Game Room Decorations

Here's something for the game room! It's not furniture, it's not equipment. It's decorations! Take a look below at all the game-inspired accessories which complement the room with character and humour. Aren't they awesome? Check the products and the prices.

Video game room ideas

An attention-grabbing innovative floor tiles made of irregular porous stones in black tones cast-in glass. Glass is backlighted in red so spaces among stone tiles have red shades and the entire floor looks like red-hot volcanic lava.

A childrens bookcase cabinet with a wii 1

A Childrens Bookcase Cabinet With A Wii
A simple cabinet with an extraordinary front that looks like a remote control. It will be a perfect accessory for an entertainment or game room. The piece is tall and narrow so it doesn't need much space.

Gamer decor

A perfect addition to your game room - this rug sports the theme of one of the most popular games created and offers a nice boost of color with its red accents on the contrasting black background, making it really stand out.

Game room decorations

Welcome to the Nerd home - if you want to entrance you have to pass a game wiper. Standard rectangular color and grey materials, resistant to the dirtiest shoes. However, the game's inspiration of joystick is unique.

Video game room decorating ideas

Wall decals with game theme. Designed for mounting on any flat surface. It is made of vinyl. Great solution for kid's room or teenager's room.

Video game bedroom decor

Electronic set dedicated to video game fan. It is composed of TV set, sound system, cabinet intended to storage games discs and case with different consoles. This set is must-have in every game fan bedroom.

Video game bedroom ideas

Unique idea for decorating a wall in the gaming room while soundproofing it at the same time. The walls of the room have been fitted with a special surface with sticking hexagonal foams in different colors which stop sounds.

Game room decorations 1

Why simply get rid of the old controllers that don't work anymore, if you can just display them for the perfect use of your "man cave"? These make for a stunning and really original accent piece that will catch everyone's eye.

Gaming room decor

A great proposition for all geeks or video games' fans. This themed roller blind features a yellow pattern on a black background. It depicts the most popular devices forming together the famous Pacman.

Game room decorations 3

Cool video game rooms

Many different takes on a kids video game themed room

Game room decorations

Decorative rug suitable especially for game rooms. It has got the shape of a game controller and its black color looks good with gray, green, blue, red and orange elements. This rug provides aesthetics, softness and comfort.

Game room decorations 4

Video game decor

Arrange lack shelves in a V shape for an interesting way to display shoes. Looks a bit like shop display, and the highest shelf level is a bit too high, but it looks super creative and very modern. But wait,what about the highhills?

Video game decorations

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Gamer room decor

Video game room accessories

Cool gaming room ideas

Video game decor ideas

Video game room decorations

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Game room decorating

Video game themed room decor

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Gaming decor

Video game home decor

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Game Room LED Sign

Game Room LED Sign

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Rack em up wall art by r a m game

Game Room Poker Ranking and Odds Framed Vintage Advertisement

Game Room Poker Ranking and Odds Framed Vintage Advertisement

Game Room Hey! One Leg On the Floor Framed Vintage Advertisement

Game Room Hey! One Leg On the Floor Framed Vintage Advertisement

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