Fruit Storage Baskets

Fruits are tasty and healthy, no doubt about that. Have you got a fruit storage basket at home? If not, here’s a chance to buy one, especially that this collection includes different types, shapes, sizes and ideas for such baskets. Take your time and choose the one which would fit into your house.

Emily Hilton Interior Design Expert
Fruit and vegetable storage ideas

To make this small chest of drawers unique, the wooden interior drawers were replaced with black, made of metal mesh fruit storage baskets. Two wooden drawers at the top and a oak wooden frame were left, to make it even more special. Great for kitchen area.

Under counter storage bins
Price Michele

Need a fruit stand to the kitchen zone? This Madras cubby has got three tiers, wooden base and wicker baskets. This product fits to any style and decor.

Fruit storage baskets 1
Tara Gosselin

The functional kitchen is the basis, so this fabulous set of pull out fruit baskets is an excellent way of bringing practicality to the decor. Large baskets are substantial and beautifully presented in modern kitchen design.

Fruit storage baskets

Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh - Baskets On Walls

Fruit storage baskets 1

This white and navy blue fruit and vegetable storage basket will add a practical accent to any kitchen or dining room. The four-tiered construction catches the attention also with the stylishly perforated finish.

Vegetable organizer baskets

Completely practical fruit storage basket. It’s easy to make and replace, so don’t worry about damaging it. Comes with two separate racks, one for vegetables and one for fruits. If you like a natural look in your kitchen, such a rack is a must.

Vegetable storage bins
Patterson Gracie

How to simply save space in the kitchen, while having everything next to each other - even favorite fruit. The fruit storage basket is made of natural, simply wood painted in a great sky color. Style and functionality.

Vegetable storage baskets

A beautiful fruit storage floor basket is an interesting way to have a cozy and functional interior in your kitchen or pantry. The whole of the solid wire is durable and beautifully presented at any interior.

Fruit storage baskets 7

This fruit storage basket constitutes a smooth, cleverly designed addition to your kitchen or dining room decor. Multi-tiered, can be used not only for fruits and veggies, but also loafs of breads, herbs, spices, olives and others.

Modern hanging fruit basket

Fruit basket made of wood. Designed for mounting on the wall. Handy gadget for each kitchen. Classic form and modern design.

Fruit storage baskets
Monica Perr

A versatile, flexible storage item that will help you help you celebrate the natural beauty of fruit & vegetable forms. Standing in one's kitchen, it can help you keep the motivation to cook and live healthier.

Under counter fruit basket
Lauren Thompson

With a such a lovely fruit storage basket any decor can be elevated into another level. It features three tiers with different sizes. Trust me, it adds elegance and style into any kitchen.

Produce storage baskets
Melanie Cole

We buy vegetables at a traditional market and we want them to keep fresh and at the same time not dirty at home. Fruit storage baskets with compartments with ventilated holes - will allow you to store onions or potatoes safely and in a healthy way.

Under cabinet bread storage
Thomas Patricia

Kitchen storage solution dedicated for storing fruits and vegetables. Legumes are fresh for longer when the air circulation is provided - and the rattan organizer basket has this quality. The baskets have poly liners in white.

Glory & Grace Rustic Industrial Farmhouse Wall Mount Metal Wire Kitchen Vegetable Basket Bins with Spice Shelf Storage Rack, Chalkboard Tags
Anderson Marisa

Practical wall mount metal wire basket with 3 separate bins. Handcrafted in rustic farmhouse style that employed smudge- and fingerprint-proof metallic finish (stainless steel). For storing vegetables, fruits etc.

Fruit storage baskets
Williams Rebecca

A great addition for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and entryways. This wall-mount rack features 3 wire baskets, firmly attached to the metal frame. You can now easily store your books, magazines, flowers, knick-knacks, fruits and vegetables.

Glory & Grace Large Rustic Industrial Wall Mount Metal and Wire General Store Multi-Bin Storage Baskets
Carmen Kowalski

Glory & Grace Large Rustic Industrial Wall Mount Metal and Wire General Store Multi-Bin Storage Baskets

Wire vegetable storage bins

An eye-catching set of decorations for contemporary rooms, that will keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer. The set consists of 3 different size baskets that are wall-mounted, crafted of durable iron and adorned with lovely scrollwork.

Fruit storage baskets 2
Courtney Ande

Potato land will be showered with onions - this is an inseparable connection of tuber vegetables. It also requires proper storage in a dry place, as in these wicker fruit baskets, mounted in pull-out drawers from a clear collection of kitchen furniture.

Fruit and vegetable basket for kitchen
Melissa Davi

A pair of gorgeous and practical baskets that will keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for longer. Each basket is beautifully-woven, have a reinforced top, and cut-out handles on both sides for easy carrying.

