsey Mar

Teenage Bedroom Ideas: Small Bedroom Inspiration with Perfect Layout and Arrangement Small Bedroom Ideas Suitable for Teenage – Furniture Home Idea

Full or Twin Bed Black or Silver Metal Frame Kids Bedroom Dorm Under Loft Beds
Cynthia Jon

Full or Twin Bed Black or Silver Metal Frame Kids Bedroom Dorm Under Loft Beds

Girly bunk beds 14

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I like the curtains on the bottom bunk the best

I like the curtains on the bottom bunk The Best Bunk Beds For Toddlers

Fairytale canopy beds for your little princess 1
Ebony Gar

Fairytale Canopy Beds For Your Little Princess!

Girly bunk beds 15
Erika Tor

Okay this is adorable

Kids bedroom furniture we have children furniture for boys and
Isabella Martinable

... Kids Bedroom Furniture. We have children furniture for boys and girls

Girly bunk beds 16
Alyssa Wilsonify

LOVE LOVE LOVE this bunk bed for the girls!!!! I really like those hues of pink & green together. ADORABLE! :)

Dollhouse Loft Bed

Dollhouse Loft Bed
Adorable Doll House Loft Bed for Kids just perfect for the room of a little princess. Consists twin size upper sleeping area, built-in-steps, and lower open area for accommodating large bed. The whole is painted in soft purple, pink and green tones.

For my girlie
Craven Rachel

For my girlie

If the coaches are not grand enough why not go

If the Coaches are not grand enough why not go for our full size ...

Princess Twin Castle Loft Bed and Slide with Tent and Slide
Alexis Hallify

Princess Twin Castle Loft Bed and Slide with Tent and Slide
Adorable gift for little girls, this Princess Twin Castle Loft Bed with Slide & Tent features durable microfiber fabric with gorgeous mix of white, pink, and purple finish. The castle is also enriched by a Princess Tower with peek through, and fold down window cover.