Full Size Trundle Bed

Do you like trundle beds? If you want to buy one or get inspired by interesting ideas, now you have a rare opportunity to pick from a variety of full size trundle beds. In case you are still not convinced, take your time to browse through these photos and check if any option is right for your house.

Kaylee Green Interior Design Expert
Full size trundle bed
Aloma Garcia

Full-size Trundle is a great combination of impressive form and functionality. A whole is a great option when you need extra sleeping space. The beautiful finish of the wooden frame in conjunction form impresses.

Full bed with trundle
Laetitia Kloss

This practical element of design is a full size trundle that provides additional sleeping space. It is suitable for hiding beneath the main bed. It also includes complete set of roll-out slats for additional support.

Full size trundle 2
Patricia Wright

Functional and comfortable, this full size bed knows how to surprise you with undisturbed sleep. Made of hardwood and bathed in an antique walnut finish, the bed is durable, elegant, and has a trundle with caster wheels.

Full size trundle 3
Alexis Millerism

Thanks to this Madison full size trundle bed you will experience the best feeling of comfort and taste. It features the deep indigo blue color, which fits perfectly to the boys bedroom.

Full size trundle
Esther Gon

The solid construction of this full-size trundle with bed makes the whole thing look fascinating. Beautiful woodwork combined with comfortable mattresses creates a warm place to sleep. Ideal for many occasions.

Full size trundle bed frame
Natalie Barn
Full size trundle bed 6
Baker Jacqueline

A great addition for contemporary bedrooms and guest rooms; this full size bed with trundle works like a charm, oozing with comfort and elegance. The bed has a durable frame upholstered in a white leather, holding a stylishly-tufted matching headboard.

White full size trundle bed
Full trundle bed
Jacqueline Edwards

An elegant full bed with a truckle bed of warm brown-finished wood. Its full-panel rectangular headboard and footboard have wide flat top edges and low legs. A truckle bed has a 3-false drawer panel and 3 real bottom drawers with brass shell pulls.

Castillian Cottage Style Black Finish Full Size Bed Frame Set w/ Trundle

With its enchanting black finish, this full-size bed constitutes a stylish and functional proposition for the bedroom. It features a trundle, ranging for the whole length. The bed has the following size 80" L x 59.25" D x 46" H.

Cameron full size panel bed with trundle 1
Veronica Alex
Morelle Captain's Bed with Trundle

Morelle Captain's Bed with Trundle
It is a captain’s bed that has got a trundle and twin size. You can choose one of two colors: black and white. It is a fantastic addition to your bedroom. You need to have this bed.

Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Full Trundle

Full Over Full Bunk Bed with Full Trundle
This comprehensive bunk bed made in the mission style is extremely practical and eye-catching piece of furniture. Can accommodate up to three people, and the practical steps of drawers, it can fit in them all the little things.

Camaflexi Full Size Platform Bed - Tall with Twin Trundle

Camaflexi Full Size Platform Bed - Tall with Twin Trundle
It is a simple full size platform bed with twin trundle that has got three finish options to choose: cappuccino, white and natural. It is a very comfortable and perfect addition to your bedroom.

Trundle bed full size
Wright Stacy
Full size bed with trundle
Stone Caroline

Now you can splash your bedroom with a touch of country flavor thanks to this beautiful farmhouse bed. It comes with a functional trundle, sturdy wood construction in white finish, a tall headboard and a matching lower footboard.

Full size bed with trundle 1
Crystal Tur
Full size bed with trundle and storage
Peyton Marthy
Full size trundle bed 5
Rogers Christine

Platform bed with trundle for bedroom or teenager's room. Construction is made of wood. Headboard and footboard consists of vertically arranged strips. Classic form and functional design.

Full size trundle
Patricia Woo

Bed with trundle mounted on wooden frame and finished with openwork pattern on the headboard. Great solution for bedroom, teenager's room and more. Classic form and modern design.

Full size trundle beds for adults

By using this elegant and comfy full size bed with trundle, you will be sleeping soundly through every single night. The bed is crafted of espresso-finished wood, offering a stylishly curved headboard and a matching footboard.

Full size trundle beds for kids 2
Alexis Hallify

The practical form of this full-size trundle makes the small interior gain a functional touch. The whole structure of the wood is durable and lasting, and at the same time, it is very well presented in the interior design.

Adult trundle beds
Andrea Hill
Full size bed frame with trundle
Thompson Alyssa
Trundle beds full size
Kristin Park
Full size trundle beds
King size trundle bed
Mendes Natasha
Full size trundle bed 1
Lisa Rich

This phenomenal full-size trundle is a great combination for any interior design. Practical bed with extra mattress will be perfect when visiting unannounced guests, and solid construction provides endurance.

