Garden Benches

Relaxing in the green soothes the soul and the eyes. In the cyber era of screens and information overload it is an important treatment to stay healthy. If you have a garden - spend a lot of time there! Just equip it with furniture which will make the time comfortable. That's why you should check my collection of garden benches. Which one complements your garden?

Vanessa Weber Interior Design Expert
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Jenna Edward

Ideal and immensely suitable for your garden - this rustic bench will provide you with some extra seating space in your garden, while the piece itself has a natural vibe about it and is styled to look old.

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This stunning garden bench offers a design that can be easily made by you yourself and sports the ample back that will offer plenty of comfort and the strong yet simple frame made from the high quality wood.

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Julia Lambertify
How to make a bench out of pallets
Hilton Emily

This DIY Leopold Bench is a great addition to any garden. Easy to make, disposable, and carries an irresistible, timeless charm. Amazing what a couple of nails and wooden boards can give you. Why not make a couple for yourself?

Country benches
Krystal Lewis

Garden bench made of wood and reinforced with solid supports. Back consists of vertically arranged strips. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Great addition to the garden, porch, patio and more.

Garden benches
Hilton Emily
White outdoor benches
Shannon Thomas

A simple, yet charming bench created for an outdoor use. The piece is made of wood painted in a white color, which gives it a cottage-like look. It features a standard design with a backrest and armrests and will be a nice accent of the yard.

Garden benches
Amber Cart

A great way to refurbish your old used up the outdoor bench. Why throw it out when you can use at as a unique, very unusual way to display your flowers! An easy to do and truly beautiful design that anyone can try!

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Meghan Rus
Wooden bench cheap
Coupe Andrea
Funky garden chairs
Lisa Ramirez

Simple outdoor bench on brackets base with X accent - reinforcing crossing bars. Plain, backless top just calls to be set by a wall - just in case you'd feel the need to rest your back against something sturdy. The X leg bench invites to linger in the sun.

Painted bench ideas
Diana Washington

Beautiful garden bench that is made with the unique design in mind, since its frame are just two twin sized headboards and the seat is a set of wood planks that provide maximum sturdiness and strength.

Green patio cushions
Christine Youn
Simple wooden bench
Amanda Dav

This simple project of an outdoor bench includes a very solid concrete base with standard square openings. The seat is based on durable wooden beams with ends that fit into the aforementioned openings.

Garden benches
Simple garden bench

Make your own garden bench from the seemingly simple pallets and enjoy a fine and truly significant boost to your decor that it offers with its natural look and the immense durability, making it last for years to come.

Old wooden benches
Mega Leahbrown

With the amazing, bright and vibrant finish of the paint this lovely garden bench offers the antique styled design to beautifully complement your garden and make it pop with colors and charm a bit more.

Commercial garden benches
Bennett Melanie

Are you looking for outdoor furniture solutions? We've got something interesting for you: the potting bench with shelf underneath, long top and cedar with dark gray finish. It can be used as a garden bench, packing bench, and table for plants.

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A functional piece of furniture that will find its destiny in outdoor areas. The bench is crafted of barn wood, has a lift-up lid that conceals a spacious storage compartment, and sturdy stretchers for long-lasting usage.

Shabby chic garden bench
Craven Rachel
Patio furniture sets
Alicia Howard

A rustic set of outdoor furniture, consisting of a unique coffee table and two matching benches, made out of old wine barrels with a light color and metal elements, which provides a cozy and unusual element to the garden.

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Jillian Wrig
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How to make a log bench
Tiffany Alle

A great addition to complement the front of your beautiful cottage. Made of sturdy tree stumps and a thick, wooden plank, this heavy bench is very stable, extremely durable, and perfect for accentuating country decor.

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Anna Flo

Are you searching for an idea to refresh your garden? You need pieces of tile, pottery and glass. Now, you can create a mosaic on the ground. Looks so impressive and divine!

Wood Garden Bench

Wood Garden Bench
It is a garden bench with two seats that has got a solid wood eco-friendly construction and brown finish. It is perfect for your garden, patio, yard and other. It is a very good choice.

Baltic Wood Garden Bench
Powell Dominique

Baltic Wood Garden Bench
Simple and functional garden bench made of extremely durable hardwood, designed to last for years. Features rigid frame, quality wooden finish, comfortable seat and back, and additional armrest for extra support.

Diy garden bench 1
Monica Tho

Provide a hint of rustic fineness to your outdoor setting: this DIY garden bench consists of rough cement blocks and a thick, natural wooden board serving as a top seat, or a surface to display plant pots.

Gifts & Decor Garden Decoration Turtle Cast Iron Key Hider Stone

The best method to avoid losing your keys is to find a 'home' for them! This well-crafted decorative turtle will guard your keys flawlessly. The top (carapace) slides to reveal the content. Crafted of cast iron.

Home Styles 5530-28 Naples Vanity Bench, White Finish

Are you a fan of simple and modern solutions? Then, you're gonna fall in love with this unique and stylish vanity bench. Check it out now and bring some incredible design and functionality to your bedroom!

Metal garden benches

Made of metal bench garden is a beautifully personalized design with awesome decorations. The whole is beautifully finished in every detail. The iron construction is ingenious and beautifully blends into the flowers.

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An old door turned into a potting bench how cool
Luxe Eucalyptus Garden Bench

Luxe Eucalyptus Garden Bench
Create a space for sit and rest in your garden with this classic style wooden bench in warm, honey bronze finish. It is made of eukaliptus wood, is resistant to weather condition and will last years of using.

Rustic Garden Bench
Young Vanessa

Rustic Garden Bench
This is a very interesting and extraordinarily beautiful bench, which is ideally suited to every rustic garden. It is small. In its appearance it is very strict, which also speaks for its rustic style.

A quiet spot in the garden to think and pray
White metal garden bench
Roberts Isabelle

A beautiful DIY bench that will bring the feel of the old times to your garden. The seat and the legs are made of wood while the fixed headboard is made of metal. To unite the elements everything was painted white.

Garden storage benches 13
Elizabeth Mar
Round bar table set
Storage headboard twin 1
Sanders Patricia
Candace Cast Aluminum Copper Outdoor Bench
Jackson Melissa

Candace Cast Aluminum Copper Outdoor Bench
A high quality, solid and comfortable bench made of aluminum with a nice copper finish. The most important advantage of this product is its durable construction that is resistant to negative outdoor conditions.

Garden benches wood 1
Zernike Laetitia

The leaves cast in concrete have created a unique garden bench for the magical garden. Cement combines here with natural elements, but the most important are concrete leaves, which form a fan of a wide sitting place.

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Elizabeth Coupe
Better Homes and Gardens Autumn Lane Farmhouse Bench, Black and Oak

Add some warmth of traditional farmhouse to your space with this classy bench. It features turned wood legs and solid wood seat in mix of stained oak and painted black finishes that highlight any decor style.

Achla Designs 4-Foot Lutyen Bench, Natural
Amanda Broo
Elements Wicker Storage Bench

Elements Wicker Storage Bench
Graceful bench with additional space for storage. The construction is durable woven synthetic rattan. The bench is resistant to harmful weather conditions. Intended for patio or for the garden.

Wonderful garden entry for you and the birds this is
Dana Hernandez
Diy garden benches
Melanie Murp
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Zernike Laetitia