Fruit storage basket
Cassandra Kel

Perfect organization in the kitchen. These fruit storage baskets feature stackable construction for organized and space-saving storage of fruits or vegetables. Their durable frames are based on solid wood.

Fruit storage in baskets
Lambert Abbey

Fruit storage in baskets...

Vegetable storage bin wood
Wilson Gabrielle

Why not go for a nice option of organizing your pantry or kitchen and choose those stunning kitchen baskets? They are made from lovely wicker and can either be kept together or separately, while the amazing structure allows for the fruit to stay fresh longer.

Fruit storage baskets 2
Zernike Laetitia

We love to store vegetables, fruits or bread in the kitchen in wooden or wicker baskets. If we do not have space for them, this cabinet, instead of traditional drawers, has retractable wooden fruit storage baskets with wicker elements.

Baskets for fruits and vegetables
Wright Stacy

I lived in a Victorian home that had drawers like these in the kitchen... they were amazing! I love the modern version just as much!

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Kitchen vegetable storage baskets
Dominique Lewis

#DIY Butcher block wood countertops

Of 5 small plastic handy fruit vegetable basket kitchen office
Andrea Morgan

... of 5 Small Plastic Handy Fruit Vegetable Basket Kitchen Office Storage

Fruit storage baskets 3
Leah Adams

Fruit Storage Basket Plans

Other plastic basket storage fruit storage box large storage rack
Sarah Ashleyist

other Plastic Basket storage fruit storage box Large storage rack ...

Produce storage idea from repurposed shutter and baskets love this
Perry Alexandra

Produce storage idea from repurposed shutter and baskets. Love this ...

Fruit storage baskets 3
Krystal Adams

Delaware 2-Tier Basket from Bed, Bath and Beyond. PERFECT for all the fruit and veggies at our house!

Fruit storage baskets 9

Ladder Storage Basket from urban outfitters, this would be great for succulents, hint spray paint in any color, and awesome for small spaces like apartments #TerrabyTerri #succulents

Fruit and vegetable bins
Ross Melissa

Basket drawers for produce and bread keep counters clear in a kitchen. Design: Nicole Hough

Diy hanging fruit basket
Martinez Marisa

This wall-mounted Wire Storage Basket makes the perfect companion because it's handy, good-looking and fits anywhere. The piece makes a great space saver by hanging the basket in a kitchen pantry, office or bath

Fruit organizer

Cute - a veggie hammock! Affixed to a wall cabinet, it's constructed mainly of net, which provides the best air circulation for fruits and vegetables stored in it. And it needs no flat horizontal space to work.

Veggie storage bins
Laura Perr

In keeping with a more rustic, country look, these pull-out wicker baskets are just the thing for storing fruit, bread, or vegetables. | Photo: courtesy of Plato Woodwork |

Kitchen fruit storage
Patterson Kelly

i need a solution for storing fruit and veggies on our counter in a decorative way. any ideas? maybe some mix matched baskets?

Vegetable storage ideas
Julia Alexander

What an easy way to free up counter space! Fruit, bread, snacks..... The ORIGINAL Under caBINet Kitchen Crate by DellaLucilleDesigns

Fruit Basket with Handle

Fruit Basket with Handle

Under counter storage baskets

The simple and very functional form of this fruit storage basket is an attractive solution for any kitchen or dining room. The large trash tray is exceptionally practical and sensational. Fresh fruits are at fingertips.

Chrome fruit bowl dish basket vegetable rack stackable baskets storage
Julia Lambertify

... Chrome-Fruit-Bowl-Dish-Basket-Vegetable-Rack-Stackable-Baskets-storage

Fruit and vegetable storage bins
Carmen Milani

fruit and vegetable storage bins

Fruit storage baskets
Lindsey Coo


Vegetable basket bins with spice shelf storage rack chalkboard tags

... Vegetable Basket Bins with Spice Shelf Storage Rack, Chalkboard Tags

Spectrum 47876 Storage Basket, Small, Cool Gray

Spectrum 47876 Storage Basket, Small, Cool Gray

Wires Fruit Basket
Krystal Bel

Wires Fruit Basket
Contemporary style fruit basket. Made of food safe stainless steel, finished in chrome. Can be put in a refrigerator but avoid heating. Looks good and uses space efficiently as it's quite tall - finally you may store a lot of fruit.

Presses stores wicker willow vegetable fruit storage basket
Stephanie Wil

... , Presses & Stores > Wicker Willow Vegetable & Fruit Storage Basket

Of all to vertical storage and you can hang multiple

... of all to vertical storage and you can hang multiple wire baskets

Chicken wire wall basket fruit vegetable bin shelf cubby country

... Chicken Wire Wall Basket Fruit Vegetable Bin Shelf Cubby #Country