Funky Ottomans

Does such style suit your taste? It has already been a good choice for many people and what is your opinion? You now stand before a rare opportunity to pick from an incredibly rich variety of designs, shapes, sizes and colours. It is clearly visible that they all have their particular charm – what will you decide on?

Funky ottomans

A wonderful collection of funky ottomans, which will give your space a positive kick. You can use them indoors and outdoors, with or without legs. They can serve as ottomans, coffee tables or seats. They all feature a mix of colors and patterns.

Funky ottomans 21

Fabulous, multicolor collection of funky ottomans. Can be stacked one on another, starting from the largest one. The colour palette their upholstery uses is viibrant, almost Bohemian. Tassels accents follow the style.

Funky ottomans 2

Fancy, black-and-white ottoman. The rich finish and interesting pattern make this piece of furniture a really worthy addition to any house. In our opinion, it will work best in the eclectic style – but there is no limitation.

Funky ottomans 7

The set of big ottoman, which looks like the enormous balls of wool. Available in many colors, which will fit to your interior. Made of fabric on the wicker stillage, so it is quite as light as feather.

Funky ottomans 27

This funky ottoman constitutes a perfect proposition for those, who love the patchwork Bohemian style. A funky accent and a comfy place to sit, will work out well both indoors and outdoors.

Funky ottomans 1

Ottomans in different shapes and designs. Each of them is one of a kind, but they all share a funky pattern. Choose one of these if you want to quickly jazz your room up as they give a place some warmth and positive energy.

Funky ottoman 6

Totally amazing bohemian vintage style room! Super funky round fabric ottomans with some extra space inside for storage as a round tray coffee table. Cool arm chairs, also totally boho! I love the wall's decoration and hanging glass bowls!

Funky ottomans

Cool ottoman pretending to be a bush. What better way to sit in your garden than on such an amazing ottoman? Not to mention the look on your guests’ faces when they see it and realise it’s not a bush!

Funky ottomans 22

If you want to create the ultimate lounging space, this set of funky ottomans shall definitely arise your interest. Each of the vibrantly finished ottomans smoothly plays with the surrounding dark walls.

Patchwork ottomans 12

Funky ottomans 30

How to make x table legs

It can be called in many ways, it is certain that it will fit anywhere. You can sit on it everywhere. This x-bench cross leg table, has dark cross legs, and was handmade. Ottoman design on a chair upholstery combines white and beige into delicate patterns.

Funky ottomans 2

Honey - I caught the rubber in the wheel!Instead of throwing away the tire - you can use it and create funky ottomans for your patio. Black, elegant-smaller made of leather and bigger with a tire base - is a very interesting solution for common garden space.

Funky 2 Piece Ottoman Set

Funky 2 Piece Ottoman Set
Lovely set, that will satisfy your needs featuring one large and one small ottoman. Upholstered in a high quality polyester blend with a funky, white and brown zig zag pattern and has a decorative tufted top.

Funky ottomans

An exotic bedroom arrangement with a modern touch. A beautiful, patterned bedding set with a Turkish accent perfectly matches a stylish, round ottoman. It features a tufted velvet material in a light green color.

Funky ottomans 5

Funky ottomans that will enhance any interior you use them in. They come in three colours, blue, white and yellow, and each of them comes in a different shape – so why not try all of them out at once?

Round leopard ottoman

Kilim foot stool

A fantastic pair of beautiful ottomans, designed in shape of comfortable cushions, splendid to go with low-profile coffee tables. They are upholstereed in patterned French material and softly filled for extra comfort.

Funky ottomans 1

Exceptional, original hand-made furniture made of exotic solid wood in India, often feature unique hand-sewn polyester upholstery.Like this round fabric storage ottoman. Presents unique colorful Indian designs, with the predominance of orange color.

Funky ottomans 8

Funky ottomans 26

Unusual ottomans 7

Funky ottomans 18

Funky ottomans 10

Repurposed old milk crate fun fabric patterns against wood upholstery

Funky ottomans 3

A funky arrangement of a living room. The highlight of the space is a huge, patterned ottoman in an slightly dated style. It serves here as a coffee table, which jazzes the room up a little bit with a plain sofa and floor.

Funky ottomans 6

Funky ottomans 25

Funky ottomans 29

Funky ottomans 31

Funky ottomans 28

Cute ottomans

Simply love this pic! SImply amazing is the color scheme, art, chandelier and that lovely ottoman! This adorable sofa with multi colored cushions is also a shot! Everything is one big harmony that's complemented with light carpet.

Funky ottomans

If you like funky furniture, then this ottoman shall appeal to you. A DIY project, which gave an old IKEA ottoman a whole new dimension. Lovely, flower upholstering brings warmth and liveliness to the interior.

Henry leather sectional

Henry Leather Sectional
A very nice living room stylization that includes a central ottoman. It features a nice pattern in neutral colors and it is paired with a serving tray for coffee or drinks. An L-shaped sectional looks very nice in this decor and provides plenty of comfort.

Funky ottomans

A chic living room in light, neutral colors, which create a fresh, clean character. It is characterized by white cabinets and a fireplace with a decorative mantel. Two wing back, patterned armchairs and stylish ottomans give the room some warmth.

Funky Floral Personalized Pouf

Funky Floral Personalized Pouf
Upgrade your bedroom or children's room with this outstanding pouf that can be customize by printing your name on it. Upholstered in high quality cotton , the fabric is removable and features floral patterns.

Unique ottomans 2

The funky hand-knitter ottomans! The sitting covers were designed using wool and cotton filled with beans. It could be easily machine washed, what is very important when your kid is allergy sufferer.

Funky ottomans

I can’t get over how cute and beautiful this is! Look at these wonderful, tiny armchairs with matching tiny footstools for your kids’ bedroom. Such a gorgeous design, your kids are bound to love the way they look!

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Lady bird ottoman

Funky ottoman 3

Bombay chests furniture

I love that table i would love it even more

Neptune Pouf Ottoman

Neptune Pouf Ottoman

Leather ottoman design cool and comfortable seating furnitures 1

Striped club chair

Ottoman with hidden tray 1

North funky ottoman

Glam Pouf Ottoman

Glam Pouf Ottoman

Amara Iron Cocktail Ottoman on Casters

Amara Iron Cocktail Ottoman on Casters