White full size trundle bed 1
Torres Alison
Full size beds with trundle
Krystle All
Atlantic Furniture Urban Concord Full Size Bed with Flat Panel Foot Board and Trundle Bed, White Finish
Hilton Emily
Full size bed with twin trundle
Full trundle
Full trundle beds
Rachel Massonable
Full size trundle beds for adults 1

Bed frame in modern form. It is upholstered with leather and finished with solid stitching. Base is fitted with coompartments for storing beedings and others needed items. Great addition to each bedroom.

Full Bed wi/ Trundle by Poundex
Jenna Baker
Full bed trundle
Patricia Cook
Full bed with full trundle
Full size trundle bed 2

Classic daybed for kid's room, teenager's room and others interiors according to taste and need. Construction is made of wood. Simple form and neutral design.

Good trading bookcase bed w drawers and trundle like this
Weber Lily
Urban Lifestyle Orlando Bed with Trundle
Laura Jone

Urban Lifestyle Orlando Bed with Trundle
This Panel Bed with Twin Trundle in Espresso Finish is crafted from solid wood and MDF. Features: one side open trundle and flat panel footboard. Accommodates both the full and the twin beds.

1025 and 1570 kennedy full bed white finish with trundle
Marco Island Full Captain's Bed with Trundle
Jessica Rami

Marco Island Full Captain's Bed with Trundle

Camaflexi Full Platform Bed with Twin Trundle
Cintia Kowalski

Camaflexi Full Platform Bed with Twin Trundle

Furniture captains beds and captain bed with storage and trundle
Williams Rebecca
Susan Mill
Daybed with trundle design astonishing full size daybed ikea jpg
Allen Alicia
Urban Lifestyle Orlando Bed with Trundle Size: Twin, Finish: Espresso
Joanna Her
Brooklyn Platform Bed with Trundle

Brooklyn Platform Bed with Trundle

LUCID 4 Inch Folding Mattress and Sofa with Removable Indoor / Outdoor Fabric Cover
Brittany Par

Soft ottoman for children. Its straight lines and geometric shapes look very attractive in different indoors. This comfortable and soft element is finished in neutral gray color. It provides comfort and safety of sitting.

Trundle beds are ones of these amazing furniture pieces that can save the day when you get caught by surprise. Unexpected guests? No worries! A full-size trundle bed will let you offer him a comfortable place to sleep, with little to no effort at all. Simply wheel out the additional bed that's stored below the normal bed and there you have it – two beds, perfectly comfortable and as ergonomic as they get.

Before you make your purchase, it's good to learn about all the different merits of various trundle beds, to be able to make an informed decision. As trundle beds come in plenty of shapes and styles, we've prepared this little guide so that you could understand them a little better.

The most obvious and main reason for buying a trundle bed is the ergonomy. While a trundle bed takes the same amount of space as the ordinary normal bed, it's actually a two in one. In addition to the second bed, some of them come with storage compartments, which allow you to store your pillows and bedding. It's impossible to find a more ergonomic bed than a full-size trundle bed, really. Depending on the style of the trundle bed, it could serve you as a daybed or a chaise lounge during the day. When you want to sleep or receive guests, simply roll out the hidden bed and you're all set.

Trundle beds are especially good for people with children, because often the hidden bed is a bit smaller, and as such is a great match for a smaller person. Well, we did say often, because the ones presented on this site are full sized trundle beds, which means they are just as good for grown-ups as they are for kids. However, you should remember that they are not all that good for elderly people, as they are less supportive and closer to the ground.

When it comes to the materials, trundle beds can be crafted from any material from which an ordinary bed could be crafted. This includes wood, metal or anything else, really. Therefore, you don't have to limit yourself or strike any compromises – we've prepared a wide selection of full-size trundle beds for you, so you're sure to find a trundle bed to match any style and interior design.

The final thing to think about is a suitable mattress. For the upper bed, you don't have to pick anything extraordinary, any normal mattress will do. For the lower one, however, you have to buy a thinner, around 8 to 10 inches thick mattress. Different trundle beds vary, so make sure you check the product's description – a mattress that's too thick will make it hard to wheel out or wheel in your trundle bed. If you need an advice, we suggest you use memory foam mattress, as these are usually a great match for trundle beds.

That's about it. Now you're all set to choose an ergonomic, stylish and amazingly practical full-size trundle bed that will serve you and your guests for years to come!