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Garden stools cheap

Aesthetic contemporary garden/playroom stools or side tables manufactured of durable but lightweight plastic in plain vibrant colours. They feature hourglass versatile bodies with round seats/tops and bases/seats.

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Garden stool cheap

Durable and practical stools for outdoor applications. These elements look like natural wooden logs finished in gray color. They look very simple, so they match any outdoor design. These stools are also wear resistant.

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Cheap garden stool

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Cheap garden stools

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Ceramic stools cheap

Garden Stool

Garden Stool
Traditional stool for indoor and outdoor use. It is completely made of wood. Legs are arranged conically and reinforced with solid supports. Perfect as footstool or extra seating for each place as needed.

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Inexpensive ceramic garden stool that however draws attention with its pierced swirls design, resembling rose blossoms in a way. Coloured white, it looks fresh and elegant, matching 99.9% of the outdoor setting colourways.

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These colorful garden stools constitutes an easy, inexpensive way to add energy and vibrancy to your outdoors. Both children and adults will love it. An ideal way to create a charming spot for a campfire.

Ceramic garden stools cheap

Indoor and outdoor element of furniture. This stool features a solid and shiny construction in light green finish. It also features some small, decorative openings. It decorates outdoor surfaces and provides additional sitting space.

Step2 garden hopper work seat

Step2 Garden Hopper Work Seat
Do you like garden works? You need a Step2 Garden Hopper Work Seat with a lovely drink holder and amazing shape. You will be impressed how useful this product is.

Garden Stool

Garden Stool
This is a very decorative garden stool. It's white. It is shaped like a cylinder. Its wall was made of soft openwork so it looks very interesting and very decoratively. This is a very ingenious solution that combines beauty and practicality.

Inexpensive garden stools

Thailand Elephant Garden Stool

Thailand Elephant Garden Stool
Decorative table designed for the garden. It has the shape with an Thailand Elephant trunk facing up for symbolize happiness. The charming accent as a stand for flowers and more.

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Outdoor ceramic stool

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Wholesale ceramic blue white garden stool chinese porcelain seat

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Gisele Garden Stool

Gisele Garden Stool

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Ceramic Diamond Garden Stool

Ceramic Diamond Garden Stool
Eye-catching contemporary stool having a cylindrical eight-sided body crafted of quality glazed ceramic. It is solid green and features an interesting textured concavo-convex diamond and triangle pattern.

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Garden stools cheap

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Handmade spring green porcelain garden stool china

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