Girls White Loft Bed With Desk

Create a lovely room for your daughter with a white loft bed. In an instant you'll transform the room into a royal space for your little princess! Just add some colourful pillows, a crystal chandelier and a splash of pink here and there. Your daughter will surely be delighted. Check the collection of girls' white loft beds with desk presented below.

Amanda Gosselin Interior Design Expert
Girls white loft bed with desk 1
White Jillian

Loft bed designed for girls. Construction is made of wood. It is fitted with desk and a lot of drawers for storing clothes and other needed items. It provides space saving in every teenager's room as needed.

Girls white loft bed with desk
Patterson Gracie

This sleek designed room is an excellent interior for a cool girl. A lovely loft bed with a desk or dressing table below delight in functionality. Bright shade introduces space and cozy atmosphere for relaxing, learn and have fun.

Full size loft bed
Mackenzie Poly

A great solution for everyone who values ergonomy and space-efficient designs. This loft bed is as comfortable and practical as any other bed, and by placing the desk below it, you use the same space two times. The white colour fits all designs.

Loft beds for girls
Price Kristina

Suitable for girls' rooms, this lovely arm chair is upholstered in a nice-to-touch, purple material, with a gorgeous skirt around its bottom part. The wingback design makes the chair very comfy, as well as the foam-filled seat cushion.

Full size loft bed with desk for adults

This full-size loft bed with desk is actually a practical proposition for the adults' bedrooms. Its white, wooden finish will add a charming ambiance, providing also an impressive storage and workspace underneath the stairs-entered bed.

Loft style beds

Why separate desk and bed when a kid's room is small and you can have to of those pieces in one. Here a bunk bed is set over a desk. Powder pink accents hint at girl's room. A white built-in ladder allows to climb up to a twin sized bed.

Bunk beds with desk and stairs
King Heather

Every kids' room will be more than grateful for this adorable addition. Bunk bed is placed on top of the structure, and you can climb there, using a fixed, 5-step ladder. If you need a desk, storage drawers or compartments for your belongings, not to worry, they're all there, too.

Girls loft beds
Alexandra Hay

An amazing addition for girls' rooms, this comfy loft bed with a built-in desk is made of wood and covered in a white finish. The combo includes open shelves, a fixed ladder, and a top bunk with protective railings.

Teen bunk bed
Murphy Kimberly

This stunning loft bed with a matching desk and the futon-styled bed is the perfect choice for your interior, allowing for ample comfort and even more space-saving possibitilies, since it comes with the compact structure packed with durability.

Loft bunk beds with desk and drawers

This loft bed with desk downstairs is a perfect set of furniture for young students. Beautiful colors, plenty of storage space and functionality make it even in the small spaces you can feel comfortable.

Bed above desk
Alexis Millerism

A comfortable loft bunk bed with many great solutions, perfect for larger kids' rooms. The bed is crafted of wood and painted in white, including a fixed ladder, protective railings on top, 7 storage drawers, 1 door cabinet, and 1 built-in desk.

Loft beds for teenage girls
Brown Katherine

Make sure that your child is always comfortable and can enjoy as much free space as possible by opting for this loft bed that comes with the desk on the bottom and the closet for fitting some of the clothes on the side.

Girls loft bed with desk

This wonderful furniture set is a perfect option for small spaces. It consists of a bunk bed and a desk underneath. There are some extra shelves at the one side. The whole structure is in elegant, white color.

Girl loft beds
Alexis Davis

Multitasking space for the little girls. This white loft bed with the desk below is a perfect space to spend the time, even if it is very limited. This piece of furniture is white so it will fit even if you repaint the walls.

Loft bed for girl

With its white, gentle finish and practical arrangement, this loft bed with desk constitutes a perfect proposition for a girl's bedroom. Functionally designed space allows to save precious floor space.

Desk for girls

Enhance the comfort of your kid's room with this attractive loft bed with a built-in desk. The bed is crafted of wood and painted i white, offering a convenient staircase with a built-in storage drawer in each step, proper protection for the top bunk, and 1 desk with 3 drawers.

10 best loft beds with desk designs
Thomas Patricia
Loft beds with desk for girls
Mendes Natasha

A proposition for a girl's bedroom. This white loft bed creates a cleverly designed space, that can be organized into a work station. The set features a desk along with a designer swivel chair underneath the bed.

