Garden Wall Clocks

Wall clocks can prove to be quite a useful thing to have, right? If you still have any doubts whether this compilation could be of use for you, don’t rush with anything and browse through these designs. There are various types of these garden wall clocks here so everyone should find something for themselves.

Springfield Precision Instruments 14-Inch Cast Aluminum Dragonfly Thermometer with Clock

Extraordinary cast aluminium wall clock with relief-like dragonfly motif and solid weathered bronze finish. With its sturdy and weather-resistant construction it is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use.

Grasslands Road Kaleidoscope Wall Clock, Metal, 23-Inch

This wall clock is a product that has got a round shape and a very attractive, original Kaleidoscope stylization. It is made of solid metal with a copper finish. The size of this clock is 23 1/2 X 23 1/2 inch.

Garden wall clocks

An extraordinary arrangement of a living room, which features an extra large clock on the wall. It's a dominant element of the room that ideally matches old-fashioned, shabby armchairs and two table lamps in an industrial design.

MIXED FRUIT 3-Dimensional Wall Clock BRAND NEW!

Awesome wall clock made using imitations of various fruits to provide a great looking timepiece with unique design, featuring solid clock movement, vibrant color palette, and durable frame that will last for years to come.

Small Bird/Butterfly Table Clock with Stand

Round wall clock with stand - you may set it on any flat surface if this meets your preferences. The clock has an appealing, colourful pattern with butterflies, birds and flowers, pretty vintage in style.

Mark Feldstein Cuckoo Clock - Garden Cottage

Table cuckoo (cardinal, in fact) clock with richly detailed romantic flowers-and-birds pattern in mild tones of blue, green and pastel pink. The design is meant to remind a cottage in a garden - it's serene and lovely.

Garden wall clocks 2

Sunny Safari Wall Clock

Sunny Safari Wall Clock
Charming clock on the wall in the shape of a monkey. It is made of recycled MDF. Battery powered. Positive accent for a child's room, and more.

Stone clock

Cool enchanted forest themed pendulum clock. Truly fairy tale - ish. Witch cottage sits atop a bed of sand mounted on twigs and roots. Abounding with details, marvellous with its careful make. I'm left speechless!

Item C8201 Antique Style 12 Inch Botanical Lemon Clock

Wall clock having 12 inches in diameter, featuring antique style, large and easy to read Roman numerals on its dial and botanical motif. Additionally, clock's hands feature distressed finish, which is a great addition to variety of interiors.

Item C8204 Vintage Style 12 Inch Botanical Leaves Clock

This kind of clock is a product that has got a very attractive round shape and a frame with the pattern that shows leaves. The mechanism of this clock works without any malfunctions. The product has got Roman digits.

Decorative large wall clocks

An aesthetic fashionable wall clock featuring an openwork round metal frame with a dark finish with brass accents. Large Roman numerals between 2 diameter-varied rings and 2 large arrow-like handles are of same metal. It's 1AA battery powered.

JustNile Rustic Country-Style Round Wall Clock - 12-inch Vertical Panels

A touch of attractiveness and original style. This kind of wall clock has got a round shape. It is made of 12-inch vertical panels that feature different colors. The clock features large arabic numbers.

Garden wall clocks 1

Garden wall clocks 3

Outside garden wall clocks

Weathered Orange Metal Pocket Watch Wall Clock

Distressed pocket watch style wall clock in oval metal frame, painted orange, with wood-like face featuring black Roman numerals painted on it. Clearly inspired by vintage theme. The clock is easy to hang on a wall.

Spring Bouquet Flower Pendulum Wall Clock By Allen Designs

Wall clock featuring resin frame designed to resemble a watering can with colorful flowers in it, and a florid pendulum for added charm. solid and durable timepiece with quality clock mechanism and and beautiful pastel color palette.

Deco Flair Frog Magnet Clock, Metal

Colorful wall clock designed to imitate a vibrant green frog. Utilizes a solid quartz clock mechanism, sturdy magnet attachment, and most of all a gorgeous frame made of colored metal in glossy finish.

Deco Flair Owl Magnet Clock, Metal

Gorgeous owl shaped wall clock made of metal in glossy finish. Features beautiful color palette, intricate details, and quality clock movement to provide a awesome timepiece with unique design and functional magnetic attachment.

Deco Flair Ladybug Magnet Clock, Metal

Lady bug inspired wall clock made of colorful metal, featuring solid clock movement, glossy finish, and magnetic attachment for functionality. Great looking and durable timepiece designed with flair and finesse.

Wall Clock

Wall Clock
Interesting wall clock made of wood with Antique inspired style design, east-to-read clock face with roman numerals and quartz clock movement running on one AA battery. Solid and great looking timepiece.

Deco Flair Blue Crab Magnet Clock, Metal

Amazing wall clock made to resemble a rainbow colored crab. Designed with flair, this metal timepiece features a quartz clock mechanism and a magnet attachment for added functionality. Great and beautiful item.

