Garden Ornaments And Statues

If you have a nice garden, there is a chance of making it even nicer. One of the things that might help you with this are these garden decorations. In this collection you will find sculptures, statues and ornaments of different characters in various designs. Do you see the one which is suitable for your garden?

Chloe Hughes Interior Design Expert
Garden ornaments and statues
Sarah Ashleyist

The beautiful angel figurine reading booklet is a stylish and very impressive garden ornament. The beautiful design of the figurine is very impressive in the grass. Garden of such subtle elements delights.

Garden ornaments and statues 1
Dominique Wilson

A cute ornament for outdoor areas such as gardens, patios, and backyards. The whole rabbit is made with attention to every detail, characterized by durable resin construction and covered in a bronze finish with green accents.

Garden ornaments and statues 6
Lambert Abbey

If you like to add some lovely accent to your garden, this ornamental statue will work out perfectly here. It presents a girl figure, watering the plants with her pot, all detailedly depicted.

Dragon garden ornaments statues
Laura Tur

A truly breathtaking masterpiece for gardens, and parks. This magnificent ornament is hand-crafted of a wood stump, and it looks, truly, astonishing - shaped like a forest lady with tousled hair and green dress, holding a leaf bowl.

Deer garden ornament

Make sure your carefully curated garden has this must-be fairytale factor to it: a fairy sculpture brings a desirable effect in your verdant outdor ambiance. Dreamy fairy with butterfly wings rests her cheek on her palm. What is she dreaming about?

Garden ornaments statues
Davis Kelly

Bird bath in the shape of cat. It is made of durable stone. Great addition to the garden, patio and more. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions.

Garden ornaments and statues 14
Abigail Wrightful

Garden decoration that features an attractive bronze cat appearance. This garden statue looks very nice among green plants and flowers. It is very attractive and durable element resistant to wear caused by outdoor factors.

Garden ornaments and statues 2

Sweet traditional garden ornaments - bunnies of resistant subtly textured terracotta with an aged mossy-greenish finish. One bunny is sitting while the second is standing on back legs. Both are looking up. They're should be protected against frost.

Ornamental statues garden

A uniqe way to embellish an outdoor wall or fence in your garden or backyard. This extremely cute Gargoyle statue is made of quality material that gives you an illusion of stone craftsmanship, beautifully accentuated with splashes of green.

Statue ornaments
Vanessa Hen

Creating a beautiful decoration for your patio, veranda or garden, this bunny with necklace can be a glorious Easter accent. A smooth way to add a bit of romanticism to your outdoors.

Garden ornaments and statues 22
Esther Gar

A truly amazing and absolutely fun hanging garden bat sculpture for your outdoor setting that will ensure a significant boost of visual appeal as well as make your setting truly your own and original.

Garden ornaments and statues 31
Coupe Andrea

Have a nice collection of garden gnomes already? High time to complete it with gnome door statues. Highly detailed, they beautify your garden with their fabulous fairy-tale looks. No gnome can do without decent doors. Never.

Garden ornaments and statues 3

A really engaging figure of a little dragon, designed to adorn your garden. Sitting and scratching his ear, it creates a funny, joyful atmosphere. Made from resin, enchants with its realistic look. Should not be exposed to heavy frost and snow.

Statues garden ornaments
Brown Jamie

This outdoor product is a garden statue suitable for use with garden ponds. Its solid construction is resistant to water and many other negative factors. Gray color of this statue is neutral, so it looks very good among different garden elements.

Garden ornaments and statues 9

If you like classic or antique decors, this ornamental garden statue shall appeal to you. A Cherub figure made from bonded marble - a mix of Iberian marble and cement. It measures 38 cm H x 19 cm W.

Garden ornaments and statues
Price Esther

This little fascinating girl is doing one thing everybody forgot nowadays - she is reading under the tree. Garden ornaments and statues made of dark stone can remember us about something and someone - as memorial statues.

Garden ornaments and statues 5
Stephanie Sanders

Romantic garden statue: a lifelike deer carved in stone, already covered with spots of green patina and moss here and there... Beautiful garden ornament. Once I'm rich, I'll get a whole collection of similar statues.

