Game Room Wall Decor

If you happen to be a fan of such wall decors, this site will be a good thing for you. Feel free to browse through all of them and try to pick the most suitable one for yourself. Even those who are quite demanding, have managed to do that – what about you?

Marisa Anderson Interior Design Expert
Game room wall decor 2

Now that’s something that definitely everyone needs in their home. A huge, wall-mounted Scrabble board, bound to bring a lot of fun to family gatherings! Also great to put up in your kids’ bedroom for them to play with their friends.

Game room wall decor 1
Alyssa Wilsonify

A fan of board games? We have got something for you! Have you ever thought about turning games into wall art? This tutorial can be an inspiration for all, who want to make such decorations on their own.

How to decorate game room
Tiffany Coo

Is this giant Scrabble board crazy-cool or just plain crazy?

Game room lighting 10

This is so cool. I want to do this one day.

Game room wall decor 1

DIY Game Tables • Tutorials and ideas, including a DIY vertical chess board by 'Wonder How To', photo by 'Straight Up Chess'!

Board game decor
Patricia Baker

Cork backboard for a dart board. I am trying to not destroy my walls. For the future game room

Game room wall decor

Ping Pong/ Pool table for Ryan - would love this in the game room...when it finally becomes a game room and not a playroom!

Game room art decor
Patricia Brya

Curb Alert!: Words with Friends: Wall Mounted Magnetic Scrabble Game

Game room decorating ideas walls
Danielle Butler

A fantastic decoration of an entertainment room, a game room, or a perfect gift for a fan of games. It's a wooden case that includes a display of four, classic game controllers. They are nicely highlighted on a dark brown background.

Game room wall ideas
Stone Caroline

Vertical Chess Set- this would be cool on the wall outside the bathroom when guests are waiting..LOL

Game room wall decor
Vanessa Rivera

Really clever tips for making inexpensive wall art, with lots of ideas on photos you can take of the things you love.

Game room wall decor 2

An imaginative wall decoration, which all the fans of baseball will love. It features three transparent containers filled with baseballs and a wooden bat. There is also a wall clock, which will remind you about the next game.

Game Room Rules Wall Décor
Yulia Thompson

Game Room Rules Wall Décor
A very fashionable wall decoration: a wooden board with script (this one is about game room rules). Black and cream coloring, distressed lettering. Ready to hang. Perfect final touch to your game room!

Game room wall decor 2
Craven Zoe

What an awesome idea for both wall art, and keeping your games out and around instead of shoved into a closet somewhere.

Game room wall decor 2
Bryant Krystal

Love it! - perfect for kids room and/or game room if you have such a commodity

Game room wall decor 3
Mackenzie Milani

Like honeycombs - the felt elements on the wall form together an interesting mosaic game room wall decor, for lovers of honey color palette. Hence here we will find yellow, honey and orange shades. Interesting replacement for wallpaper at home.

Game room wall decor ideas
Valerie Russell

Indulge Your Playful Spirit with These Game Room Ideas

Pool room wall decor
Julia Lambertify

Ideal decor for game rooms, family rooms, dens and kids rooms. This could easily be a DIY project.

Jack the ripper wall art by r a m game

Jack The Ripper Wall Art by R.A.M. Game Room

Game room wall decor
Moore Colleen

Maybe one day if I'm lucky enough to have a house. This would be super cute for my tiny artist :) Clever Kids’ Spaces- a play area for total visual expression

Game room wall decor
Alexis Millerism

A clear tutorial and helpful tips on how to give wood a bright, beautiful whitewash... at

I want gamers home decor fit your super gamer status
Melissa Campbell

I want! ☆☆ "Gamers Home Decor... fit your Super Gamer Status ☆☆ :)

Wall decor for game room
Adriana Andersson

Game Room Rules - 8 x 18 Typography Word Art Print

Game room wall decor
Lauren Lewis

The game room buy 2 get 1 freevinyl lettering by jkvinyldesigns, $9.99

Game room wall decor
Jenna Edward

We're looking for the Fresh Faces of Design. Vote for this room or view other contenders at -->

Wall Decor
Ross Angela

Wall Decor

Game room wall decor 1
Stacy Tay

Wall decoration that includes tiles with letters. The whole stylization looks like a large Scrabble game. This wall decoration includes square tiles made of wood, so they are durable and finished in natural wooden colors.

Game room wall decor
Christina Lopez

Protect Your Wall from Stray Darts with This DIY Dartboard Cabinet Made of Wine Corks « MacGyverisms

Game room wall decor 5
Rachel Massonable

Steal this idea... Mario Match - 9 Stretched Canvas Prints

Game room wall decor
Melissa Turner

decorating comic book colections and displays design indulgences

Game room wall decor 7
Tara Zucker

This original wall decoration is made of old t-shirt with over print, which are imposed on square blocks of canvas. There are a lot of different shirts, but majority is connected with rugby clubs or music bands.

Game Room Hand-Carved Pool 3D Sign Wall Décor

Game Room Hand-Carved Pool 3D Sign Wall Décor
This extraordinary wall decor with hand carved motif pool in 3D tocudowny item to the gameroom. Attention to detail and beautiful execution will delight not only fans of billiards.

Game room wall decor
Julia Powe

Corner bench designed for indoor use. Frame is made of wood. It is upholstered with nice touch fabric and fitted with extra pillows for added comfort. Functional design for each room as needed.

Dart board surround diy project out of cork bulletin board
Alison Nels

Dart Board Surround. DIY project out of cork bulletin board & 2" rigid foam board in a wood frame. Hung with a french cleat for stability. Cool!

39 things to hang on your walls create a magnetic
Carmen Milani

39 things to hang on your walls. Create a magnetic Scrabble board and have an ongoing game with someone you live with.

5" Brass Screw Room Sign Wall Décor
Kathleen Ram

5" Brass Screw Room Sign Wall Décor

Game room decor all in wall art 7682 jpg
Lisa Ramirez


Game room wall decor 20
Vanessa Thom

Your One Stop Shop For Game Room Decorating at the Guaranteed Lowest ...

IMAX 97028-4 Leonato Playing Card Wall Decor, Set of 4
Peyton Donaldson

IMAX 97028-4 Leonato Playing Card Wall Decor, Set of 4

This game room wall art asks would you help a
Joanna Her

This Game Room Wall Art Asks: Would You Help A Friend (Or Dog) In Need ...

Game Room Hand-Carved Texas Hold'em Poker Sign Wall Décor
Jacqueline White

Game Room Hand-Carved Texas Hold'em Poker Sign Wall Décor

Game room wall decor 4
Wright Stacy

Home Theater Accessories

Rack cues wall art by r a m game room
Meghan Ramirez

Rack & Cues Wall Art by R.A.M. Game Room

Game room wall decor 6

Love the scrabble letters..this would be cute for a game room/kid's play room

Game room wall decor 13

game room wall decor

Jab at the soon to be adults in your family

... Jab at the Soon-To-Be Adults in Your Family with This Wall Art

Game room wall decor 5
Laetitia Anderson

DIY Wall Murals • Ideas and Tutorials!

Bijou Square Panel Wall Décor
Susan Russ

Bijou Square Panel Wall Décor
This comely wall decor is a great way to add a color to your home without having to completely redecorate. It features handpainted metal square panels with colorful floral details. It can be placed on flat, textured, and wooden surfaces.

Pub dart board cabinet
Parker Joanna

Protective wall for game rooms and pubs. This cabinet features a solid wine corks face suitable for darts. It also offers a small storage space for game items or other elements. Black wooden frame is neutral and stylish.

Game room wall decor 6
Cintia Kowalski