Furniture Cat Litter Box Cabinet

A cat litter box is definitely not an object which pleases the eye. A clever idea to put it out of sight is to use a furniture cabinet which can easily hold the litter box. Check out the styles I've collected.

Vanessa Weber Interior Design Expert
Furniture cat litter box cabinet
Robinson Layla

This simple cabinet is a very functional place for the cat at the same time. Beautiful design does not throw in the eye, and the cat has a discreet place with a cuvette for himself. Robust wood construction and a whitish finish create a beautiful whole.

Cat furniture plans

This interestingly made climber bookcase for cats is a great combination of functionality and space to play. Attractive design and located in the cabinet cuvette give cats a lot of options, and the interior looks great.

Cat box cabinet
Courtney Mur

With this litter box cabinet for your cat, you don't have to worry about the smells and the mess inside your home. Crafted of wood and covered in an espresso finish, the 2-door cabinet features 2 compartments for a litter box and 2 cutout holes for easy access from both sides.

Cat box enclosure
Courtney Coo

Cat bed fitted with cabinets for storing necessary things. It is made of wood and fitted with soft pillow on the top. Designed for medium sized pets. Neutral design for each place according to taste and need.

Furniture cat litter box cabinet
Megan Coo

Who would guess that there's a cat litter box hidden in this elegant minimalist white cabinet. It has side entrance so that the box is accessible for your furry friend. It's so discreet and it blends with the decor!

Hidden litter box furniture

A great solution for keeping your house clean and your cat fully satisfied. This litter box cabinet is made of wood, featuring 2 working doors, 1 pullout litter tray, and a square cut out hole for a conveniently entry.

Cat litter cabinet

Functional and beautiful, this wooden dresser is covered in a distressed finish and combined with a built-in litter box cabinet for your cat. The dresser has a square hole cut out on the side, for easy access.

Furniture cat litter box cabinet 1
Alison Walker

Give your cat a lovely and practical gift in shape of this beautiful cat house. It has everything your cat needs; a litter box drawer that prevents spilling the litter onto the floor, a feeder, and a nice place to take a nap and to exercise.

Cat litter box cabinet

A real creative person will find a use for every piece - in this case, an TV cabinet from IKEA has been transformed into the place where the cat hangs up -furniture cat litter box cabinet. The dark veneer in the shade of espresso adds elegance to the cat.

Cat litter outside
Abigail Wrightful

Cat litter box in modern form. It is completely made of wood. Suitable for small and medium sized pets. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Cat box furniture

Cat litter box fitted with 2 open shelves arranged vertically. Construction is made of wood. Suitable for storing books, display decorations and more. Designed for medium sized pets. Neutral design for each home.

Cat litter furniture
Jasmine Jen

With this cat litter box cabinet you don't have to worry about mess and foul smells, anymore. The cabinet is made of wood, with a lovely entry hole in shape of a cat's paw, 1 storage drawer, and a white finish to suit your bathroom.

Hidden cat litter box furniture 1
Tara Coll

A corner litter box cabinet for keeping your home odor- and mess-free. Crafted of durable wood, the cabinet features a movable front panel for easy cleaning, and a small cutout hole with a hanging door for comfortable entry.

Litter box furniture
Patterson Gracie

A cool cabinet for cat litter boxes. It's of wood with a distressed white finish. It has a top with a raised rear edge, a base cutout on sides, a side entrance with a cat flap, a flip down front door, a drawer up. It accommodates most litter boxes.

Litter furniture
Peyton Donaldson

A great example of a cat's kingdom. This bathroom space is fully adapted to cat's needs, offering various shelves to jump and climb and a cleverly hidden litter box in one of the drawers.

Litter cabinet allows you to get rid of those ugly
Kitty litter furniture
Zernike Laetitia

Combine functionalities and choose the bench with storage cabinet, which can be used as a hidden cat litter box! It's an excellent space saver for any entryway.

Cat litter house

Keep your household immensely well-styled with this cat litter box cabinet that sports the off-white finish and the slight distress to it. It can easily fit two litterboxes inside the drawers to keep the interior clean.

