Futon Mattresses And Covers

Most of us like resting on a comfortable mattress, don’t we? Now everyone can choose the design, size, colour and other features of futon mattresses and covers that they find most interesting. All the photos that are shown on this site, have already been an inspiration to many people who have seen them.

Soft futon mattress

Double mattress with beautiful gray cover is very effective. Bright daybed finish is versatile and perfectly present in any contemporary interior design. Every detail, including interesting trim and decorative nods, captivate you.

Replacement futon covers

If you ever considered buying a futon, this one is great! Twin size, fleece futon set with a wooden frame, perfect for a modern living room and big enough for two people to fit on. Comfy and beautiful!

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Thick futon mattress, ahh, I feel like having a nap right in this very moment... The white mattress lies on an adjustable slat design lounge chair. Or it's rather a convertible twin size bed, cause it's so wide.

Futon mattresses and covers

The rest place build of multipatterned, colorful mattresses and pillows. Very useful solution fot the nursery or kindergarten - allows to reach a big space for sleeping for a short time - ideal for a nap for kids.

Futon mattress and cover

For those willing to deliver some urban edge chic to their day room, a simple black futon with thickly tufted white mattress can surprisingly be a fine choice. Just check this soft shape shifting accessory out.

Grey futons

A minimalist arrangement of a spacious living room. It features an extraordinary, wooden sofa that is covered with a simple futon mattress. A lavish chandelier dangling from the ceiling gives the room a royal touch.

Futon replacement covers

The impressive chaise lounge, which imitates the deck chair covered with mattress. The main advantage is that it could be easily folded and play the role of comfortable guest bed, what is very important in small apartments.

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Futon mattresses and covers 2

Wherever a practical aspect needs to be boosted, this sofa bed fits the bill. It easily converts to a sleeper, and it's covered in practical gray fabric - believe me, it matches literally any coloring scheme.

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Slip covered mattresses on daybed frames for family room guest

This set includes a very comfortable sofa and two small tables made of natural-styled materials. All of these products are solid and resistant to damage. The sofa provides high level of softness and comfort.

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Stella futon chair bed with slipcover and pillow

Stella Futon Chair Bed With Slipcover And Pillow
This amazing futon chair is truly a multipurpose addition to your household decor with the design and structure that will allow you to change its positions to best suit your every need, while the twin-sized mattress provides more than enough space.

Pull out loveseat

This simple but spacious loveseat sofa, drapped up in white, is a good choice for anyone who's seeking for a seat on a budget to accommodate two people at a time. The sofa converts to a double bed - two in one.

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Brown futons

Furniture futons futon mattress covers futon mattress covers

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Full size 6 inch futon mattress

Full Size 6 Inch Futon Mattress
The 6-inch thick sleeping sofa adds classic style to the living room or bedroom. A large variety of available colors (black, ivory, hunter green, burgundy, khaki, red, blue and navy) will make this sofa well-matched with different stylizations.

Futon covers ship in 4 6 weeks

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How to put on a futon cover

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Futon mattresses and covers

Bali full size futon cover

Bali Full Size Futon Cover
This cover completely changes the appearance of a futon. This product is 6 inches high x 53 inches wide x 74 inches long, so it is perfect for use with many typical sizes of furniture. It is made of 100-percent polyester.

Brand New Real Denim Jean Full Size Futon Mattress Cover, Thick and Durable Dark Blue Denim.

Futon mattresses and covers

Futon mattresses and covers 8

Futon Slipcover

Futon Slipcover
Natural slipcover made from cotton blend what provides good durability and makes it very soft to touch. It contains three sides zipper what makes that this slipcover will never slips off. This material is machine washable what makes easy to keep it clean.

Diy futon cover

Amazingly looking, ideal for eclectic interiors, this futon covered furniture provides an exquisite comfort and style. Perfectly matching both modern and traditional interiors.

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Daybed that converts to queen bed

This classic sofa will be great furniture in small apartments. Made from easy to clean material in classic brown color, has an additional space for storage. It offers a lot of space to sleep after spread.

Futon Slipcover

Futon Slipcover
This product is a high quality slipcover designed for use with a futon. It is an item that protects the futon from negative outside factors. What is more it is able to change its color, so it is able to match a futon with any decor.

Futon mattresses and covers

Fashionable mattresses and covers for futons. Comfy quite thick mattresses Have piped edges and polyfibre padding. Covers are made of durable fade-resistant fabrics with beautiful colourful floral designs and checked insets in restful shades.

Feather Touch 9" Futon Mattress

Feather Touch 9" Futon Mattress
It is a feather touch futon mattress that measures 9 inches and is very comfortable. If you looking for a perfect futon mattress, you need to choose this one. This is a high quality and fantastic product.

Starwood Spice Futon Slipcover

Starwood Spice Futon Slipcover

Futon cover canyon futon covers in our most popular prints

Home beds headboards futons futon mattress 8 innerspring

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Tapestry Rose Bouquet Futon Slipcover

Tapestry Rose Bouquet Futon Slipcover

Umax Linen Texture Gray Futon Cover Twin Size, Proudly Made in USA

Centro daybed futon mattress cover

Width length thickness

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Colorful High Quality Futon Cover Slipcover (Burgundy, Twin (39x75 in.))

Durable futon slipcover coming in dozens of vibrant colors - you'll for sure find the one that fits your current decor best. Polyester fabric is affordable, easy in care, machine washable, and it retains the original coloring for long.

Solid red futon cover is crafted from upholstery grade duck

Futon frames dio wall hugger futon frames santa cruz bi

Pulsar 8" Memory Foam Futon Mattress

Pulsar 8" Memory Foam Futon Mattress

Mozaic 8 inch futon mattress full green suede by mozaic