Item C8205 Vintage Style 12 Inch Cherries Clock

A very interesting proposition for people who like functional and decorative products in their houses. This round clock features cherries stylization. It has got arabic numbers and a very reliable mechanism that shows current time without problems.

ModMade Spoke Wall Clock, Blue

The design of this clock incorporates updated minimalism to give an extremely attractive visual result. Believe it or not but these radial spokes are made of wood, painted light blue. The centre is white, with bold black hands and no numerals.

Item C2001 Vintage Shabby Chic Style Roses Clock (10.5 Inch Diameter)

This round wall clock is beautified by a dainty pink rose design. The clock is characterized by sturdy MDF construction, and offers a face with no cover, precise quartz movement, and easy to read Arabic numerals. Requires 1 AA battery.

JustNile 3D Modern Contemporary Wall Clock - 12-inch Round Brown Capsules

Modern wall clock with unique design using 3D capsules instead of numerals, coverless clock face, and quality clock mechanism. Entire a frame is finished in matte colors to reinforce its contemporary look.

Item C1126 Vintage Style 12 Inch Pink Roses Clock

Romantic wall clock with old-fashioned print picturing pink roses and green leaves. Black Arabic numerals are written with stylized cursive font. All in all, this clock looks sweet and it reminds good old days.

Perch Wall Clock

Perch Wall Clock
Clock designed to hang on the wall. It includes a display for time and temperature. Powered by 1 AA battery. The structure is made of metal and decorated with patterns inspired by nature.

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock

Retro 9.5" Wall Clock
Retro style wall clock made of solid plastic, features clean clock face, quality quartz clock movement with two hands, durable cover for added protection, and elegant style. Requires on AA battery to run.

Infinity Indoor/Outdoor 8" The Charleston Double Sided Clock & Thermometer - 12430CT-RUV2

This clock with thermometer is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. It has got a metal case and looks like a clock from train station. Everyone will tell you how amazing it looks on your wall.

Springfield 91579 14 Inch Outdoor Garden Clock with Thermometer and Hygrometer

This kind of product is a wall clock that features a thermometer and hygrometer. Its mechanism is very reliable and wear resistant. The clock has got a round, rugged metal frame. It shows current time, temperature and humidity.

JustNile Gardenesque Round 12-inch Quiet Wall Clock - 4-Leaf Clover

Greenery motif has been incorporated with grace within the design of this modern wall clock. Subtle graphic of clover leaves creates a light pattern on a teal backdrop. The case has black rim, the hands are straight and black, excluding second hand, which is red.

Item C6006 Antique Style 12 Inch Botanical Strawberry Clock

A wall clock that has got a round shape and introduces an antique style into the house. Its strawberry stylization matches different types of decor. Its face features arabic numbers that are easy to read.

APPLE 3-Dimensional Wall Clock BRAND NEW!

Apple themed wall clock design to provide unique looks with vibrant color, apple motifs, and stylish clock face with elegant clock hands. Features solid clock movement, sturdy frame, and hand-painted details.

Deco Flair Pig Magnet Clock, Metal

Beautiful wall clock designed utilizing a cute pig shaped metal frame with glossy finish and quality quartz clock mechanism. Sturdy construction sports a magnetic attachment providing an easy way to mount the clock.

Branch Wall Clock

Fantastic wall clock designed with a tree branch imitating frame made of iron as the main motif. Features a quartz clock mechanism, stylish clock face with roman numerals, and lovely frame that will last for years to come.

Deco Flair Pineapple Magnet Clock, Metal

Beautiful pineapple inspired wall clock made of metal in glossy finish, featuring an astonishing clock face, a quality quartz clock mechanism, and a magnetic attachment for added functionality. Requires one AA battery.


This gorgeous wall clock features Mexican Indian inspired design to provide a stylish theme. Features quality clock mechanism, vibrant and warm color palette, and elegant clock face with detailed hands.

Item C8203 Antique Style 12 Inch Wine Grapes Clock

This kind of clock is a product that features an attractive round shape with wine grapes stylization. The product features a round shape and arabic numbers that are readable. Its mechanism has got a very high quality.

BUTTERFLY 3-D -Surrounded Wall Clock BRAND NEW

Beautiful wall clock featuring a butterfly inspired theme, great clock movement, and fantastic, vibrant color palette. Elegant clock face and meticulously painted frame provide a great looking and practical timepiece.

ModMade Color Bubble Wall Clock

Great looking wall clock sporting a postmodern design featuring a sophisticated frame made with painted wood balls and metal spokes. The clock mechanism is very durable and silent, and requires one AA battery to run.

CHILI PEPPER 3-Dimensional Pendulum Wall Clock *NEW!!*

Amazing wall clock designed around the idea of using chili peppers to make a unique timepiece, featuring a quality clock mechanism, vivid red color palette, and a charming red pepper pendulum, enclosed in a durable frame.

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An exquisite coffee table that is going to enhance your home in a blink of an eye. Made entirely from sturdy wood, the table provides a weathered look that can be seen on its sculpted legs and rectangle top assembled from simple planks.

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