Cat tree with litter box
Andrea Powell

Now you can actually not only hide the litterbox from plain view in your interior by opting for a perfect and nicely styled piece like this one but you can also add a stylish accent to your space instantly.

Furniture cat litter box
Craven Zoe

The hidden cat litter hidden a cabinet. I am not pretty sure if this kind of door will be appropiate for a cat. To be honest, you don't need to have such a big piece of furniture to hide the litter box inside,

Wooden cat litter box

Painted in vibrant blue, this vintage armoire is a smart and stylish way to cover up your kitty's stuff. One of the most fabulous litter boxes, which not only drags the attention from the unpleasant stuff but also adds a cool, vintage vibe to the room.

Cat tower with litter box
Laetitia Zernike

This Besta litter box cabinet from IKEA constitutes a clever way to hide all your pet's unpleasant stories. Classic, wooden cabinet with a hole hollowed-out on one of its sides will smoothly combine decorative and functional aspects.

White cat litter box furniture
Gray Rachel

How to not love these smart and individual, clean animals - we talk about cats and the privacy of them.Fantastic white furniture-a cabinet for a cat that can hide the litter box inside has also a functional white drawer and is all finished with a white veneer.

Wooden litter box

A great piece of furniture for all cat owners. A built-in furniture cat litter box cabinet hides a cuvette that is not a symbol of elegance. In addition, it is finished with mahogany veneer and has a top drawer.

Litter box cabinet
Tara Gosselin

Blue litter box made from a cabinet. Such DIY projects are real life savers. Forget about the sand spread all across your room – hide and open the litter box whenever your cat needs to use it and shut it afterwards.

Cat litter box bench
Bell Cassandra

Opt for a nice and well-designed cat box that will allow you to always be able to hide your litterbox and make your pet into a happier being with a lot more privacy, while you enjoy the stylish look in your interior.

Cat furniture litter box
Peyton Donaldson
Cat Toilet Training Kit
Dana Harr

Cat Toilet Training Kit
Do you have enough of your cat leaving its messy litter box on the display? With this Cat Toilet Training Kit and useful instructions your cat will be using traditional toilet in no time, without leaving its mess out in the open.

Kitty litter cabinet
Bush Eliza
Litter box cabinets
Margaret John
Cat Litter Concealment Cabinet (Flat)
Decorative litter box
Litter cabinet
Peyton Donaldson
Litter furniture cat
Joanna Pete
Furniture litter box
Litterbox furniture
Ashley Pete

Cat litter box in neutral form. Construction is made of wood. It can be used as additional seating. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Cat cabinet
Andrea Park
Cat tree litter box
Christine Tay

A clever IKEA hack for all cats' owners. A small cabinet, made from bright wood, with a hole cut on one of its' sides and a litter box placed inside. It will help you smoothly cover any unpleasant stuff.

Cat litter box furniture
Carmen Milani

A cute outhouse for you meowing friend, which you can place in your bathroom. It's tidy and compact, and made of a sturdy wood painted white, therefore also suitable for all, even those smaller bathrooms.

Outside cat box

With this litter box cabinet your cat is going to have a time of its life. It includes a standard litter pan on the top and bottom, an oversized shelf installed below, cut out holes for easy access, and 2 pair of door with decorative handles.

Kitty litter box furniture
How to make a hidden litter box space i can
Monica Tho
Heres how to make a diy litter box furniture cabinet
Christine Car
Wooden cat litter box furniture
Scott Stephanie
Hidden Litter Chest

Hidden Litter Chest
If you're looking for some practical end esthetic solutions for your animals, this unique hidden litter chest may be the perfect option. Check it out and don't worry about any inconvenience in your house!

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Carmen Milani
Two door cat litter furniture storage on the top litter
Alexis Milani
Believe it or not this hides a litter box food
Jenna Delicata
Cat furniture style bb double litter box cabinet with the
Carter Julia
85 on sale petco cat litter box storage ottoman
Peyton Donaldson