G4 Lamp Socket

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Mia Jones Interior Design Expert
Enjoydeal 10pcs 17cm Black Plastic G4 Base Low-tension Lamp Holder Socket with Wires

An aesthetic contemporary low-tension lamp holder socket with wires in blue ad black sheaths. It's manufactured of durable black nonconducting plastic. It's intended for bulbs with G4 bases i.e. having 2 pins.

ZITRADES(TM) 10PCS 12V Lamp Holder Lamp Base Socket Wire Adaptors For Downlights Miniature Bi-Pin Base, G4, G6.35, GY6.35, GX5.3 MR16, GZ4 MR11

If you have a lot of different electric machines, this socket wire adapter will play its role perfectly in your home or in the office. It is intended especially for LED lamps, but it has a lot way of using.

SmartDealsPro 10-Pack G4 Base Ceremic Lamp Holder Socket Cable for Quartz Bulbs,Halogen Lights,LED Lights,Crystal Lights,Grille Lights, Bay Lights, LED Ceiling Lights

With these amazing ceramic lamp holder socket cables that come in a pack of ten you will instantly find your interior much more functional, while the design allows you for years of problem-free and convenient use.

G4 lamp base
G4 lamp socket
G4 lamp socket 2

Lamp bulb with a durable and practical construction designed to prevent socket deformation caused by overheating. This light bulb is very effective and safes electrical energy, so its users are able to save money.

G4 lamp socket 3

Glamorous and modern sconce with a solid metal fixture for wall mounting. This element of design features a nice, dramatic sparkle theme. It not only provides illumination, but it also improves interior aesthetics.

ZITRADES(TM) 20PCS 12V Lamp Holder Lamp Base Socket Wire Adaptors For Downlights Miniature Bi-Pin Base, G4, G6.35, GY6.35, GX5.3 MR16, GZ4 MR11

Now that is a one of a kind piece of furniture. A 20pcs light holder, bound to give your room a unique and modern look. I bet none of your guests have ever seen anything like this. They are sure to be astonished!

G4 lamp socket 30
G4 lamp socket 36
G4 lamp socket 8
G4 lamp socket 11
G4 lamp socket 15
G4 lamp socket 16
Home light bulbs specialty bulbs e14 to g4 bulb socket
G4 lamp socket 1
G4 lamp socket 18

An example of an old-school, vintage construction, this highpoint desk lighting is finished in an Antique Bronze, being designed to adapt 12-volt recessed outdoor deck.

G4 socket
G4 bulb holder
Younis 3 Piece Table Lamp and Floor Lamp Set with Empire Shade

Younis 3 Piece Table Lamp and Floor Lamp Set with Empire Shade
This set of 3 lamps (two table lamps plus one floor lamp) allows you to update a decor of any room immediately. Traditional styled metal bases are very elegant, and the white fabric empire shades brighten the interior up.

Medium Base Socket 20.75" H Table Lamp

Medium Base Socket 20.75" H Table Lamp
It is a handmade medium base socket table lamp that is made of 100-percent brass and copper materials. IT has got a natural finish and you need to have it. It adds style to any home.

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G4 lamp socket 5
G4 lamp socket 6
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G4 lamp socket 25
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G4 lamp socket 27
MR16 MR11 GX5.3 Bi-Pin Rectangular Porcelain Socket For Applications such as MR-16 MR-11 LED SMD G4 Halogen Based Light Bulbs

Rectangular porcelain socket for MR-16, G-4 lamps and other applications. It works perfectly with low voltage light bulbs and its porcelain construction is durable and very safe in use. This element is very practical.

10pcs G4 Type Base Holder Cable Adapter Lamp Sockets for Bulb LED
G4 lamp socket 28
iLLumi Projections * 25 Pack * 20 watt 12V jc g4 base halogen lamp 12 volt 20w Bi-Pin Light Bulb 12volt bi pin
G4 lamp socket 29
Lamp holder adapter feature specification brand new bulb socket for
G4 lamp socket 31
Details about 10 halogen bulb socket for g4 g5 3
G4 lamp socket 32
G4 lamp socket 33
ASD 5w G4 Gy6.35 Base Cob Led Light Bulb Lamp, 12v, Warm White 3000k, Pack of 1, Energy Saving Equivalent Halogen 50w
G4 lamp socket 34
(Lot of 20)SpiritLED MR16 MR11 or G4 Socket,Wire connector socket for MR16 MR11 G4 light bulb
10Pcs MR16 G4 Halogen Lamp Wire Connector Base Socket Adapter Converter Ceramic
G4 lamp socket 35
G4 lamp socket
G4 Socket Ceramic LED Halogen Bulb Lamp Light Holder 12V
Keyzone partical useful 2x G4 LED Halogen Bulb Lamp Light Base Socket Holder Wire Adapter
90-1553 Satco Products Inc. HALOGEN SOCKET G4.0
12Vmonster ® * 6 Pack * WARM WHITE Back Pin 3 Watt 15x 5050 12V - 24V JC G4 Base Halogen Lamp 12 Volt 24 volt 8V-30V Light Bulbs LED replacements 10X LONGER LIFETIME