Gas Corner Fireplace

Many of us like sitting at a nice corner fireplace. That is why you might find this collection interesting, especially if you have been searching for such solutions. You do not have to rush with anything here – on the contrary, it is worth to take a careful look at all the available possibilities.

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Corner fireplace hearth

An amazing addition for modern living rooms that lack warm and cozy atmosphere. This corner fireplace is electric and smoke-free, surrounded with a brick mantel and equipped with a thick wood open shelf.

Corner fake fireplace

Imagine - no electricity, only candles and fireplace. It would be great to spend that time at such a nice corner, the black gas fireplace frame, soothed by the white solid carved casing. All sorrounded with decorations, vases or pics around.

Gas corner fireplace 4

Ever thought about getting yourself a gas fireplace? Forget about all the dust, smoke and whatnot – this gas fireplace is a mixture between modernity and tradition. All the assets of a normal fireplace, just without any drawbacks!

Gas corner fireplace 1

Stylish corner gas fireplace is an elegant element decor that brings warmth and coziness. The whole is integrated into the decor is an essential place, and stone with a wooden shelf above the fireplace delight.

Gas corner fireplace 8

A pretty contemporary gas fueled corner fireplace. It has a wide dark grey-coated metal frame and a front of transparent heatproof glass. It looks especially well against a wall with cladding of stone tiles in beige and creamy tones.

Gas corner fireplace 3
Gas corner fireplace 2

With this corner gas fireplace you can bring warmth and coziness into your room without losing too much of free space. Designed of hardwood and bathed in white, the fireplace has a black metal insert, and a triangle top that you can use for decorations.

Gas corner fireplace 5

The impressive and unique atmosphere inside the gas corner fireplace is a perfect element of the decor that truly delights. The whole made of solid materials is robust and fascinating. The modern finish captivates.

Gas corner fireplace 12

Family warmth flows from the heart and from the fireplace, which everyone can adapt to their interior. This gas corner fireplace was built with light wooden beams, with bright brick - finished in white, leaving its structure dark and full of fire.

Gas corner fireplace 9

The gas corner fireplace with stone veneer adds a lot of warm, charm and homelike atmosphere into any drawing room or family room. Everyone will be impressed how cool it looks in your home.

Gas corner fireplace 34

Cozy contemporary family room with corner gas fireplace that boosts the general coziness to maximum. Love the warm caramel walls and atmospheric lighting. And the stone wall above the fireplace. And the vintage rug. Perfect.

Gas corner fireplace 17
Gas corner fireplace 19
Gas corner fireplace 37
Gas corner fireplace 36
Gas corner fireplace 21
Corner gas fireplace
Gas corner fireplace

A comfortable living room set, consisted of 2 sofas and 1 matching arm chair. Each piece is upholstered in a black leather and supported by a hardwood frame with tapered legs. Includes generously-filled back cushions, removable seat cushions and padded arms.

Gas corner fireplace 15
Gas corner fireplace 14
Gas corner fireplace
Gas corner fireplace 16
Corner fireplace designs corner fireplace designs
Gas corner fireplace 30
Gas corner fireplace 6

An exquisite addition for enhancing modern and contemporary homes. This gas fireplace looks, simply, stunning, featuring a well-polished frame with a clear glass front, with the whole insert tightly embedded in a stone wall.

Corner ventless gas fireplace 1

Bring some romantic ambiance into your living room, with this stunning, gel fireplace. This corner fireplace is ventless, crafted of solid wood and veneer, and covered by a white finish. It generates up to 9,000 BTUs, lasting up to 3 hours.

Gas corner fireplace 26
Gas corner fireplace 20
Gas corner fireplace 24
Gas corner fireplace 7

If you never have been convinced to replace the standard TV table - it may change your mind.A fireplace built into a brick base with wooden top. Not only modern and natural decoration and the heat of the fireplace but also a good space for the TV.

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Gas corner fireplace 29

A great idea to bring warm accents and coziness into your small living room. This natural gas / propane fireplace comes with a corner design, durable metal construction, and ability to drown your room in romantic atmosphere.

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Dual Fuel Vent Free Gas Fireplace

Dual Fuel Vent Free Gas Fireplace
This fireplace uses a dual fuel technology - it uses either liquid propane or natural gas. Its mantle has been made of wood and the security parts are metal. It bases on the electronic spark ignition.

Gas corner fireplace 11

The impressive combination of unique style and beautiful details makes the interior delights. The climatic fireplace made of stones and exquisite interior design create an incredibly stylish composition.

Gas corner fireplace 32
Gas corner fireplace 25
Corner ventless gas fireplace

Bring some romantic ambiance into your living room, with this lovely, corner fireplace. This fireplace is ventless, crafted of solid wood and veneer, and covered by a white finish. It generates up to 9,000 BTUs, lasting up to 3 hours.

Gas corner fireplace 23
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