Garden Columns Pedestals

Need some features to enhance the look of your garden? Here's my collection of garden columns pedestals. They can be used to display some interesting species of plants or just as decoration. Which one would you prefer for the garden - stone, wood or metal?

Garden columns pedestals 1

A magnificent decoration for indoors, that will be one of the most eye-catching pieces in your antique-looking bedroom. The plant stand is made in shape of a beautiful Greek column, with wonderful sculpting and scrollwork.

Flower columns

A decorative classic column made of plaster with a beautiful waxed warm brown finish. It has a square pedestal, a round base adorned with geometric motifs, a grooved shaft. A cross-shaped top rests on showy supports rich carved in floral motifs.

White garden column pedestal

White Garden Column Pedestal
The slender garden pedestal column is a perfect element of the backyard. The whole is interestingly designed to be stylish and beautifully presented among the greenery of the yard. The ideal solution for any garden.

Garden columns pedestals

Beautiful garden pedestal column fascinates and creates a unique style in the backyard. The whole is fantastic and makes the garden takes with its unique style and character. A solid base adds all the strength and is phenomenal.

Garden columns pedestals 10

Embodying the best features of the antique design, this white garden column pedestal is designed to add a classic appeal to the space. Its ornamental design refers to the ancient monuments.

Greek Column Pedestal

Greek Column Pedestal
This made Greek-style pedestal was made of extremely durable resin. Beautiful decoration and tasteful finish makes it perfectly find in any interior. This will serve as a basis for flowers, decorations or independent work.

Kenroy Home 60084 Fluted Column Garden Ornament

Durable resin finish, designed to withstand outdoor environment and soft coastal colors of this fluted column make it a great proposition for one's garden decor. It has the size of 11 x 11 x 25 inches.

Home corinthian indoor outdoor display column pedestal 1

Porch columns

Porch Columns
If you would like to feel like in an ancient Greek or Roman garden - you can try to add to your veranda or garden such milky-white garden columns pedestals. They maintain the order and roofs in a dignified way.

Garden columns pedestals 1

Eye-drawing garden statue: a pedestal with metal inner core and mosaic outer shell, composed of stained glass in blue and navy. The design is somewhat dreamy and magical, inspired by wizards and magic orbs.

Garden columns pedestals 4

Garden columns pedestals 8

Thanks to these stone pillars you will finally get a perfect way of completing the look of your garden or patio, while at the same time providing an antique vibe to it and adding an ideal place for the light fixtures to go.

Garden columns pedestals

Pub style table with 4 chairs

Somewhere in Paris boutique hotel, we can find such a garden columns pedestal table and chairs set. It has a vintage blueish character. It refers to Greek temples. However, pub chairs made of wrought iron have a delicate French sculpting on the open back.

Garden columns pedestals

The Greek style column plant holder for your plants. It was made of the corrugated cardboard and wooden squares, so I am not sure if it could hold the pot full of soil. But if we find more solid material - everything is possible!

Garden columns pedestals

Stylish shabby chic column pedestals of two different heights, perfect in garden when you want to expose plant pots on varied levels. Distressed finish make them look aged but that's an asset for style's sake.

Reversible Column Gazing Globe Pedestal Stand

Reversible Column Gazing Globe Pedestal Stand
This made stylish columned pedestal was made of extremely durable resin and plastic. Beautiful decoration and tasteful finish makes it perfectly find in any interior. This will serve as a basis for flowers, decorations or independent work of art.

Woodland wonder 3 piece henderson plant stand set

Woodland Wonder 3 Piece Henderson Plant Stand Set
A set of three plant stands made of wood with metal elements is a beautiful composition that captivates and perfectly matches the stylish interior design. The active form will be tested on plants or candles.

Resin column pedestal

When you think about organizing plants in your garden, you have to see this pedestal. Made of classic marble, so it will compose very well into each rockery. If you use ivy, it will become invisible in a few months.

Garden columns pedestals 5

Practical and impressive additions are garden pots - in this case, they are enclosed in ceramic and stone garden columns pedestals, creating a mosaic of mirrored and ceramic fragments. In various sizes and widths in the earth and stones shades.

Garden columns pedestals 7

Many people think that creating compositions from flowers, shrubs, and architectural elements seems to be high art. The fountain with a Renaissance maiden is surrounded by 4 decorative garden columns pedestals made of stone, that serve as the base for flowers.

Garden pedestals and columns 5

The garden columns pedestals have 2 functions: decorative and construction. For example, when piles of climbing plants are covered with piles of a pergola, they become beautiful obelisks. This one has a dark brown color and medium size.

Columns pedestals

Arranging the garden is like painting a masterpiece. The flowers are varied but most of those that have a fall in nature will delight the stone garden columns pedestal, with graphite finish, and a vase-shaped center, based on the cuboid.

A trellis like no other these highly attractive columns are

Garden columns pedestals 6

The garden column pedestal looks like a real replica of the Greek, Corinthian or Doric residences of the rulers. Greek temples were famous for their Eminence also thanks to the flowers that can be seen and in this case, when they hang from a stone column.

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Plaster pillars or columns

The classic and highly refined form of these pedestal columns makes the arrangement of the garden take on style and elegance. The whole in a beautiful finish perfectly combines with the green in the backyard.

Flower pedestals

An interesting contemporary garden trelliswork crafted of artificial plastic wood. Columns in beige tones are modelled on classic ancient Greek columns, have square pedestals and capitals, round bases. A top is built of dark brown 'ceiling joists'.

Garden columns pedestals

Diy greek columns

Garden columns pedestals

Love this planter for around the pool

Greek pedestal

Distressed Cream Column Pedestal

Garden columns pedestals 4

Garden columns pedestals 2



Garden columns pedestals 3

French plant stand

Furniture building and garden elements pedestals and columns 6

Roman column plant stand

A simple but unexpectedly functional cylindrical portable garden column with a concave top and a raised edge. It's crafted of cement with a bit porous surface. It can be used e.g. as a bird bath or a candlestick.

Garden pedestal

Cheap pedestals stands columns

Design Toscano OS59146 Column of the Maenads Pedestal Font

Echo Valley 9176 Tirreno Resin Pedestal Column for Gazing Globe or Sundial

Oriental furniture lydian column pedestal plant stand wayfair

Musical Cherubs Garden Pedestal

Musical Cherubs Garden Pedestal

Rustic style country table using scrap wood and vintage column

Florence Base Garden Pedestal

Florence Base Garden Pedestal

Wish i knew where to find this i would add