Loft beds for teens

Try this loft bed for the room of your teenage daughter or son, and you will quickly see that a very little of space had been taken. Bed is bathed in a white finish, including a fixed ladder, open shelves, and a top bunk with protective railings.

Teen loft beds
Joanna Richardson

Loft bed with desk, open shelves and drawers for storing clothes. It is made of wood and fitted with metal rails for added safety. Modern design for kid's room, teenager's room and more.

Desk for teenage girl
Susan Mitchell

A classic bed for an exceptional child. Overflowing from head to toe white - in a traditional Scandinavian style. Made of solid wood, it has a simple construction of a girl's white loft bed with a desk, daybed, and smooth white ladder.

Loft bed desk dresser
Hilton Emily

A girl's white loft bed with desk - gives bunker increased possibilities. This segment combines a bed, shelves and a desk made of solid wood. Finished with pristine white - illuminate the room, saving space. The drawers are dove-tailed.

4 poster twin bed
Robinson Layla

Go for practical use beyond measure with this amazing 4 poster twin bed. It comes with the white finish and the extra desk underneath makes for the perfect working area, ensuring ample comfort for your child.

Bunk bed with couch underneath 1
Alexandra Hay

An interesting teenage bedroom decor. It includes a blue armchair with soft seat cushion. The largest element is a combination of two beds (one in the upper and one in the lower area). This construction also includes stairs with storage drawers.

White loft bed with desk underneath
Craven Zoe

Ideal for a girl bedroom, this white bunk bed set constitutes a charming and practical proposition, featuring a desk and a vanity underneath. All maintained in stylish white, resembling shabby chic or cottage designs.

Bunk beds in closet
Anderson Marisa
Loft beds full size
Loft bed for teenager
Christina Lopez
Desk for teens
White wood loft bed with desk
Laetitia Kloss

This beautiful white loft bed is an ideal way to handle the case of tiny spaces. You will love the colors, which bring so much bright to the interior. Functionality fans would not be disappointed as well, as this set can easily contain a cabinet inside.

Loft bed for teens
Bunk beds for girls with desk
Patterson Gracie
Teenage loft beds
Renee Robinson

Captivating color scheme and functionality of this lovely wood loft bed with desk delights and works great in every girly room. Practical details and interesting storage solutions fascinate and make every place is well-managed.

Double bed and desk combo

A comfortable bunk bed that provides soft sleeping space in the upper area and in the lower one. The upper bed is accessible thanks to stairs with storage drawers. White color of this bed matches any child's room.

Desk for girl
Little girl loft bed
Mackenzie Milani
Teen bunk beds
Isabella Martinable

Covered in a beautiful contrast of white and purple, this loft bed with a built-in desk, is crafted of sturdy wood. It offers a properly secured top bunk, couple of open shelves, a fixed ladder, and 1 desk with storage drawers, a stylish top, and turned legs.

Loft beds with desk and stairs

Bunk bed for saving space in kid's room, teenager's room and more. Construction is made of wood. Barriers and stairs for added safety. It is fitted with a lot of drawers for storing clothes and others needed items.

Cute girls bedroom in pink with a loft bed that
Lambert Abbey
Double size loft bed with desk
Robinson Layla

A cool loft bed with a rectilinear frame of wooden materials finished in white. A bed has wide rails around and is equipped with an upright ladder in the middle. Two cushioned benches with ladder backs and a desk in the centre are under the bed.

Loft beds with closet
Bianca Weberable

A space-saving solution ideal for use in the children's room. This piece of furniture includes a bed, storage drawers, cabinets and a desk. It is a multi-functional product made of solid and durable materials.

Bunk beds for teenage girls
Jillian Hayes
Pottery barn teen loft bed and desk
Cool kids bunk bed with desk i so love this
Girl loft bed
Nelson Rachel

Space-saving and comfortable, this loft bed with desk is going to find its use, especially, in dorm rooms, boarding schools, and smaller rooms. Made of wood and painted white, the bed offers 1 built-in desk, 1 open shelf and 1 fixed ladder.

Girls white corner high loft contemporary kids
I love the idea of a loft bed with play
Berg utica twin dorm loft bed with desk and storage
Berg furniture play and study twin loft with desk
Stacey Lew
Girls bunk bed furniture mumbai