Fairy reading book statue
Solar little buddha ornaments lighting garden and outdoor
Wilson Gabrielle

Cute little Buddha statue with lighting. Baby Buddha holds a lighted book in his hand. This peaceful & decorative figurine w/ lamp brings the zen vibes to its ambiance and encourages you to slow down. Just... breathe.

Garden rabbit ornaments
Dana Joh

Bored of standard garden statues shaped as fairies and gnomes? Give your garden an extraordinary fantasy world twist. This stylishly cracked dragon garden statue is really cute and differs itself from others.

Garden ornaments and statues 17
Cintia Kowalski

Lend a charming accent to your garden with those stunning sculptures with fish that can be put in a patch of ornamental grass and will stand out with their original and fun look, making everyone gasp.

Garden ornaments and statues 25
Cintia Brook

Somewhere in your magical garden, a stone-carved fairy was seated. A magic angel with long hair thinks how to help your plants grow and you can surround yourself with the most beautiful greenery. Garden ornament and statue in real size.

Rabbit garden ornament

A perfect decorative addition to any home - this sunflower fairy statue depicts a beautiful, young girl that is dresses in an attractive petal skirt and can be places in your home or in the garden due to its high resilience and durability.

Peter rabbit garden ornament
Isabella Martinable

For all those, who are aiming for a fairy-like and rustic look for their garden this stunning piece will help them achieve just that. It offers a well-detailed frame of a little fairy with butterfly on her hand.

Dwarf japanese azaleas and ferns make a great backdrop for
Garden ornaments and statues 4

Beautification of the garden is mainly due to the flowering flowers, but also thanks to additions such as the magical transition from wood - garden ornament and statues as a white arch made of wooden planks. A tall garden trellis helps the flowers to climb up.

Garden ornaments and statues 26
Lauren Martinezify
Garden ornaments and statues 16
Garden ornaments and statues 21
Katherine Jone
Garden ornaments and statues 19
Katherine Nels
Large garden ornaments statues
Katherine Jone

Funny dog pissing on the flowers is a sensational and very fun way to arrange the fountains in the garden. The unique figurine is stylish and very original, so it will not remain unnoticed. The whole made of solid material.

Statues lawn ornaments
Alyssa Wilsonify

It is known that pitchforks and rakes are associated with the garden. Just like animals. This was combined and created interesting and fun lawn ornaments. Made of wrought iron, dark brown - represent moose, whose backs are rakes.

Urne dans le jardin de lavande en juin urn in
Kristin Ward
Ornamental garden statues

A gorgeous statue that can be used as a beautiful garden ornament. The whole boasts of detailed sculpting in shape of a little angel with wings, giving you a weather-resistant piece that will be watching over your home for years to come.

Garden statuary with bird bath i would love it if
Shannon Lewis
Fairy laying down reading a book garden ornament
Danielle Sand
Girl holding a rose garden statues ornaments
Peter rabbit garden statue
Lily Cravenable

Outdoor area needs some garden interesting, mysterious elements. Hand-finished ornaments and stone statues are made from stones are quarried once crushed, and than used to produce them again. This technique allows to increase their value.

Ornamental Garden Sign
Kathryn Wood

Ornamental Garden Sign
This beautiful ornamental garden sign is the most amazing solution for your household of restaurant, offering a nice change with the hand-welded wrought iron structure. It includes a post and a sign holder.

Pagoda Japanese Lantern Statue
Nelson Lindsay

Pagoda Japanese Lantern Statue

Garden ornaments and statues 23
Liliana Gadjus
Finally a good use for and ironing board i saw
Sir gawains dragon statue
Mossy urn by foetoebare garden ornament near the lake at
Large garden ornaments sitting pixie antique bronze sculpture
Tiffany San
Turn old barbie dolls into dr who weeping angels this
Kristina Torres
Metal cat garden ornament sculpture 1
Bush Eliza
Fairy garden statues
Garden ornaments and statues 8
Anderson Marisa
Small cherub reading book garden ornament statues